How to Post Links on Instagram? Discover Five Ways Linking in Instagram Can Work Wonders


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Ennui has been a missing expression since social media embarked on our lives. This content is particularly related to Instagram power and magic, so enjoy the read to the bottom. In today’s digital world, entertainment is customized, and scrolling through your feed or swiping through Instagram stories is great fun. Not only have individual lives been impacted, but entire businesses have become digital, ensuring convenience and prosperity.

Whether it is your grandparent’s 50th anniversary or your brand’s promotion, update the world with the multiplicity of Instagram. Yes, no more surprises – linking in Instagram serves as a gateway, directing your audience to your desired destinations. According to the latest release, with the help of link-in bio tools such as Linktree, taplink, or more it is possible to post multiple links. We will discuss it shortly.


Why is Instagram so Popular?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years. It is quite popular among individual users and has impacted businesses and influencers alike. It has millions of active users using it for:

  • Fun and entertainment
  • Promoting their products
  • Selling services and skills
  • Creating creation and using it as a marketing strategy

Everything was just fine, seamless, and satisfying except for the one limitation users had been experiencing for a long. It is the lack of clickable links in their Instagram bio. Fortunately, it’s over now, and Instagram has made a significant release that has broken the glass ceiling. Yes, now users can use links to Instagram to open new horizons for their businesses.

You can add up to five clickable links in your Instagram bio which was only one previously. This is an undeniably well-anticipated update for years and is welcomed by business entities and influencers wholeheartedly. Now, anyone who is interested in promoting their product, skill, brand, and beyond can use multiple links for multiple products simultaneously. It sounds great!

Now, the pain of constantly changing the links in the bio section is happily over.

In this article, we will walk you through the process of posting multiple clickable links to your Instagram bio.


How Linking on Instagram Can Affect Your Instagram Account?

Everyone desires to make the most of their Instagram profile.

Posting multiple links in the bio section can have several impacts such as:

  • Boosting sales and engagement
  • Flaunting your web presence
  • Setting you apart from the crowd
  • Informing your potential audience about your business plans and actions (by posting links to promotional content)
  • Liberty of posting various links on Instagram which is one of the safest digital destinations, and serves as a key pillar of your social media marketing strategy
  • Each clickable link acts as a “strategic knock” on the door of your target audience via aesthetically coherent posts
  • Clickable links in your Instagram bio bring you closer to your potential users, directing them to your latest YouTube videos, Facebook page, e-commerce site, and more
  • Instagram linking serves as a game-changing strategy capable of driving tons of traffic to your social media outlets, websites, and other preferred destinations
  • Designing flexible marketing strategies has never been easier than it is now


How to Post a Link on Instagram?

Finally, you have reached the section where you will learn how to post a link in your Instagram bio section. From here you can control and persuade the web traffic of your social media outlets. You can direct your Instagram followers to your preferred locations to invite them to view your stellar promotional content. Linking in Instagram is a striking way to turn traffic toward the content and is a mind-blowing branding strategy.

So, at this point, here are two ways to add a link to your Instagram bio section:


1. Via Instagram Account Settings

In this method, users place a link in their Instagram account settings. This is a straightforward way but allows only one link to be shared/posted.

Here is how to share a link on Instagram using the account settings (applicable in the app only):

  • Launch the Instagram app on your device
  • Go to your profile page
  • Tap “Edit profile”
  • Tap on “Add link”
  • Select “Add external link”
  • Type or Paste a link into the URL field
  • Tap “done”


2. Use a Link in the Bio Tool

This method is Instagram’s latest release, allowing users to add up to five clickable links in their bio section. While it may take some time, it’s an extremely advantageous feature for individuals and professionals alike. You can use multiple clickable links for:

To add various clickable links to your Instagram bio, follow these instructions:

  • Sign up on any “link in bio tool” such as Linktree, Taplink,, Campsite, or more
  • Add your links
  • Paste the page link in the URL field in your Instagram account settings
  • This process will post your link in your Insta bio section
  • You can repeat this process for up to five different links to your preferred locations


How to Use the Link to Drive Tons of Traffic?

A link in your bio section is not just a link; it can also contribute to the growth of your social channels. As your business expands and grows, it strengthens your position as a social media marketer.

Here are five ways to spell the magic:


1- Instagram Story

The best thing about Instagram Stories is that they cater to short attention spans because people of this generation have everything but time. With a video format of up to 15 seconds, it’s compatible with mobile versions, making it easily accessible anytime anywhere. If you post a link to your Instagram Stories in your bio, it can push your potential audience towards your Instagram story, which can pull a significant amount of web traffic.

How to add a link to IG stories?

Follow these steps:

  • Open up the sticker tool, located in the top right corner of your story slide
  • Choose the clickable link button
  • Enter a URL to the other content you’d like to feature on this link sticker


2- Link in Instagram Bio Section

There is another strategy to keep the public engaged. These URLs are typically for a mature audience, generally directed to places used for:

  • Event information
  • Landing page
  • E-commerce site
  • Publication, and beyond

They serve as invitations. You can add one link in your bio or utilize a compact link that can branch out to up to 5 links, similar to a Linktree URL. It’s an enticing way to engage your followers and guide them to the sites and pages you have linked. The link on Instagram is a portal that can transport your followers to your virtual shops or brand’s promotion invitation in a matter of seconds.


3-  Instagram Post

Attach your potential clients with strings of product links; it’s a big opportunity for users who have e-commerce stores on their Instagram profiles. It would be a hypnotic idea to keep your audience engaged by frequently posting a link to your new launch that can easily transport them to the specific page.

Despite doing it for your own business, you can also utilize your diverse marketing strategies with a sponsored post on your Instagram profile. This can transform random users into your followers. Strengthen your Instagram bio by posting links, and reap the benefits of these paid ads by including a CTA.


4- Instagram’s Reels

Instagram Reels are an irresistible craze, loved by nearly everyone. Creating reels is an art and can be even more influential than photos. Instagram empowers users to post their Reels on the platform, captivating the audience with TikTok-type short videos. Since Reels are loved by all types of users, you can expand your audience by including a link that guides them to your preferred digital destinations, whether it’s your main website, blog, promotional content, or more.


5- Instagram Direct messages (DMs)

If you are an active and enthusiastic business owner who prefers to interact with your customers directly, use link-in bio magic to engage with customers and build a unique bond. Just like individuals, business entities can also establish a friendly rapport with their clients, creating a credible and approachable identity. Utilizing Instagram DMs is one of the persuasive customer service strategies that can turn the tables. Customers feel valued, concerned, and engaged when virtual businesses respond to their queries with answers and provide relevant links in the chat to provide satisfactory information.


How to Get Instagram Links?

If you want to get the Instagram link to a photo or video, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your device
  • Navigate to and tap on the post you want to share
  • Locate and tap the three dots menu, located in the top right corner of your interface
  • Navigate and select the “Copy Link” option
  • Paste the link into any desired location such as a text message, email, or social media post
  • The Instagram link is now ready to be shared


Final Words

Linking in Instagram bio is a straightforward process, enabling users to post multiple links to corresponding products or services simultaneously. This article introduces Instagram’s highly anticipated feature, allowing up to five clickable links in the bio section. It’s undeniably a delightful treat for businesses and influencers seeking to grow their online presence. TECHBYTEX helps users understand the mechanics of posting links in their Instagram bios, which can have a significant impact on their social media presence and overall business success.

Linktree is one of the dedicated “link in bio tools” that offers comprehensive support to users, allowing them to design flexible marketing strategies.