How To Clear Cache of Safari Browser on Macbook


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You might have experienced some issues while browsing websites. These are the cyber glitches that usually hindered your online activities, and it is the way your system is trying to apprise you to tidy up the browser on your Macbook. In this content, you will learn the possible ways to clear the cache on Mac, as well as history, and cookies in Safari. You need to squeaky clean the Safari Browser when intending to do some regular maintenance or facing major to minor blips with browsing.

Is clearing the Cache of the Safari Browser on a Macbook a complicated process?

No, absolutely not. Clearing cache on Mac is a painless and plain sailing process. You can witness the “Clear History “, option in the menu bar for Safari, by clicking the button all cookies and cache of the Safari browser will be cleared. Thanks to easy to grasp and perform cache clearing process, that is like child’s play and does not leave any room for requiring any assistance.

How to Clear Safari’s Cache on Macbook?


As it is mentioned earlier, clearing Safari’s cache is not a gruesome task, now you will learn the ways to do it. There are two methods to clear Safari’s cache.

First Method Of Clearing Safari’s Cache on a Mac

The first method outlines:

  • Delete everything concerning a website you have visited
  • Cache versions of the visited site
  • Cookies of the visited site
  • Or any related data

How to do it?

  • Launch Safari browser on your Mac
  • Select Safari -> Preferences
  • Click the Privacy tab
  • Select Manage Website Data
  • Select a website from the list
  • Click Remove
  • To remove all website data from the Safari browser, click “Remove All”

Second Method of Clearing Safari Cache on a Mac

The second method is precise and offers a more targeted approach. It removes only Safari’s cache and does involve enabling a hidden menu.

How to do it?

  • Launch Safari browser on your Mac
  • Select Safari -> Preferences
  • Click the Advanced tab
  • Check the box next to the Show Develop menu in the menu bar
  • From the menu bar select Develop -> Empty Caches

How does website data get stored in your Safari Browser?

When you visit any website while browsing Safari, it does it automatically to avoid the downloading process each time you revisit a site. Storing website data boosts the browser’s performance, and lets you experience a speedy browsing experience. However, there are some particular set-ups where you yearn for clearing the cache and start over again.

Why you should clear Safari’s Cache on Macbook?clear-safari’s-cache-on-macbook

There are multiple reasons you should wash out the Safari browser timely. In situations like facing problems in loading, it might be because of a conflict between an older version of it that Safari has cached and a newer one. On the other side of the spectrum, when it comes to your privacy, yearning to wipe out all the data relating to the website you have visited is, justifiable.

How far back do you want your browsing history cleared?

It is pertinent to note, that clearing your Mac’s cached data enhances your browsing experience. It is up to your preference, how often you want to tidy up your Safari browser on Mac. Plus, periodically clearing your cache protects your distinctiveness and allows your computer’s applications to run smoothly and efficiently.

It is suggested to clear your Safari’s cache every month to get the best out of your browser. If your web surfing is hellacious, and you mostly visit heavy websites, clearing the cache of Safari Browser becomes substantive to enjoy the best browsing experience.

In which form Safari browser does store data?

safari-browser-does-store-dataSafari browser collects data in form of:

  • Recent searches
  • Different Icons for webpages
  • List of all the downloaded items
  • Websites added for Quick Website Search
  • History of webpages you visited over time
  • Snapshots saved for open webpages
  • The list for open webpages (back and forward both)
  • List of recurrently visited sites
  • Websites that enquired to use your location
  • Websites that asked your consent to send you notifications

What will happen if you don’t clear Safari’s cache on your Macbook?

To optimize Safari’s browsing experience, you need periodical purging. However, if you don’t clear your browser’s cache, you may face:

  • Old files
  • Old arrangements might cause display hitches
  • Might encounter access problems when you apply online

Final Thoughts

Every user has an ultimate desire to experience incessant web surfing. If you are facing problems in loading, your Safari Browser needs to clear the cache to run fluidly. Use above mentioned methods to fix the issue and crossover the annoyance.