Why Can’t I Upvote or Downvote on the Reddit App?


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Are you a big fan of Reddit and upset by the non-working glitch of upvotes and downvotes on the official Reddit app? Don’t fret; it is not a critical issue and can be corrected with simple and effective methods. If you are an active Reddit user who frequently shares entertaining trending content and comments on other people’s posts on the platform, then you must understand the significance of getting upvotes on Reddit. Several users have reported that the best-running app Reddit, needs some optimization to resolve lagging and performance issues.

If you are in the same boat and experiencing problems on Reddit, stay connected until you reach the bottom of this helpful guide to learn how to restore the functionality of upvotes and downvotes.


What Are Upvotes or Downvotes on Reddit?

Similar to other social media platforms, the success of any post on Reddit relies on upvotes. The community-driven platform hosts diverse conversation topics, and you can express your liking or disliking by using the “upvote” and “downvote” buttons. The significance of these buttons cannot be denied, as they determine whether a specific post is marked as best, hot, top, or controversial entirely based on the number of “upvotes”. On the flip side, the Reddit downvote represents the users’ disapproval. There are essentially two ways to assess whether a post is good or bad, which is done by showing appreciation and disapproval respectively.


Where are Upvotes and Downvotes on Reddit?

If you are new to Reddit and need some guidance, let us show you where to find upvotes and downvotes on a Reddit page. They are located next to each comment and post in the form of arrow icons. Go on Reddit and upvote and downvote posts according to your interests.


What are the Uses of Reddit Voting?

There are essentially two intended uses of Reddit voting regarding any post:

What is upvote on Reddit?

When Redditors like the content and believe that a particular post is a positive stance to contribute some positive vibes to the conversation, they upvote it.

What is a downvote on Reddit?

Conversely, when Redditors dislike the post and find it off-topic, they downvote it. It’s significant to note that downvotes often reflect users’ personal disagreements.

This means that on Reddit, subjective perspectives can have a significant impact. If a specific post is upvoted by one community but does not resonate well with other communities, they may downvote it.


What is “Karma” on Reddit?

Reddit karma reflects your contributions within the Reddit community. It is a system that corresponds to users’ upvote points minus user’s downvote points. More downvotes will affect your karma. If the downvotes on a particular post reach the threshold set by the Reddit app, it gets hidden, and only a click will display it.


What is “Fuzzing” on Reddit?

“Vote Fuzzing” is a smart automatic process integrated by Reddit. This built-in feature deters manipulation and spam, ensuring the integrity of the voting system.


What is “Reddit Home Buying”?

Reddit home buying is all about real estate posts, discussions, consultations, or advice on purchasing homes. The subreddits related to this field cover topics like markets, properties, financing, legal aspects, home improvement ideas, and deals to facilitate the process. However, it is significant to note, that Reddit home-buying can be a helpful approach but cannot replace professional real estate agents.


What is “Reddit Unavailable”?

“Reddit unavailable” typically refers to a situation where no troubleshooting method can resolve the issue. This usually refers to server issues. When Reddit is down, the only thing you can do is “wait”. Reddit servers may go down due to the rollout of new features, maintenance issues, high traffic, local connectivity problems, and more. These outages are generally temporary and are resolved on their own.


What Are the Common Causes of Non-Working Upvoting or Downvoting Issues on Reddit?

Here are the common causes of issues with upvoting and downvoting on Reddit:

  • The Reddit app is infected
  • Your internet connection is poor and unstable
  • You are using an outdated Reddit app
  • There might be subreddit-specific rules or conditions
  • If you are using the Reddit mobile app, the non-working issue might be because of the mobile app
  • You have installed a faulty package on your phone
  • There might be spam detection
  • You might have posted a controversial post or comment
  • Reddit is down due to technical or maintenance issues
  • Reddit issues might be because of browser or app issues (cache)
  • There might be vote manipulation on the Reddit app


What Are the Functional Fixes to Restore the Functionality of Upvote and Downvote on Reddit?

Here are a few straightforward troubleshooting methods to restore the functionality of the upvote and the downvote buttons on the Reddit app.


1- Maximize to Upvote/Downvote the Reddit Post

It is a functional fix and mostly resolves the issue on the Reddit app.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch the Reddit app
  • Locate and open the Reddit post you are interested in appreciating or disapproving
  • Maximize the Reddit post
  • Now, use the upvote/downvote buttons, located below the contents of the post

Hopefully, this fix has restored the functionality of the upvote/downvote buttons on the Reddit app. However, if it does not fix the issue, you may move on to the next method.


2- Ensure Network Connectivity

For a seamless online working experience, you must have uninterrupted internet connectivity. Apps like Reddit require a fast internet connection, ensuring faster loading. Make sure that you are using a strong Wi-Fi signal or a reliable cellular internet connection for an effortless Reddit experience.

So, what you need to do to resolve any non-working issue on your Reddit app is:

  • Ensure cellular data is turned on with a reliable internet package on it
  • Ensure full-strength Wi-Fi signal


3- Restart the Reddit App

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve dysfunctional issues, and this straightforward fix is worth trying to restore the functionality of the upvote and downvote buttons.


4- Restart Your Phone

If restarting your Reddit app does not work, proceed to restart your phone. Don’t underestimate it; it can work like magic and is capable of resolving non-working issues on your smartphone.


