Instagram Direct Messages Not Working


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If you are going through the same annoyance of Instagram Direct Messages Not Working Error, and want to get rid of the DM glitch, then this content is an exclusive treat for you. Instagram is one of the most popular social media podiums to connect people globally. Lately, Instagram users are seen concerned about why Instagram DM stopped working for them. The prevalent blip is undeniably apprehensive for those who seek potential followers to visit their page. We will let you know the possible triggers causing the DM hitch and the potent fixes to remove the anxiety.

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What Are The Common Forms Of Instagram DM Glitches?

Instagram messages not showing or loading errors could be the reason for multiple issues. The Instagram malfunction might appear in many forms. Here are some common instances of Instagram DM blips, and you might have experienced the following worries:

  • Instagram messages are not sending
  • Messages won’t open and forever loading
  • Instagram DM notifications won’t go away
  • Instagram messages are not loading
  • New Instagram direct messages are not showing up
  • Instagram direct messages vanish
  • Instagram is unable to create threads
  • An Instagram direct message cannot be deleted
  • Instagram message request glitch
  • Instagram message fixed on sending
  • No notification for new messages is sent
  • Instagram inbox is not working
  • Instagram Users can’t see replies to their messages
  • Instagram notifies you about a new message, but you don’t
  • Users can’t start a new message
  • Emoji reactions for direct messages not working

These are a few illustrations of the Instagram DM not working error. Now, let’s see where these complications can stem from.


What Are The Common Triggers and fixes Of Instagram Direct Messages Not Working Error?

Here are the boorish triggers, alongside feasible fixes of Instagram Direct Messages not working error, you need to know:


1- You Have A Bad Connection

If your internet connection is unstable, you will constantly face problems. Instagram DM not working or Instagram feed not loading pictures, a bad connection is a primary reason for this problem. It might be because of the reason, Instagram lies on an unobstructed internet connection. If you want to know whether the DM glitch is because of a hampered internet connection or not, do the following steps to know the reality:

  • Open Instagram feed posts
  • If it fails to refresh and load, then your internet connection is the culprit

How to fix it:

What you need to do is to establish a secure internet connection. Follow the steps below to meet the purpose:

  • Wide-awake your phone
  • Swipe down until you will see the settings menu
  • Check whether your WiFi or Mobile data is on
  • If it’s not connected, turn it on
  • In case you are connected but the Instagram messages not loading error will be there, then you need to check the speed
  • You can surely visit different websites like or to scrutinize the speed of your internet


2- An Outdated IG Application

An outdated applicated is the reason for multiple glitches. So, you should constantly be cautious about the updates; forgetting to upgrade Instagram is critical. The consequences would be:

  • Instagram DMs are not working
  • In extreme cases, Instagram messages disappear altogether

How to fix it:

  • Open the app store on your iPhone
  • Open Google Play on your Android device
  • See if there is a new version to install or not
  • If yes, install the update, and restart your device

If you did not see any update, then switch to the next option. Here we want you to know another possibility of the Instagram DM not working glitch; you might need to go one version back. It sounds strange but validates effectiveness in many instances because sometimes Instagram updates backfire. It means when users install an updated version of the application, they come across ‘Instagram DMs not loading’ or similar errors. And going back is the best way out to avoid the Instagram message bug.


3- Your Instagram Cache Is Full

Clearing the Instagram cache is obligatory to enjoy the smooth functioning of the popular app. Exterminating the stored data in the form of a cache can speed up the process of searching for something or ditch loading errors. A full cache app causes loading, crashing, and freezing errors.

How to fix it:

Clear Instagram Cache on iOS Devices:

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Tap ‘General’ and then ‘iPhone storage,’
  • Tap on the Instagram logo
  • Hit the ‘offload app’ button

Clear Instagram Cache on Android Devices

  • Go to settings
  • Open the apps tab
  • Choose Instagram
  • Tap the ‘clear cache button

Now see if the Instagram Direct Messages Not Working error is removed or not. If the problem persists, check the next possibility. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it works or not. It is the meekest yet extremely effective approach to remove the anomaly. Take the following actions to do it:

  • Uninstall the Instagram application
  • Reinstall the application on your device


4- You Might Have Beaten Instagram Limits

Sometimes there’s no issue with your device or the app. You simply unheeded Instagram DM limits, and now you might be facing the consequences of beating Instagram limits. Additionally, Instagram DM’s seen glitches can be the reason that Instagram has action blocked you. So, keep in mind if you’re blocked, Instagram DMs won’t work.

