How to Get Sound on Reddit Videos in App and Browser?


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Reddit is an irresistible social media app that stands out from the crowd for all the captivating reasons. One of the primary reasons for user’s inclination towards Reddit is their liberty and power of pseudo-anonymity to read and create content. Just imagine a situation when you find no sound with videos on Reddit, which can be annoying and distressing. Reddit’s functional issues are resolvable; don’t fret about the audio not working in videos on the Reddit app. This article provides extensive support to users of all skill levels, bits of intelligence, professions, or ages.

However, it is significant to note that Reddit mutes certain videos’ sound, especially those containing NSFW content. This article provides comprehensive knowledge and relevant information to restore audio functionality on Reddit videos.

Let’s address the issue of videos with no voice on the Reddit App.

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Why Do My Reddit Videos Have No Sound?

If you are curious to know Why Reddit videos don’t have sound, here are some potential reasons that can trigger issues with no audio on the Reddit app.

  • Your device is muted
  • The media volume is turned off
  • A particular Reddit video is muted by default
  • Reddit is primarily a text-based platform and may not prioritize video features
  • The Reddit video is uploaded without audio
  • The video is NSFW and might contain adult content to comply with community guidelines
  • There might be a software glitch conflicting with Reddit’s performance


How to Get Sound on Reddit Videos in the Reddit App?

If you are also experiencing the audio issue on Reddit videos on both iOS and Android devices, try the following effective workarounds to fix the Reddit app’s no-sound issue:


1. Mute and Unmute Reddit Videos

Here’s how to get sound on Reddit by muting and unmuting the video on your Reddit app:

  • Launch the Reddit app on your device
  • Access the video with no sound
  • Tap on the video
  • Find the speaker icon
  • Now, check if the video is muted or not
  • Click on it to unmute the video
  • Now, play the video and check if you can hear the sound


2. Check Media Volume Settings

First of all, stay calm and relaxed without panicking because these issues are minor and might be fixed by checking media volume settings. You can check the volume level of your device by navigating through different apps such as YouTube or Spotify. If you still cannot sound, then your phone might be on silent mode.

Here is how you can  adjust the media volume on your iPhone:

  • Slide up the physical mute switch of your iPhone
  • Increase the sound by using the volume buttons
  • Alternatively, launch the settings app
  • Adjust the volume
  • You can also use the Control Center to adjust the volume

Here is how you can adjust the volume on your Android device using different approaches:

  • Tap on the slider to expand the volume options
  • This might turn up the media volume on Reddit videos
  • Use the media volume keys to adjust the volume
  • Launch the settings panel on your Android device
  • Check the media volumes


3. Disable the “Quiet Mode” on the Reddit iOS App

It is an exclusive delight for iOS devices. You might have seen a quiet mode in the Reddit app on your iPhone device, and there is a possibility that you have accidentally enabled it.

Here is how to turn on sound on Reddit by disabling the Quiet Mode on your iPhone device:

  • Launch the Reddit app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the user icon, located at the top right interface of the Reddit app
  • Select Settings from the bottom
  • Check if the Quiet mode is toggled on
  • Toggle it off, if it is on


4. Clear App Cache on Reddit App

One advantage of using Android is the ability to clear apps and cache data, which offers many benefits. On the flip side, if you are using an iPhone, clearing cached data is not an option for you as Apple does not offer the liberty to modify an app’s data.

Here’s how to get sound on Reddit by clearing the cache on the Reddit app to resolve the no sound issue:

  • From the home screen of your Android, find the Reddit app
  • Once found, long-press on the Reddit app icon
  • This will display a small pop-up menu
  • Tap on the ‘i’ option
  • This will open Reddit’s App info section
  • Find the “Clear Data” option
  • Once found, tap on it
  • Select “Clear Cache”
  • Confirm your action by hitting OK


5. Update Your Reddit App

Using an updated app version can save you from multiple glitches because new features in the update address the issues present in the previous version. when you are on the previous version, you will encounter a whirlpool of problems, even when the solution is provided by the app’s developers. Simply, visit the App Store or Play Store, if the update is available, an “Update” button will be flashing next to the Reddit app. Don’t waste a second; download and install it on your device to resolve various performance, networking, app bugs, and other issues.

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How to Get Sound on Reddit Videos in Browser and Mac?

If you are experiencing no-audio glitches with Reddit videos in the browser and on your Mac; don’t worry, we have compiled some of the best fixes that can help you resolve the issue.

Here are some effective workarounds that you should try to restore the audio functionality in your Reddit app on your device:


1. Mute and Unmute Videos

We would consider it as one of the worth trying fixing method.

Here is how you can get back the audio in your Reddit videos on your device using muting and unmuting videos:

  • Open a video that is causing a no-sound issue
  • Hover your mouse to the bottom right interface of the Reddit post
  • Check if the volume is muted from the video control bar
  • A cross mark next to the icon will indicate that the volume is muted and you need to click on it
  • This process will unmute the video
  • Now, play the video
  • It will definitely play with sound
  • Drag the slider to adjust the volume according to your comfort level

However, if this method does not work, you might need to access settings to check the volume.


2. Check Device Volume Settings

To check your device volume settings, you have two options. Let’s discuss each method one by one.

Method 1: Via Taskbar

Here’s how to get sound on Reddit by checking device volume settings via the taskbar:

  • Go to the taskbar
  • Locate and click on the volume icon on the taskbar
  • Check the volume to see if it is on mute
  • If it is muted, drag the volume slider to the right
  • This will unmute the volume

If this does not work, consider another option.

