Best Meme Photo Editor: How to Make Meme on iPhone & Android

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A meme is a visual medium and strength that is worth more than a hundred words of poetical verse or a captivating story. It is a persuasive and eloquent way to entertain and entice followers. The social media meme scene has taken the world like an irresistible storm. This article revolves around make meme, whether from your existing stack of photos or importing pictures from the web. Creating your own art is itself thrilling and captivating, and sharing on digital podiums embraces distinctiveness. Celebrating your self-created art needs a meme photo editor, regardless of your device Android or iPhone; pick the one that suits you best.

Let’s explore the best options available for meme photo editors that can satisfy your craving for photo editing needs.


What is the Best Meme Photo Editor?

A perfect meme resonates and aims to meet its purpose. Ensure there is relevancy, originality, and quality. A good and reliable meme generator can create memes in seconds using different tools and impressive features. It is human instinct that one likes to share their art to inspire others. It is fun to create and share a meme picture using a reliable meme editor. An excellent tool can generate a relatable meme along with catchy photo editing, image sizing, and resizing convenience.

Here is how to make meme on iPhone and Android using a meme photo editor:

Step 1: Download your preferred Meme Maker

Step 2: Browse meme templates while navigating through the tabs

Step 3: Personalize your meme using photo editing capabilities

Step 4: Save your meme in your device’s internal storage, or you can also share it on your social media profiles


Make Meme: Best Meme Makers For iPhone and Android

Memes are a contemporary form of online humor, and users, regardless of their region, profession, or age group – share and laugh at memes. Social media is an open-ended world of virtual representation of creativity; creating and sharing memes is the modern trend. Users according to their respective aesthetics, use photo editors to create memes, adding effects, stickers, texts, and more – providing endless options.

Users can import hilarious pictures for memes, whether from external sources or their smartphone’s internal storage. TECHBYTEX has compiled some of the best meme photo editors that are compatible with your smartphones. They are reliable, shareable, and substantially important to create something LAUGHABLE.

Let’s dig deep to explore the best meme photo editors, pick the one that can align perfectly with your photo editing requirements, and jump on the bandwagon.


BEST VERSATILE—————— PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a competent meme generator app, offering standout photo editing features. It can be one of the immediate picks for smartphone users to create funny photo memes.

Why you should have a PhotoDirector on your Device?

  • This intuitive app is a house of powerful, competent yet user-friendly features to create memes
  • PhotoDirector is a systematically arranged app, ensuring quick navigation through options and tools, making options accessible
  • Simple UI encourages users of all skill levels, whether you are an entry-level user or a professional user, to consider using it
  • Thanks to AI power integration, allowing photo animations to enhance your photo editing and meme-making experience
  • Nothing can stop you from creating different memes unless you have met your imagination limit, and it does hardly happen
  • Offers versatility utilizing diverse tools, ensuring a boost in performance
  • Redefine your photo editing abilities with PhotoDirector’s vast capabilities such as adding text to photos, removing objects, or replacing backgrounds
  • Users can also personalize their memes using stickers, frames, and filters
  • Regular updates keep the app bug-free and fix other lagging issues

Why might you hesitate?

Sometimes causes lagging issues

System Compatibility:

iOS and Android devices


BEST TEMPLATES————-Meme Generator

It is one of the most reliable meme photo editors, offering the best-preset templates.

Why you should have a Meme Generator on your device?

  • The Meme Generator is a dedicated app for creating memes with nearly 2000 meme templates, ensuring quick exploration and enthralling meme creativity
  • It offers aesthetically engaging tools and options to make GIF memes or craft a custom image
  • It is a straightforward meme photo editor, ensuring convenience for all types of users making memes from the app
  • No watermarks
  • Adding fun effects or texts (60+fonts) to memes is simple and interesting

Why might you hesitate?

Some users experienced text resizing difficulties

System Compatibility:

iOS and Android


BEST HUGE———– Plus Meme-Maker is an innovative meme creator app intended to redefine your meme experience.

Why you should have on your device?