5- Update the Latest Reddit App

Using an outdated app can be the root cause of many issues. Updating the app is a proactive approach to fixing issues with the upvote and the downvote buttons on the Reddit app. Ensure you’re using the latest Reddit app on your device.

Here is how you can do it on your device:

How to Update Reddit on iPhone?

  • Open the App Store
  • Tap your profile icon from the top-right corner of the interface
  • Scroll down to find the Reddit app
  • Tap “Update” next to Reddit
  • Verify with your Apple ID when prompted
  • Allow ample time for the updating process to complete

How to Update Reddit on Android?

  • Launch the Google Play Store
  • Tap the three horizontal lines icon
  • Navigate and choose “My apps & games”
  • Find the Reddit app in the “Installed” tab
  • Tap “Update” if you see an update there
  • Wait for the update to complete


6- Clear Reddit App Cached Data (Android Only)

Clearing the cache is a potential strain on your device. Although it facilitates future browsing, it burdens your local storage. This method only caters to Android users, so iPhone users may skip it.

Here are the instructions for removing cache data on your Android device:

  • Find the Reddit app on the home screen
  • Alternatively, tap on “App info”
  • Long-press on the Reddit app icon
  • Tap on “Storage usage”
  • Tap on “Clear cache”

If clearing the cache does not work, uninstalling and then reinstalling Reddit might help resolve the issue.


7- Uninstall and Reinstall the Reddit App

It is an effective method to fix app bugs, sluggishness, and various other issues. Uninstalling the Reddit app removes executing bugs and triggers causing non-functional issues, such as upvote and downvote buttons not working.

Here is how to delete/uninstall a Reddit App on an iPhone or an Android:

How to delete the Reddit app on Android?

  • Long-press Reddit app
  • Drag to “Uninstall”
  • Confirm

How to delete the Reddit app on your iPhone?

  • Tap and hold
  • Tap “X”
  • Confirm

Here is how you can install the Reddit app:

How to Install Reddit on iPhone?

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone
  • Tap the “Search” icon
  • Type “Reddit” in the search bar
  • You will see the “Get” button next to the Reddit app
  • Tap on it
  • Confirm the download with Face ID, Touch ID, or your Apple ID password when required
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the downloading process
  • Locate the Reddit app on your home screen or in your app library
  • Tap the Reddit app icon
  • This will open the Reddit app
  • Use it and join the trend

How to Install Reddit on Android?

  • Launch the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • Tap the search bar located at the top
  • Type “Reddit”
  • Press the search icon
  • Find the official Reddit app in the search results
  • You will see “Install” next to the Reddit app
  • Tap on it
  • Accept and grant necessary permissions and access to certain locations
  • Wait for a few seconds for the installation process to be completed
  • Once completed, locate the Reddit app icon on your home screen or in your app drawer
  • Once found, tap the Reddit app icon
  • This will open the Reddit page
  • Now, you are ready to use Reddit on your Android

8- Consider Trying the Third-Party Reddit App

Here are the features of third-party Reddit apps:

  • Lightweight and optimized
  • Ensure improved performance
  • Allow a bug-free user experience
  • Capable of resolving non-working issues on Reddit
  • Highly customizable
  • Offer more features than the official Reddit app


Tips to Get More Upvotes on Reddit

Here are a few tips to help you get more upvotes on Reddit:

  • Be active on the platform
  • Participate in communities respectfully and culturally
  • Avoid negative language to prevent online trolling and downvotes
  • A well-placed comment can help you gain Karma
  • Participate in various subreddits
  • Focus on content quality to attract traffic and upvotes
  • Engage with the current wave of hype
  • Share interesting discussion topics; use Reddit as a gateway of opportunities
  • Track tending content and join the bandwagon
  • Share opinions and support claims with organic external links
  • Craft attention-grabbing titles for more upvotes
  • Use videos and images for effective promotion of your product, skill, or service, ultimately generating karma
  • You can escalate your chances to grow on the main page by engaging people who comment on your posts


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries related to the unresponsiveness of upvoting or downvoting on Reddit:

Why can’t I comment on Reddit?

This might be due to subreddit-specific rules, account restrictions, or servers being down.

How is upvoting different from liking on Reddit?

There is no difference between “liking” and “upvoting”, both actions serve the same purpose, with minor variations due to the social media app’s exclusivity.

Why can’t I post on Reddit?

When you can’t post on Reddit, this might be because of karma, account restrictions, poor internet, and more. Read the article under “What are the Common Causes of Upvote or Downvote Non-Working Issues on Reddit?”

Can I downvote twice on a Reddit post?

No, you can downvote Reddit posts only once.

How can I lose Karma on Reddit?

You only lose karma when your post gets downvoted.

Why won’t Reddit let me post?

There can be multiple reasons causing this issue, such as karma, account age, or restrictions imposed by the Reddit app.


Final Words

Reddit is a hub of vast knowledge, savoring all types of professions, ages, and skill levels. People love to share engaging posts on this open-sourced and community-curated platform and get upvotes or downvotes accordingly. This article addresses the non-working issues of upvoting or downvoting on Reddit. At TECHBYTEX, we are a team of specialists providing solutions to user’s tech queries.

This article comprehensively supports useful information about upvoting and downvoting on Reddit. Feel comfortable and stay confident in using the provided troubleshooting workarounds to fix any prevalent issues on the Official Reddit app.