A Comprehensive Guide on Best Meme Generators Online for PC and Mac

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According to Charles Dickens’s million-dollar saying, “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor”. A burst of spontaneous laughter has always been an anti-depressant therapy for years, and memes are the modern form of spreading smiles. People with a sharp sense of humor use offline and online means to make meme on their respective devices. However, this article is a comprehensive guide, assisting PC and Mac users in learning effective online meme-generating solutions to stay with the contemporary move. TECHBYTEX addresses users’ concerns on how to create a meme online vigilantly by offering practical solutions.

Here is a compiled list of some of the best online meme generators that are quick, convenient, secure, and reliable. Each solution is characterized by its unique capabilities and limitations.

Let’s dig deep, exploring quick ways to create memes where no hassles of installation or registration are involved.


Explore the Best Meme Generators Online for PC and Mac

Memes have become an abrupt way to express various human behaviors in a sugar-coated style. Whether it is about anger or a winning moment, memes can intensify the situation in a substantive and resonant manner. Coming back to the topic, utilize the following meme generator for diverse meme-designing offerings. They boast inbuilt or custom memes; the choice is yours regarding how you choose to satiate your wit craving.

So, here it is delivered as promised. Pick the one that suits you best as per your wit spectrum and expectations regarding an online meme maker.


1- Adobe Express

Generate your meme using one of the most reliable and practical solutions to create your meme art – Adobe Express. Almost everyone among you has heard about Adobe for some reason but might have no idea about its meme-making capabilities. Regardless of the occasion, Adobe Express allows users to create customized memes using a wide array of options. You can utilize free images, fonts, and more options, ensuring personalization. It is quite unbelievable how effortlessly users can give life to their creations using the Adobe Express online editor. Creating customized memes from templates, alongside text, images, or icons, using different resizing options and color schemes is a breeze.

Adobe Express creates shareable memes to rock your social media profiles. Not every meme gets fame; a viral meme is an intelligent fusion of eye-grabbing images with punchy text on a current scenario. Adobe Express’s keen and professional approach to creating memes makes it an ideal meme generator for trio entry-level, intermediate, or professional users. However, some users struggle to find some situation-specific memes on the platform that might boast some dedicated meme generators.


2- Canva

If you are engaged, whether occasionally or frequently in using photo editors you must have known about Canva. It is a professional-level online meme builder for PC and Mac. Canva is capable of effortlessly transforming your captured moments into viral memes. It offers an extensive library comprised of photos, stickers, icons, and other stunning graphics. If you are interested in creating memes from 5000+ pre-set meme templates, ensuring easy downloading.

Users can utilize customization features, such as adding text to memes, ensuring creativity and distinctiveness. If you are satisfied with the output, download and save the meme in GIF, PNG, or JPG file format, ensuring quick sharing. Canva also offers direct sharing from the platform to your social media outlets. Users can also customize the color scheme and extract backgrounds according to their preferences.

Canva limits free users to export a meme in JPG file format. Furthermore, another restriction that can cause inconvenience to some users is the need to log in to create memes.


3- ImgFlip

Generating memes at ImgFlip without bothering with the hassles of setting up an account. It boasts a gigantic library containing popular images. ImgFlip also offers to add a caption to your memes, alongside quick sharing on your social media channels. Users can also use over 1 million preset memes to foster their meme art.

This online meme generator allows users to do effortless cropping, rotating, and flipping templates. However, users of Imgflip are a bit annoyed with the bombardment of ads. Furthermore, it delivers the meme output with an Imgflip watermark, and it might be a frustration for some users.


4- MemeGenerator.net

It is an online meme generator that houses iconic meme templates. Users can easily navigate through options, browsing images to picking up their own. The only issue with using the MemeGenerator.net is the need for registration.


5- InPixio

InPixio is a free online meme maker, that allows users to create unique meme art. Users can effortlessly share their memes on social media directly from the free meme creator. The output does not contain a watermark, which is one of the standout features of InPixio. Furthermore, it is compatible with various file formats, including GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and others. Some users have experienced lagging issues when using InPixio on their PC and Mac.


6- Makeameme.org

Design a meme with Makeameme.org using the copious selection of images. Just find an ultimate shot for your meme. To generate a snappy meme, you don’t need to join the community. However, sharing platforms are limited to Facebook, Pinterest, and WhatsApp.


7- Media.io Meme Generator

Create a free meme using Media.io Meme Generator to generate laugh-inducing memes. This online platform is not plagued with ads and supports multiple image formats, including GIF files. Users can enhance their meme art using extensive editing capabilities, including text placing, adding color, changing font styles, and resizing. One of the standout features of Media.io Meme Generator is the absence of an intrusive watermark on the output.


8- Kapwing

Kapwing is not a dedicated free meme generator but rather offers extensive editing features. It provides a wide range of customization options with hundreds of templates, including:

  • Creating video collages
  • Adding text or music to videos
  • Adding subtitles
  • Using video filters
  • Resizing or trimming videos
  • Creating stop-motion animations

Kapwing is one of the easiest online meme makers on the list. Uploading a photo to turn it into a meme is a breeze, thanks to Kapwing’s capability of creating a meme without a watermark. Users are empowered with the ability to set the meme aspect ratio. However, some users find Kapwing as less intuitive.