  • It boasts a gigantic library of the latest and timeless memes, ensuring perpetual delight
  • Creating custom memes with is a breeze
  • The dedicated app is the home of intuitive tools to make memes and add captions to unlock creativity
  • Thanks to the active community of socially enthralled users fostered by, ensuring easy sharing and participating on the podium with your creations
  •’s AI-driven recommendation system keeps the users engaged with engaging competitions, ensuring personalization and fun

Why might you hesitate?

Annoying ads after every meme photo to support its creator, even in the paid version

System Compatibility:

iOS devices


  • Free
  • Pro Version: $75.83 per month



If you are among the social media activists, consider Video & GIF Memes for making memes. It is an efficient meme photo editor and deserves to be in your Android app drawer.

Why you should have Video & GIF Memes on your device?

  • A free app offering premium features such as content creation with memes, GIFs, media files, and mixed-media
  • Thanks The integrated Tenor GIF search, allows hassle-free search for the desired template to create the fusion of GIF and memes
  • It boasts a clean and sleek interface, allowing quick and convenient navigation
  • The dashboard is properly arranged with a broader range of editing tools
  • Apart from meme-making, the slick app offers custom settings for speed and frame rate adjustments

Why might you hesitate?

Users who prefer a standalone meme-maker might not prefer it

System compatibility:

Android devices





GATM Meme Generator is a reliable, effective, and convenient meme-generating app. Try it; it won’t disappoint you either.

Why you should have a GATM Meme Generator on your device?

  • Fast and intuitive
  • A huge app just weights 9.4 MB
  • Capable of creating unique memes using impressive tools
  • Easy import of images for meme
  • Convenient sharing on popular social media channels including Facebook, Imgur, and Reddit
  • It boasts access to a vast collection of nearly 130 preset memes using a built-in ‘Browse’ tab

Why might you hesitate?

  • Some users reported typing lags
  • Ad-supportive

System Compatibility:

Android devices


  • Free
  • Pro version: $1.95


BEST OVERALL———————-YouCam Perfect

Memes are, without a doubt, expressions of conveying humor, satire, irony, or even anger engagingly. Capturing some epic moments with Youcam Perfect is a perfect way to enhance your conversations. A perfect pic and a catchy phrase alongside YouCam Perfect, and it’s done! It offers an enchanting medium to ignite your sense of humor and get inspired by other users, making it viral in a jiffy.

Why you should have YouCam Perfect on your device?

  • Best app to create memes, and ensure personalization whether by using your existing stack of pics or importing them from external sources
  • It houses a vast selection of meme templates
  • Offers a wide array of adding text options
  • Thanks to the magic brush to sprinkle some extra magic, enhancing the fun element of your memes
  • Users can also add stickers to their memes, ensuring uniqueness
  • Apart from meme creations, users can also benefit from image layering, ensuring creativity
  • Add a witty caption to your memes to attract social media enthusiasts
  • Offers custom settings for text size, fonts, or colors – be unique and shiny!
  • Embrace individuality by animating your memes

Why might you hesitate?

A free version might not satisfy users who prefer advanced photo editing capabilities

System Compatibility:

iOS and Android


  • Free
  • Paid content, ensuring enhanced manipulations for meme-making is available



Memes and fun are somewhat intermingled, and if you want a dedicated meme photo editor on your smartphone, opt for Imgur. It might surprise you that on social media channels, mostly engaging images are imported via Imgur.

Why you should have Imgur on your device?

  • It is a dedicated app with over 150 million monthly active users, where creativity blossoms and inspires the masses
  • Create memes, add captions, save or share your distinct creation, and be the social media personality
  • A standalone app is sufficient for making memes on your devices
  • A premium features app offering free service
  • Users can benefit from enhanced customization capabilities to users
  • Choose your own pics to create a meme and reveal individuality; alternatively, pick any image from external sources for your creation

Why might you hesitate?

