Step-by-Step Guide – How to Change Your Instagram Bio


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Capturing Instagram’s essence in 150 characters or less is undeniably a great skill. Crafting a captivating impression on your Instagram bio while staying on track with limited space and characters is challenging. Creating an Instagram bio is an art that social media enthusiasts have to experience at some point. Spacing in Instagram bio allows users to portray their best version because it is like a media outlet that should be readable to leave an enduring and mesmerizing impression. Adding a URL or Linktree in the website field can pull an extended audience.

This article provides extensive support to individuals using the platform to foster their social and official connections or a business using it to implement a marketing strategy. Instagram bio is an enticing way to generate leads and extend audience. Now, don’t compromise on a dull, sleepy, or tedious Instagram bio, because it can interact with your potential audience more precisely and effectively.

Let’s explore useful information on Insta bio ideas to help you captivate a broader audience.


What Is a Instagram Bio?

It’s unique information, situated beneath your profile picture. Your bio for Instagram describes the content you have shared on your page.

This space for bio includes:

  • A display name (aka the name field)
  • Page category
  • Pronouns
  • 150-character description
  • One external link
  • Contact information

Your bio in Instagram serves as the first glimpse into your account and can be a gateway for new visitors when used effectively. It can be a persuasive opportunity to voice your skills and offerings to extend your audience.


What are the Features of a “Good Instagram Bio”?

Nowadays, life has become extremely busy, and no one has time to sneak into your account if nothing catchy is found in your bio Instagram. This brief and comprehensive content serves as a cover letter or portfolio that wraps up everything inside.

Here are the features of a killer Instagram bio:

  • Concise yet well-portrayed
  • Persuasive enough to make every visitor hit follow
  • Captivating, sweet, or informative
  • Spice up your bio with visuals; emojis occupy very little space
  • Using hashtags in your Instagram bio helps potential users reach you
  • Adding a call to action (CTA) is ideal for businesses to keep potential clients engaged
  • Include some catchy words in your bio field’s space
  • Ensure the content used in the Insta bio is legible
  • Adding your brand’s story to your bio for Instagram can lead to higher user engagement and conversions
  • Effectively filled space in bio can scale up your Instagram bio


How to Edit Instagram Bio?

Here is how you can edit your Instagram bio:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your device
  • Tap on your profile icon from the bottom right
  • Locate and tap the “Edit Profile”, located below your profile picture
  • The “Edit Profile” allows users to edit their name, username, website, bio, and any other information
  • If you want to change your bio, tap on the “Bio” section
  • Delete or edit the existing bio content
  • Enter your new bio
  • You can also jazz up your bio by adding emojis or hashtags
  • Once modified, tap “Done” or save the changes

Your Instagram bio is now reborn with added charm.


What Are the Types of Instagram Bios?

There can be multiple types of Instagram bios, each with its respective perspectives and motives, such as:

  • Funny Instagram Bios
  • Business Instagram Bios
  • Descriptive Instagram Bios
  • Unique Instagram Bios
  • Inspirational Instagram Bios
  • Cool Instagram Bios
  • Clever Instagram Bios
  • Instagram Bios with links


How to Create a Great Instagram Profile Bio?

Here are some functional and clever tricks that can make your Instagram Profile bio highly engaging and empower it to turn visitors into followers:

  • Your Profile picture matters a lot in social branding. You can use your product, company’s logo, business name, or anything that allows users to identify you in no time
  • Share your story in your Instagram space bio, and express yourself in a 150-character sales pitch to interact with your target audience
  • Use emojis and relevant puns
  • Pop in your targeted keywords in the name field, which is separate from the username. For instance, it can be your niche like selling items or business locations
  • You can cleverly use the name field to highlight your skills or business
  • Utilize the external link in your Instagram bio to direct to specific web pages referenced in your posts
  • Before taking any new step make sure that your profile visitors are aware of any new promos, new campaigns, resources, or more. Using call-to-action can drive tons of traffic and user engagement
  • Action buttons can provide quick access points to your services such as “order food”, “view shop”, or “book now”
  • Adding contact details allows potential visitors to access you right away. You can include your contact details such as email address, phone number, or WhatsApp
  • Turn your Instagram bio into clickable links by tagging related accounts
  • Make your Instagram bio click-worthy by styling it with Instagram Stories Highlights


How to Change Bio on Instagram Using Your Smartphone?

