How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio Using Linktree


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A good and captivating Instagram bio is crucial, especially for businesses. It is like a door of opportunities that can be unlocked using a “link”. Yes, that’s true—not exaggerated at all. Just visualize a situation when you are about to launch a new product or feature, and you add its link to your bio. It will direct your audience to your business media outlet and generate leads. Furthermore, just one Instagram ‘link in bio’ is not always sufficient, and at this stage, you need a streamlined link that can branch out into multiple links. Subsequently, it enhances the quality of your online presence, and here come Instagram bio links.

When you have many things to do and you need various links to direct people to your projects, business ventures, or e-commerce sites, then one link in the bio becomes entirely insufficient. Here comes the Linktree, which allows users to add URL branches out into up to five links. It sounds crazy, but it is 100% true. Yes, you can add links to your professional ventures on your Instagram bio using Linktree.

One compact link can impact persuasively your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or motivational podcast. The seemingly intricate process of adding multiple links to your Instagram bio using Linktree is a straightforward procedure instead.

This article is based on valuable information regarding Linktree for incorporating multiple links to your Instagram bio to boost your online presence.

So, here we go!


The Most Requested and Waited Feature: Adding Multiple Links to Instagram Bio

Adding multiple links to your Instagram bio is one of the most anticipated features of Meta-owned Instagram. This release is undeniably enticing news for business owners, as they can now include up to five IG bio links on their bio page. It took some time to be launched, but it has finally become a part of your Instagram bio, allowing you to showcase your personal businesses.


How to Add Multiple Links to Instagram Bio Using Linktree?

Linkin Instagram bio allows users to add up to five links to promote their business ventures.

Here is a straightforward process for adding various links to your Instagram bio using Linktree:

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Create a Linktree account

  • You have the option to select your username for your custom URL
  • Select your preferred plan (free or premium)

Step 4:

  • Go to your Admin page
  • Select “Add New Link”
  • This process will initiate adding URLs to your Linktree account

Step 5: Navigate and select Appearance, and pick the theme that aligns well with your brand

Step 6:

  • Select “Share”, and explore various options for how users can interact with the link
  • Click or tap “Copy” at the bottom of the pop-up

Step 7:

  • Launch your Instagram account
  • Click on your profile picture, located in the lower-left corner of your interface
  • This process will open your Instagram profile page

Step 8: Select Edit Profile to modify your bio

Step 9:

  • To add an Instagram bio link, paste your Linktree URL in the provided slot
  • Tap “Done” for iPhone devices or “checkmark” for Android devices, located in the top right corner of your interface
  • This step will save your changes

Now, your Instagram bio is ready to engage with your potential audience in a more influential way.


What is a Link in Bio Instagram?

For users who prefer a simple and clean Instagram bio without any complex details, a “link. in Instagram bio” is an ideal choice for them. However, if you’re looking for a more flexible, customizable, and business-oriented solution that allows you to modify your links and track analytics, Linktree welcomes you.


Can You Customize Linktree?

It is significant to note that links in bio Instagram are customizable, and you can select a unique color scheme from the settings tab, located at the top of your interface. For free Linktree users, there are nine preloaded color settings. You can enjoy advanced features by upgrading to Linktree Pro. However, a free plan is sufficient for most users.


What Are the Key Benefits of Signing Up With Linktree?

Links in Instagram bio are streamlined and can provide unexpected benefits to your business. Using a link that branches out into up to five links has the potential to be a game-changing strategy.

Here are a few perks of using Linktree in your Instagram bio:

  • Your followers are informed of your plans
  • Exploring Analytics becomes an enjoyable experience
  • Even a free link offers significant offers and fun themes for your business to shine on your mini Instagram bio page

Linktree allows users to add links to all their online activities that they want to get acclaimed and viewed by their potential audience. For instance:

  1. Written articles/blogs
  2. Newsletters
  3. Linkedin account
  4. Downloadable content
  5. Video content like TikTok, YouTube videos, or podcasts
  • You can use the links on Instagram bio to invite your Instagram followers to visit your other media outlets
  • Monetizing your audience is one of the captivating perks of using multiple links in Instagram bio through Linktree
  • Re-directing your potential clients to e-commerce sites can spike your sales
  • Linktree analytics make users learn the behavior and engagement of their followers

Engagement strategies work great for taking your business to new horizons, especially for influencers. Strategies include:

  1. Click-through rate (CTR)
  2. Time to click (TTC)
  • You can also establish a connection with people even staying offline. You can utilize your Instagram QR code to drive tons of traffic to your Linktree by guiding your followers about your business location, menus, services, and beyond.
  • Linktree is a customizable compact link that can represent your business vibe precisely
  • Your Instagram bio, after getting linked with Linktree, does not remain an ordinary mini-page; in fact, it has become one of your most significant branding or marketing strategies

For businesses, the link in bio IG means:

  1. More content promotion
  2. More value to followers
  3. More power to showcase business ventures, products, services, or more
  • Using Linktree in the Instagram bio is an ideal marketing strategy for small business setups
  • Instagram bio links can be precisely used for each product in your bio, ensuring browsing convenience for followers
  • Linktree links can become your loyal business partner and drive web traffic to promote business and scale-up conversions
  • Social media users are sensitive to fake accounts and scam businesses, so gaining trust is crucial. When your business is connected via media links then positive reviews matter a lot. Sharing social proof is essential to build follower’s trust in your business’ credibility
  • Including your business blog’s link in your Instagram bio can increase readership and business recognition
  • If you are an extroverted business owner and are super active on other social media platforms, then include links to those social media profiles in your bio. This will make it easy for your followers to find your business on other digital destinations, ensuring your overall reach, recognition, and credibility


Can You See Who Clicked on Your Instagram Link?

It is a common human instinct that curiosity tickles him. If you are wondering whether you can identify the user who clicked on your Instagram link, the short and simple answer is NO; tracking is not possible.


Final Words

Extending your Instagram bio links using Linktree is an impactful way to enhance your engagement and multiply your followers. Linktree is not exciting news for third-party link grouping apps offering similar customizable services. TECHBYTEX provides users with relevant information on how to add up to five links to their Instagram bio using Linktree and learn everything about it. This article outlines the straightforward process of doing it to generate leads and improve the quality of your online presence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently shared problems or curiosities users may encounter that might help you too:

How to get Instagram link?

Photos or videos posted on Instagram display corresponding links. If your account is not public and is set as private, the link to your picture or video is only accessible to your followers. You can obtain the link by tapping on the post and copying it to paste it anywhere you want.

How to share Instagram Profile link with anyone?

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Instagram profile whose link you want to share with someone
  • Access the three-dot icon, located at the top right corner of your interface
  • Tap on it
  • Navigate and select “Copy profile URL” from the menu
  • The link will be copied to your phone’s clipboard
  • You can paste it anywhere you want
  • Additionally, you can also send this profile in a DM, just by taping on the “Share this profile” option

How to use Linktree on Instagram?

Read this article, and you will gain relevant knowledge on how to utilize Linktree on Instagram.

Why are Instagram links not working?

The issue of Instagram links not working could have multiple reasons. However, one of the most common causes is that you are adding an expired link, which means it no longer exists. It could have been banned or removed, and it’s worth mentioning that Instagram does not support shortened links either.