Bombardment of ads, distracting and spoiling the fun

Some users reported explaining unknown errors causing disrupting issues such as bugs like upload errors

System Compatibility:

Android devices iOS devices


Pro version $1.99


BEST CUSTOMIZE—————————-Fotor

Fotor can be the best meme photo editor for users who prefer enhanced customization capabilities. With Fotor, you can easily personalize your memes by importing images and adding text. Fotor is a reliable meme editor for iPhone and Android users.

Why you should have Fotor on your device?

  • It is home to a vast collection of meme templates
  • Users can utilize popular meme formats, ensuring personalization
  • It can be the best platform for entry-level users, making meme creation a breeze
  • You can even create your own memes and personalize your art by adding stickers, fonts, and filters, ensuring creativity
  • Fotor allows easy sharing of your meme art on popular social media channels
  • It enables users to celebrate individuality by displaying their art to the world
  • Fotor can be a dedicated app that can give you an edge over other users in a meme battle, ensuring fun
  • It is a straightforward meme photo editor that can be used by any person belonging to any age or skill level
  • Create interesting memes using collage templates to add a touch of humor
  • Fotor is an AI-driven photo editor that allows advanced and intuitive photo editing and meme-making capabilities

Why might you hesitate?

Some users might find the UI a bit confusing

System Compatibility:

iOS and Android devices


  • Fotor Basic: Free plan with a lot of useful features but is ad Supported
  • Fotor Pro: $8.99 monthly or $39.99 annually, alongside an ad-free experience


BEST CREATIVE———————————-Meme Fun

Meme Fun is a fantastic app that offers extensive meme categories allowing users to choose from. It can be the best platform to boost your creativity.

Why you should have Meme Fun on your device?

  • Users can find relatable memes of celebrities, cartoons, animals, rage, advice, and more
  • It allows easy navigation through different options, categories, features, or tabs
  • Meme Fun is a systematically arranged app where different categories are further sprouted into more filtered options, ensuring convenience and quick referencing
  • It boasts nearly a hundred meme templates allowing easy selection
  • Users can create customized memes using diverse options such as resizing the text size or choosing your preferred font style
  • Choosing a meme collage option is an epic way to personalize your meme art
  • An ideal and comprehensive platform to display your GIF meme creation
  • Easy-to-use text tools allow extensive support for all types of users

Why might you hesitate?

Some users experienced lagging issues

System Compatibility:

iOS devices


BEST AI—————–ZomboDroid’s Meme Generator

In the wake of AI integration in almost every field, ZomboDroid’s Meme Generator is a comprehensive support to foster your aesthetics.

Why you should have ZomboDroid’s Meme Generator on your device?

  • It boasts a simple user-friendly interface, allowing extensive support to users of all intelligence levels
  • ZomboDroid’s Meme Generator is home to thousands of meme templates
  • Users can personalize their meme art utilizing a lot of tools and options in a matter of seconds
  • Vast customization capability can take your meme experience to the next level such as adding text, including captions, and stickers to the memes
  • The slick app allows easy import of meme images to turn ordinary images into unique and engaging memes
  • A relatable meme that can giggle and spread laughter on your social media channels is an ultimate delight with ZomboDroid’s Meme Generator

Why might you hesitate?

Does not support the automatic loading of memes

System Compatibility:

Android and iOS devices


  • Free
  • Pro version: $1.99



Canva is a reliable meme photo editor that can efficiently create memes for social media channels. It is a comprehensive platform equipped with photo editing features.

Why you should have Canva on your device?

  • Apart from photo editing and graphic designing, Canva is a great app for creating memes
  • It boasts a vast selection of free meme templates, ensuring customization
  • Create personalized memes by using a dedicated text tool and stickers, ensuring customization
  • Creating interesting memes to inspire users via social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter is a breeze
  • Explore endless possibilities with Canva for creating engaging memes

Why might you hesitate?

The free version supports a watermark on memes

System Compatibility:

iOS and Android devices


  • Free
  • Canva Pro: $119.99/year


BEST SIMPLE——————————–Mematic

It can be the best meme photo editor for users preferring a clean and simple app.