Instagram’s privacy policy is extremely clear, and a mere violation can land you in trouble. It gives an option to users to decide whether or not to receive a message from users who are not their followers. It means when someone you don’t follow tries to send a DM, a requested message in blue appears on the top of your Instagram direct chat. Then you need to open that message to view it.

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What are Instagram limits:

  • It differs from user to user
  • Instagram limits are levied based on following and unfollowing, and sending Direct Messages
  • Every user is bound to stick with his daily limit
  • Newbie Instagrammer can send over 20-50 DMs per day
  • A verified account holder is allowed to send 100 to 150 DMs per day

How to fix it:

A permanent workaround to avoid Instagram DM not working errors is the long-term route which can only be achieved by respecting Instagram’s terms of service. However, the temporary solution to the problem can be the following:

  • Try a VPN
  • Close Instagram completely
  • Log in to Instagram with the whole new IP

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5- Instagram Servers Are Down

If everything is just fine on your side, then the servers might be the cause of all evil. The possibility of this reason is vivid because Instagram enjoys an audience of more than 1 billion, and the down server might be the probable reason. So, Instagram Direct Messages not working error can happen when Instagram servers are faulty. If the down server is the reason for the mess, then you can do nothing to cope with the situation but wait.

How to fix it:

When the error is at the backend of the Instagram platform, there is nothing you can do but wait to get it fixed. You can check the IG server status by visiting DownDetector. This way, you can figure out the reason for the frustration. Here you can report your issue; it would also be a great help to let others know that the problem is trendy on a large scale because of the servers.


6- The problem is on Sender’s End

Sometimes, the problem is not with your Instagram DMs; they are just fine. But the problem lies on the sender’s end; the possibility might be:

  • The sender has deleted the IG messages from both sides
  • You may receive a notification but cannot access the message

If you are facing this problem, then don’t fret. It is not a glitch, and you have not done anything specious.


7- Check if Your Account Is Not Deactivated

Another probable problem causing DM not working error can be the deactivated account you are trying to access. The problem arises when:

  • The sender or receiver deactivates their Instagram account
  • Both will see each other’s messages but with an Instagrammer’s user ID

Under this scenario, you can:

  • Read the whole conversation
  • Send messages
  • Access every activity; what you cannot do is know that your messages are being seen.

So, to check anyone’s existence as an Instagram user, you can know in this way:

  • Search the username
  • If the account is deactivated, you will see the error message’ user not found.’


8- Report The Problem to Instagram

If you persistently facing DM glitches, even after installing an updated IG application. Then you need to report the problem to Instagram.


How Can You Stop Instagram DMs Not Working Error?

Instagram is not always wrong; sometimes, the problem lies in mobile devices and their setting. However, here are a few precautionary measures you can opt for to avoid DM inconvenience on Instagram.

  • You always clean cookies occasionally because these cookies can hamper the applications from working smoothly.
  • Whenever your Instagram DM creates problems, close and restart the application
  • Log out from your account and sign in again is always a good idea to avoid the hitch.
  • If the problem persists, deleting and reinstalling the Instagram application is the most effective approach.
  • Lack of storage also refuses to receive threads and send messages.
  • The last resort to get rid of the problem is to try sending a message with your cellular connection instead of your WiFi connection.


Final Takeaway

To cut a long story short, Instagram direct messages may bang for various reasons. One of the most imperative and feasible reasons that cause Instagram DM glitches is bugs that are saved in your application’s cache. That’s why removing cache from the application is obligatory. However, there might be other reasons, too; check each method and see if it did work for you or not. Above mentioned methods and tricks are simple yet effective and are credible to solve the problem.