9- Typito

If you are looking for a free online meme generator that ensures quick and impressive outputs, consider Typito on your PC or Mac. Users can effortlessly create vertical memes using standard media file formats. Typito stands out for its contemporary and candid UI, ensuring extensive support for users of all intelligence levels. To spell the meme magic, all you need to do is upload a video clip or image file using a preferred template.

Furthermore, Typito also offers next-level possibilities and manipulations in creating memes. Applying background audio to your video clips is another added feature of Typito. The only drawback users experience is the lack of video templates in Typito.


10- Imgur

If you are looking for a free meme generator online that is not only reliable but also convenient, opt for Imgur. Furthermore, it is the home of buzzworthy memes that have been created over time. The process of creating memes is straightforward: simply select the picture, insert the text, and create a dazzling meme. Imgur also empowers users with the ability to upload images to share across various communities on social media profiles. However, Imgur is an image hosting and sharing online platform instead of a standalone meme generator, compared to other options available in the digital spectrum.


11- Flexclip

Flexclip is a convenient, free online platform that allows users to design viral memes. Users can create shareable memes that are compatible across various formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, JPG, PNG, and so on.

This online website is home to tons of videos and images, allowing for downloading and customization options for free. Creating engaging memes using widgets from an extensive library is a breeze. Thanks to the standout capability of Flexclip for exporting outputs across various solutions, and the cherry on top – without a watermark. The platform offers advanced video editing resources to get the best out of Flexclip. It is crucial to be aware that this online meme maker may be the less straightforward alternative, especially for entry-level users, on the list.


12- Picmaker

Make your own meme With Picmaker, and it won’t disappoint you. Create memes mirroring your imagination and share them on popular social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Choose your preferred meme template from hundreds of free meme templates, redefining your art. Furthermore, you can customize your memes using animations, gradients, fonts, and more.

Picmaker allows users to download the output in  various popular formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG. Alternatively, users can directly export the output to social media to celebrate individuality. However, the UI of this online meme generator might not be beginner-friendly for some users.



Looking for an online meme-making destination? Consider DIYLOL to generate memes quickly and efficiently. However, the template library is not as extensive as it is in other meme-making options. Sharing the output is also not supported by DIYLOL. Users can only download the image and save the output as PNG files on their computer. However, you can change the file format to make your imaginative memes online.


14- Meme Center

Meme Center is one of the most practical solutions to create a hilarious meme on your PC or Mac. You can access a wide assortment of image editing enhancements to take your meme-creating experience to the next level. Thanks to the Brush Tool, Oval, or Add Text tool and background modification capabilities, Meme Center becomes a reliable option.

However, to enjoy the benefits of sharing your meme art on your social media channels, Meme Center requires setting up an account. Conversely, you can only save the output to your computer, making joining the community crucial to getting the best out of Meme Center.


15- Iloveimg

Iloveimg is an impressive online meme maker, capable of creating funny memes from various media file formats, including PNG, GIF, and JPG. Users can effortlessly upload cloud or local images to create engaging memes. Iloveimg also allows users to choose pictures from a ton of images contained by the platform. Users can make photo editing modifications either within the image or in the background to add the spice of creativity. Apart from background adjustments users can also add opacity and text using different styles of fonts and sizes and stickers. This meme generator platform is simple to use and anyone can use it.

Users who prefer an online meme maker supporting video formats might not like using Iloveimg.


16- Livememe.com

Livememe.com is a sought-after destination for memers. Pick your desired image from any source and use it to turn into a hilarious meme. The only trouble associated with Livememe.com is that Reddit is the only compatible social media platform where users can share directly from this meme generator.


17- Meme Dad

It is a home of thousands of templates and meme-making tools for creating memes and GIFs. Working with this platform is simple, quick, and convenient. From uploading images to saving the output on your PC or Mac is effortless. However, users can only export their meme files to Reddit.


18- Crello

Last of all, here comes Crello – a meme maker that can leverage your social media identity. It is home to thousands (25,000+) of meme templates and offers customization features to add spice to your meme craft. It is very simple to use Crello for making adjustments like cropping, rotating, adding filters, including objects or stickers, text, and more. Crello allows users easy conversion of meme templates into animated objects, ensuring creativity and distinctiveness, making it a perfect choice for professionals. However, most users do not like Crello’s watermarked outputs.


Final Takeaways

In the last, we hope that this comprehensive guide conducted by TECHBYTEX will be immensely beneficial for memers. The guide provides online meme generators for PC and Mac, offering competitive and competent features to turn ordinary images into amusing memes. The included platforms are Canva, Kapwing, Adobe Express, InPixio, Typito, Imgur, Flexclip, and more. Apart from creating memes, these meme makers also offer background-swapping features.

So, create memes with clever humor and relatable wit, providing a constant source of joy for social media enthusiasts and inducing a spontaneous burst of laughter.