Why you should have Mematic on your device?

  • Thanks to Mematic’s collage and layout tools that can combine your dispersed memories into one consolidated photo
  • Create memes and add text or stickers to them
  • Mematic offers sharing directly from the app

Why might you hesitate?

The free version offers limited features

System Compatibility:

iOS and Android


  • Free
  • Pro version: $2.99


BEST EXTENSIVE—————————-Memedroid

If you are among users who prefer using a photo editing app that houses extensive tools and options to add an aesthetic touch and embrace creativity. Memedroid is an engaging platform where users love, rate, and share their memes.

Why you should have Memedroid on your device?

  • It offers impressive tools to create memes, funny pics, and animated GIFs
  • Memedroid boasts an extensive carrousel of meme templates with some handy text tools
  • Users can give life to their memes using their imagination and upload them on their social media channels
  • The dedicated app keeps users updated with regular updates to fix system issues and enhance the photo editing experience
  • The Memedroid app offers an extensive meme gallery, regularly updated with trendy memes that can help you join the latest trend

Why might you hesitate?

Some users reported difficulties in publishing their memes

System Compatibility:

iOS and Android


  • Free
  • Pro version: $2.99


What Are the Benefits of Making Memes on Your Hand-Held Devices?

Creating memes is an electrifying modern fun, an engaging way to ignite and foster your aesthetics. Here we will address some perks of using memes on your smartphone devices:

  • A convenient and accessible way to personalize your creativity
  • An enticing way to hitch a ride on the trend gives a sense of achievement
  • Creating memes unlocks your inner sense of humor
  • Great fun does not rely on expensive apps and computer expertise
  • Using photo editors is an easy way to unleash endless opportunities and possibilities for meme creation
  • Users belonging to any skill level can create hilarious memes using templates and features
  • Users can display their meme art on their respective social media channels to increase followers
  • Spreading smiles and laughter is itself a gift


Pro Tips for Creating Instantly-Viral Memes?

It’s every meme creator’s ultimate desire to make a meme that went viral in a jiffy. So, here are million-dollar pro tips that can help you create memes capable of going viral in a jiffy.

Tip # 1: Incorporate relevant references can make it instantly recognizable and relatable

Tip # 2: Make memes that align with current trends

Tip # 3: Short and snappy memes can attract more eyes

Tip # 4: Using subtle humor techniques such as wordplay, irony, puns, or unexpected twists; they can act like a silver bullet

Tip # 5: Adding visual elements to enhance the comedic effect can be a good idea

Tip # 6: Experiment with diverse ideas and unique styles to ignite your creativity

Tip # 7: Product-centric memes can be a bridging technique to help connect with the targeted audiences


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few queries mostly sparked, and addressed by our tech enthusiasts:

What free meme app I can use on my Android phone?

Various free meme apps offer competent impressive features. However, YouCam Perfect is the best free meme app that you can effortlessly use on your Android to make meme.

How can I edit a meme picture?

Many meme photo editors offer meme editing features. Choose any meme photo editor from the options provided above to customize your meme.

What are the best meme-creator apps for my iPhone?

Here are some of the best meme-maker apps for your iPhone:

  • YouCam Perfect
  • Meme Generator
  • Canva
  • Imgur
  • Mematic
  • Meme Maker & GIF Generator

How can I create a GIF in Canva?

Making GIFs from images and videos using Canva is a breeze. With Canva’s free GIF maker, you can effortlessly create a GIF. Follow these steps:

  • Upload your images or video files, whether from internal storage or external sources
  • Add text, stickers, or, if interested in using quirky templates
  • Save the changes
  • Download the custom GIF
  • Upload it as a GIF file


Final Words

Hopefully, this article will have helped users in making their final choices for obtaining meme photo editors on their Android or iPhone devices. At TECHBYTEX, we offer reliable meme makers, including Canva, Youcam Perfect, Mematic,, Imgur, Meme Generator, and more. These photo editing apps are easy to use offer enhanced customized capabilities, and boast preset templates to create memes using your imagination.