Elon Musk Asserts Twitter Will Soon Allow Users to Publish Articles With Mixed Media


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Elon Musk is attempting to increase Twitter level of competition in order to deal with urgent issues and satisfy user demand. The new soon-to-be-launched feature is teased by the owner of the microblogging platform this week. The significant details about the new tool called “Articles” are revealed by Musk to amuse users, especially writers.

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Everything You Need to Know About “Articles”

  • Articles will be a good strategy to increase platform users’ engagement
  • Users will be empowered with content creation. Articles would allow them to share long content with mixed media, and they can even publish a book on Twitter
  • Additionally, the new writing tool would change the conventional shape of Twitter by enhancing its capabilities
  • However, it is not yet revealed what impact Articles will have on the Twitter Blue subscription
  • Articles will have a captivating impact on conventional tweets and will influence a smarter platform where you can build social connections along with content creation as well
  • It could have a positive influence on freelance writing
  • Actually, “Notes,” which was released in a few countries but received little acclaim, has been rebranded as “Articles”
  • Furthermore, Articles will occupy their own separate section and will not clutter the main timeline
  • Additionally, Articles will work with a variety of media formats, including embedded tweets, photos, and videos. Multi-media support will empower users to create unique, informative, and more engaging content
  • Thanks to Articles, it will be capable of being shared within tweets and will be visible on the user’s profile. It will assist artists in connecting with their intended audience
  • There is no information provided about whether Articles will be available to all users or if it will only be a perk for Twitter Blue users.

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Elon Musk, the President and CEO of Twitter, Said



Articles will give intelligent minds more room to create lengthy, complex articles using a variety of media. Twitter can become a platform where writers can publish an entire book with ease.


Well, the launching details of the Articles are not yet specified, as it is in the grooming stage. Everything moves quickly in today’s global village, and those who can think ahead will prevail. Twitter will have to be more active and diverse in its offerings, as Threads will not miss any opportunity to challenge Twitter.