4 Solutions for YouTube Videos Not Playing


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There is nothing unusual to hear if you face YouTube videos not playing on any of your browser like Chrome, Safari etc. this is a common issue that is faced widely by many people. But nothing to panic as there are some very simple solutions that you can try in order to fix that issue. There are couple of ways to get it fixed in a short while.

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So, lets get started by proceeding forward to the first solution to fix youtube videos errors:


Solution 1: Get Your Browser Update

Sometimes it happens that because of the outmoded browser YouTube Videos are unable to play. First make sure your browser should be up-to-the-minute.

  • Go and see what version your browser is having and then look for the most recent one.
  • Get the latest one and then try playing the Youtube videos.


Solution 2: Reorganize Your Connection Settings

Internet connections sometimes caused the problem and this can hinder your Youtube videos. By rearranging and reorganizing your connection settings you can fix the problem.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Look for Internet Options and click it
  • Look for ‘Advanced Tab and click it
  • Now you need to click on Restore Advanced Settings
  • Click the button of Reset
  • For applying the changes click at Apply
  • Try to play the YouTube videos.


Solution 3: Get Your Adobe Flash Player Uninstall & Install It Back

Yes, doing so sometimes work like a troubleshooter. It is a tried and tested solution by many so its really worth-trying.

  • Go to the Adobe Flash Player and uninstall it
  • Reinstall it in your PC and try to play the YouTube videos


Solution 4: Remove Cache and Cookies

The bombardment of cookies and caches many times proved to be an absolute obstruction for not playing YouTube videos. By removing these can really help in this regard, for this you need to head to your browser, the one you use.

Google Chrome and Firefox are widely used so we will explain how you need to remove the caches and cookies.

  1. Fire up Google Chrome
  2. You need to click on More
  3. Here you will be able to see More Tools, now you need to pick Clear Browsing Data
  4. Tick in the checkbox placed beside Cookies
  5. Eliminate all since the starting times for deleting all the data
  6. Now click at Clear Browsing Data
  7. Reboot Windows and try to play the YouTube videos

If you are using Firefox then follow the steps mentioned below for fixing YouTube Videos not playing.

  1. Open the browser Firefox
  2. Look for the menu Button and click it
  3. Now click at History
  4. Look for the ‘Clear Recent History’ and click it
  5. You will be able to see the time range slot, pick it up and then select Cookies and Cache for removing
  6. Click at ‘Clear Now’ for removing them
  7. Reboot Windows and try to play the YouTube videos


Final Verdict

So, these solutions are worth-trying, they may sound so simple and handy though yet they can sort out this issue. The loaded videos of YouTube when are unable to play then it turns to be so hair-pulling for sure. By trying either of the above-mentioned solutions you can get it fixed and enjoy watching your YouTube videos.