Once you have decided what to include within your 150-character limit bio space, you are ready to modify your Instagram bio.

Here is how you can change your Instagram bio on your smartphone:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone
  • Tap on your profile photo located in the bottom right side
  • This action will open your profile page
  • Locate and tap on the Instagram “Edit Profile” button
  • Tap “Bio”
  • Type or paste your content in the bio space
  • Adding a URL or Linktree in the website field is optional but highly recommended
  • Tap “Done”
  • This process will save and publish your bio with the new amendments


How to Change Instagram Bio on Your Desktop?

If you prefer a larger display and enjoy using Instagram on your desktop, that’s entirely acceptable and respected.

Here’s how you can edit your Instagram bio using a desktop:

  • Open Instagram on your desktop
  • Click on your profile picture located in the top right corner of your screen
  • Tap “Profile”
  • Click “Edit Profile”
  • Navigate to and click “Bio”
  • Type or paste the content into the provided biospace
  • Once again, consider the optional but highly advantageous step of adding a URL or Linktree in the website field
  • Click ‘Submit”
  • This process will save and publish your modified bio


Why is Your Instagram Bio So Imperative?

Though an Instagram bio may seem funny or a bit unimportant, underestimating its power can be a mistake.

Here are some reasons that highlight its significance on a broader spectrum:

  • First impressions are still crucial
  • It helps drive traffic to your media outlets
  • It generates leads and fosters resilience
  • It offers free marketing space
  • It can help you pull new customers, retain existing ones, and even find an old-school friend
  • Instagram bio caters to both professional and personal accounts, meeting their respective needs
  • It can direct your audience to your corresponding YouTube channel, podcast, other social media platforms, and e-commerce sites, helping you increase views, followers, and subscribers
  • A Linktree URL is an ultimate delight, allowing users to access five different links


How Can You Add Pronouns to Your Instagram Bio?

To add pronouns to your Instagram bio, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Instagram account on your device
  • Access your Instagram profile
  • Navigate and tap “Edit profile”
  • Tap “Pronouns”
  • This will allow users to add up to four pronouns
  • You can definitely change or remove them anytime
  • You can also be specific by toggling on to “Show to Followers Only”
  • Once added, tap “Done”

You have effectively added pronouns to your Instagram bio. It is a good and highly acclaimed feature to promote inclusivity and respect for gender expression.


How Can You Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio?

Adding a link to your bio means a lot and can drive unstoppable traffic to your account, which will result in minting coins.

Here is how you can add a link to your Instagram bio:

  • Open your Instagram account on your device
  • Head to your Instagram profile
  • Tap “Edit profile”
  • Navigate and tap “Links”
  • You can add up to five links
  • The Instagram bio also allows users to link to a custom landing page, housing links to all your important content


Why You Should Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio?

Here are the perks of adding a link to your Insta bio:

  • Using a link in bio drives more traffic
  • Using five links means endless possibilities and opportunities await
  • Time and energy saver


How Can You Space on IG Bio?

Spacing in an Instagram bio is not intricate; it’s just a matter of a few tricks.

Here is how you can do it:

  • iPhone and Android users can download apps like Insta-Space. These apps can help you create drafts along with captions and spaces before posting to your Instagram accounts
  • You can also use a line break generator app. Here is how it works:
  1. Type your Instagram caption within the app
  2. Alternatively, copy and paste from the Notes
  3. Once you are done, add your line breaks
  4. Copy the text from your Instagram app


Final Words

Hopefully, this comprehensive article on “How to change your Instagram bio” has assisted you in the best possible way. TECHBYTEX is a dedicated platform for addressing tech glitches, causes, and fixes and providing relevant information regarding social media platforms. This article provides extensive support to all types of users with the knowledge of how a modified Instagram bio can benefit them.

Have you updated your Instagram bio? If yes, that’s great! If not, you are missing something that you should not. Just do it now!