Method 2: Via Settings App

Here are the instructions for using this method:

  • Launch the Settings app on Windows
  • Select System -> Sound
  • Click on “Volume Mixer”
  • Check whether the volume levels are high or at an audible level for the web browser
  • If not, drag the slider to the right to adjust the volume level to your comfort
  • Lastly, ensure that the “Output Device” selected for the audio is the same you are using


3. Check Volume Level on Mac

Here’s your process of checking the volume level on Mac:

  • Click the Control Center icon located in the top-right corner of the menu bar
  • By using the slider, you can turn on and adjust the volume to your preferred comfort level

If this method does not fix the no-sound issue on Reddit posts, you should check whether the tab in your browser is not muted.


4. Enable Sound for the Reddit Tab

You need to unmute the Reddit tab from your web browser to restore the Reddit sound for uninterrupted video watching on your PC/Mac.

Here is how to get sound on Reddit by unmuting the Reddit tab:

  • Launch Google Chrome on Windows
  • Go to the Reddit tab that needs to be unmuted
  • Head to the speaker icon, and click on it to unmute it
  • This will allow the Reddit post to deliver sound with no issues


5. Clear Web Browser Data

Your web browser is a collector of cache data, and a large amount of data has been accumulated in it since its installation. Although this data facilitates future browsing, it potentially affects the performance of the web browser. It can cause various networking, performance, and system issues, and it might be the reason you can’t listen to sound on Reddit posts.

Remove Web Browser Data on Windows

Your web browser data plays a crucial role in fixing multiple issues on your device, be it a smartphone or PC. Removing junk data is always beneficial for your system’s health and performance.

Here is how you can fix a Reddit video no-sound issue on Windows by removing web browser data on Windows:

  • Launch your preferred browser on a PC, let’s say Chrome
  • Locate the three-dot icon at the top right interface
  • Once found, click on it and select Settings
  • From the sidebar, click on ‘Privacy and Security’
  • Select ‘Clear browsing data’ from the right
  • This will open a pop-up window
  • Click on the drop-down menu
  • This reveals information about the time range; select “All Time”
  • This will clear/remove all browsing data from the time since you installed this browser
  • Alternatively, you can also use a different time range based on your preference, convenience, and purpose
  • Click on “Clear Data”
  • This will delete your browsing data for the selected time range in Chrome

Hopefully, this process will restore sound to Reddit videos.

Clear Safari Data on Mac

Here’s how to get sound on Reddit by clearing the Safari data on Mac:

  • Launch the Safari app on your Mac
  • Click on the Safari tab, located in the top-left corner of the menu bar
  • This will bring up the contextual menu
  • Navigate and Select the Preferences option
  • From the Preference window, select the Advanced tab
  • Check the checkbox next to the ‘Show Develop’ menu in the menu bar.’
  • Now, close the preferences window
  • From the menu bar option at the top, click on the Develop option
  • Select the “Empty Caches” option.
  • This process will immediately remove Safari’s cache from your Mac
  • Clear up the cookies too for a complete clean-up
  • From the menu bar at the top of the interface, click on the Safari tab
  • Choose the Preferences option
  • Navigate to the Privacy tab
  • Click on Manage Website Data
  • Select the “Remove All” option
  • This will clear all cookies from your Safari app
  • Click on “Remove Now” when prompted and confirm your action


6. Check the Output Device

If you are using external audio sources such as:

  • A pair of headphones
  • A Speaker for your PC/Mac

The no-voice issue in Reddit videos is that you have routed the audio to the external device. This might have caused audio dysfunction when trying to listen to the audio from the speakers of your PC/Mac.

Consider these points:

  • Use external speakers or headphones to listen on Reddit
  • If you are already connected to external sources like speakers or headphones, switch them without disconnecting

Check Output Device on Windows

Here’s how to get audio on Reddit by changing the output device on Windows:

  • Launch the Settings app on your computer
  • Click on System
  • Navigate to Sound
  • Make sure that the loudspeaker is selected as the sound output device
  • Ensure that the volume level is set to an audible level

Check Output Device on Mac

Here’s how to get sound on Reddit videos by changing the output device on a Mac:

  • Launch System Preferences on Mac
  • Select Sound
  • Navigate to the Output tab
  • Now, check if the built-in MacBook speaker is selected
  • Ensure that the Mute box for the built-in MacBook speaker is unmarked


7. Can’t Get Sound on Reddit

“How to hear sound on Reddit” remains unresolved on your mobile device or computer in some particular cases. This is especially true when a user uploads a video that has no sound or when the audio is restricted in your country or region. In that case, you cannot resolve a no-audio issue in Reddit videos on your Reddit app.

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Final Words

Reddit is not a complex social media platform; every problem is meant to be resolved – no issues, no worries. TECHBYTEX is a dedicated platform providing multiple solutions to queries like a no-sound issue on Reddit videos in an app or browser. This content is systematically organized in two sections alongside relevant solutions, including muting and unmuting media volume, checking your device volume levels, clearing Safari data on Mac or Windows, and more.

We have also explained NSFW posts that are muted by default to comply with community guidelines. Try out methods to restore audio functionality in videos on Reddit. So, enjoy Reddit videos now, where moments are caught, stories are shared.