Does YouTube Really Copy Instagram?


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Cross-platform influence is a normal practice from the end-user perspective and within the media platform industry. YouTube, a popular video streaming platform loved by the masses, initiated vertical playing short videos back in 2020. Users sensed that YouTube grabbed the idea from Instagram Reels and TikTok Reels.

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Although users across the globe loved it, they were already enjoying quite identical features on Instagram, such as Reels. At the moment, YouTube is being influenced once more by the cybersphere, and the platform is dancing with the interesting videos of Instagram.

Cracking the social code to create an environment of competition is a healthy practice, and cannot be criticized. This article aims to highlight the updated YouTube Shorts features that improve editing capabilities and promote the creation of high-quality content. We will discuss these features shortly.


This article aims to highlight YouTube’s attempts to copy Instagram features. The common practice to describe the situation that is always present in the digital market refers to the following terms:

  • Features Parity
  • Adoption of trending features
  • Follow trending material
  • Cloning or copycatting with the slightest modifications
  • Enhance offerings by grasping browsing ideas
  • Imitating specific features
  • Emulating features and design


YouTube‘s Spokesperson Addressed the Media This Week

We are introducing a “Collab” ability to record a Short in a side-by-side layout along with an existing YouTube clip. We introduced a fun way to create and share short-form videos on YouTube and continue to expand on the ways that creators can easily tap into their creativity. From remixing tools that help creators leverage content from across YouTube’s billions of videos worldwide in new, original content to expanding the YouTube Partner Program so creators can join and earn money from their Shorts, we want to make it easier for anyone to join in and create what they love. YouTube Shorts are now being watched by over 2 billion logged-in users every month, and today we’re introducing new ways to spark imagination and creativity.

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The Google-owned platform is enjoying an edge over other social media platforms with its newly launched feature of Q&A sticker functionality. The ability to solicit questions from your fan base through the comments is a wonderful feature. The churning-out of features on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube is happening side by side, distracting users in the real world. Additionally, it has been noted that IG Reels and YouTube Shorts appear to be imitations of TikTok.


What Are the Striking Updates for YouTube Shorts?


YouTube Shorts has rolled out a bunch of advanced editing capabilities, including:


1. Remixing With the Collab Tool:

A recently developed tool called Collab Tool can help you express your creativity to the fullest.

Here are the features of “Collab Tool”:

  • It allows easy recording of Shorts in a corresponding format with other Shorts and YouTube videos
  • Due to the split-screen format, creators have access to a variety of layout options.
  • It is compatible with all iOS devices and Android

Here is how you can use the Collab tool:

  • Launch the YouTube App on your device
  • Choose the Short or YouTube video you want to remix
  • Hit Remix
  • To complete, simply tap Collab


2. Using Effects and Stickers

Effects and stickers always inspire users and are present on almost every user-engaging platform. Users learned about the upcoming release of a new Q&A sticker in the update.

You should be aware of the following appealing qualities of the new Q&A sticker:

  • You can engage your audience with a new Q&A sticker
  • It will let you know the level of user involvement and the flaws that should be removed from your content
  • The comment section will not be shy about rating your video.
  • It can create a strong bond between a user and a viewer, especially when they get a reply from you


3. Going Live

It is an amazing experience to enjoy the first vertical live video content on YouTube. So, going live would be a delightful treat for users who want live coverage. Now, you don’t need to leave YouTube to stay updated on what’s happening in different spheres of life. Your Shorts feed will feed you with everything you want.

Here is how you can enjoy “going live”:

  • Just a tap will take you to a scrollable feed where you can view live videos of different genres
  • Building a live connection by fostering your user’s interest can create a strong bond
  • From the perspective of the end-user, building communities is an intriguing and exciting experience
  • Alternatively, if you are an enthusiastic live creator, you only need a few taps to go live
  • Going live will provide an enabling path for users who are unaware of the YouTube Partner Program to unlock fan funding features, such as:
  1. Channel Memberships
  2. Super Chat
  3. Super Stickers
  4. Super Thanks

It is crucial to remember that you must adhere to the guidelines established by YouTube’s incentive programs.


4. Streamline Your Masterpiece

YouTube’s newly launched features streamline your creativity by adding audio and automating remixing capabilities. Here are your instructions to utilize the features:

  • Launch the YouTube app
  • Go to the Shorts player
  • Tap the Remix button
  • Select “use sound.”

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5. Saving Shorts to Playlists

When you saw a Shorts you wanted to save but could not locate the option to curate Shorts, it was a difficult time. The good news is, now you can do it easily and precisely on YouTube. You can now build your collections from the Shorts feed thanks to YouTube’s built-in feature that lets you save Shorts to playlists.

Now, if you want to freeze the moment you just discovered while scrolling through your Shorts feed, you can surely do it. So, curate your playlist, and have unlimited fun!


6. Creating Shorts From Your Videos

It is a feature that YouTube has promised to roll out soon. It will enable the easy transformation of your horizontal videos into thrilling Shorts.

Here is how the transformation of your videos into Shorts takes place:

  • Choose a video to remix
  • You will be able to make some adjustments thanks to it:
  1. Layout
  2. Zoom
  3. Cropping of a video segment
  • When transforming, you can also use split-screen effects
  • It will allow you to save particular parts of the content

So, you can easily transform your long video content into engaging and electrifying Shorts.

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What Will the Newly Released Features of YouTube Shorts Mean for the Media?


The newly created features are an intriguing effort to improve engagement. Their impact on brands will be:

  • Helping to get more conversions
  • Getting a better ROI

Impact on end-users:

  • Improved user engagement
  • Develop interest
  • Boosting fan-base

As a result of the competition with Instagram and TikTok, it is predicted that YouTube’s popularity will increase dramatically. It will propel content creators to produce more exciting and engaging content. Whoever captures the market will be the ultimate winner.


Final Words

We hope this document has helped you get acquainted with the spectacular features of YouTube Shorts, which were launched this week. Now, you can create more engaging content to enhance your audience. It will foster healthy competition, empowering people to build distinct feeds. TECHBYTEX is a platform that was created specifically to offer solutions to issues that arise when using tech devices. It also keeps you informed about updates on popular social media platforms.