Fix iPhone Connected to WiFi But No Internet


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Well sometimes it happens that your iPhone Connected to WiFi But No Internet despite being turned on you kept trying but all in vain. So here we will provide valuable information that will assist you in this regard as what needs to be done whenever you are encounter with such hair-pulling situation.

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First Try These Three Simple Steps for Fixing the Internet


1- Check WiFi and Router Settings

  1. Check your internet device whether it’s turned on and properly plugged in
  2. Check WiFi by connecting with wire to ensure whether it is working, this will check the router
  3. Now stay near to the router by doing this you will be able to see if the signals are too weak to connect
  4. If your device is having any cover or case then remove it
  5. Make sure you are typing an accurate and precise password
  6. Go to the settings and turn off WiFi and after a while turn it on, by doing this your device will try to catch the signals

After trying these simple tips the second thing you need to do is to check the certain settings in your iPhone that can be the cause of interrupted internet connection, let’s see what they are:


2- Checking Settings in iPhone

  1. Go to the settings and look for the airplane mode is on, if it is on then your iPhone can’t catch the signals so you better Turn it Off
  2. Make sure your WiFi mode is turned on
  3. Make sure that the setting of ask to join Networks is on, if it is off then you better turn in on


3- Figure Out and Diagnose Whether the Problem is in iPhone or in Internet Network

You must try to figure out whether it’s your iPhone that hag got some sort of error or bug which is why internet isn’t working or it’s the problem in your network. Let’s see how you can diagnose it:

  1. Take another device, other than your iPhone
  2. Connect that device with your internet
  3. After getting it connected open any new web page
  4. It opens it means there is no problem in internet and you need to reboot your iPhone
  5. It it doesn’t open nothing works then it means something is wrong with internet.


Five Ways to Fix iPhone Connected to WiFi but No Internet

If all these do not work then you need to take some more measures, lets see what they are:


1- Restart Your iPhone

You need to turn off your device by pressing the home button for a little longer then after a while turn it on


2- Restart Your Internet Device or Router

There is no rocket science involved in restarting your internet device, so just turn it off for a little while. After sometime switch on your internet device and wait patiently for it function again


3- Forget the Network


  1. Head up to the WiFi Networks page in your iPhone
  2. A list of networks will be there, you have to choose yours
  3. Jump into the settings of your desired individual network
  4. Alongside the network name there will be a blue button, tap it
  5. By performing this action you will be taken into the settings of individual network
  6. Look for the option of “Forget this network”
  7. Tap this option
  8. By tapping it you will to verify the action so select “Forget” to ensure the action.

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You can select the network again by choosing it from the list of networks, just keep in mind the password.


4- Reset Network Settings


Let’s see how we can do it. To know more these settings, check Reset network Settings.

  1. Head up to the settings
  2. A list will be there now select General from that list
  3. In General settings look for the option of Reset settings and tap it
  4. A new screen will be there from there you need to select Reset Network Settings
  5. By selecting this setting your iPhone will clear out all it has
  6. Now verify
  7. Go to Wi-Fi settings
  8. Select your desired network from the list

That’s it, both Forget this Network and Reset Network Settings work as a troubleshooter and believed to be a good remedy for internet connecting issues with your iPhone.

So there were some handful of valuable suggestions and measures that can be taken into account in this connection and the most drastic measure that can be taken is to backup and restore your iPhone device. As this can also fix this issue, lets see how to do it:


5- Backup and Restore Your iPhone for Fixing Internet in Your iPhone

  1. With the help of cable get your iPhone connect with your Mac
  2. It will get visible in iTunes so select it
  3. Look for the option of Restore and tap it

So that was the last thing and trick that can be applied when your iPhone is connected to Wifi but no internet is working and by trying all the tips and tricks if still the problem remains there then you better consult an Apple Store in your vicinity and discuss your problem with them.