How to fix suspicious login attempt instagram


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If you are an Instagram user then don’t be surprised and panic if you confront a creepy notification that says “How to fix suspicious login attempt Instagram”.  You receive this message because Instagram wants you to stay alarmed against any apprehensive activity regarding security reasons.

This notification helps the users to keep the hackers at bay. So it is absolutely normal to get this warning, this alarming notification comes up with some suggestions too that can be helpful in moving forward. The app can offer you assistance for logging in, for this you will be asked to receive a security code through text message.


Why you receive the suspicious login attempt Instagram notification?

Logging in from a different device is one of the most anticipated reasons. It’s because the app identifies a new IP address of a new location then it warns you and tries to confirm that whether it’s you or someone else trying to access your account.

Ways to fix suspicious login attempt Instagram

There are some simple and quick ways that can fix the bug. If you receive any such notification then at the first place try a handy trick by turning off your WiFi network from your phone, then turn on the Internet of your device (phone) and try to log in.

Some other solutions for fixing suspicious login attempt

There are some other ways too that can be helpful, so take a look below how you can get rid of the problem:

Solution 1 : Modify the location with a VPN

For the modification of location with VPN there is a procedure that you need to follow:

  • Grab your laptop and get the VPN software installed on it
  • Select any location
  • Access Instagram through a browser version
  • Hit the ‘Forgot Password’
  • Go to mail and now set a new password via mail
  • Wait patiently until you receive a mail (In case you don’t receive any mail then give it a break of 6-8 hours. After a certain time span, retry the same procedure by changing the location with VPN or by a different browser.)
  • After receiving a mail hit the link given in the email that directs you to “secure your account here”
  • By clicking this link you will be on the security policy change page
  • Just get on this page and go through the details for confirmation.

If the above-mentioned tip doesn’t work well then let’s not get panic as there is one more solution that can hopefully fix the glitch soon.

Solution 2 : Change browser on your device

You need to try accessing your Instagram account from a browser instead of accessing it through the app itself. If the problem still persists then this time you need to access your account with a different device.

This problem is minute and ordinary yet it is annoying as it hinders you to access your own account. But this is for security reasons and the purpose behind it is just to guard your account. By trying the mentioned solutions you will be able to access your Instagram account for sure.

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