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Important Note:

“Popular third-party Reddit app Apollo has been shut down due to Reddit implementing its updated API changes. This move has forced Apollo’s developer, Christian Selig, to disable the app. This article aims to provide relevant information about the dedicated features of Apollo for iOS Reddit users.”

Apollo for Reddit epitomizes the art of presenting the front page of the internet wisely, effectively, and remarkably efficiently. This third-party platform hosts a wealth of engaging information about sprawling communities. This article aims to glorify the exciting features of the Apollo app, addressing issues of dysfunction and a lack of customization of the official Reddit app. Furthermore, Apollo serves as a time capsule where thousands of subreddits foster engaging conversations for users.

Now, let’s explore the promising features of the Reddit clone app, Apollo.


What is the Apollo Reddit App and Why Do People Love It?

Apollo for Reddit is an irresistible sensation and an award-winning, free Reddit-like app for iOS. It boasts enhanced features and superior customization capabilities. Users who seek more than the default Reddit experience prefer using Apollo. However, choosing Reddit or grabbing Apollo entirely depends on personal preference. People who like a clean and simple interface with no extensive customization tend to favor Reddit over 3rd-party Reddit apps.

The Apollo vs. Reddit has always been a topic of discussion. As one user explained, the “flocking reason” by saying, “The thing that made me switch? No ads. Everything else is a nice bonus.”

Why do people love Apollo over Reddit (from the user’s perspective)?

  • Quality-of-life features, such as a link list located at the bottom of the comment section
  • Neat gestures
  • An efficient video player
  • A larger view of image-based subreddits
  • The ability to customize between subreddits
  • Ad-free conversations
  • An ideal third-party app for iPhones
  • A user-friendly interface


What Are the Specifications of Apollo App iOS Reddit

Here are some important technical details that you must know:

  • Creator and Seller: Christian Selig
  • Size: 148 MB
  • Category: News
  • Compatibility:
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iPhone (Requires iOS 15.0 or later)

iPad (Requires iPadOS 15.0 or later)

iPod touch (Requires iOS 15.0 or later)

Mac (Requires macOS 12.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later)

  • Support Languages: English
  • Age Rating: 17+
  • Copyright: © Christian Selig 2023
  • Price: Free


Overview of Apollo App iOS Reddit Features

The Apollo Reddit app is specifically designed to comply with iOS guidelines and sits on your iPhone’s home screen with precision, providing a handy platform to Redditors.

Here is a quick view of the Apollo app iOS Reddit features:

  • Jump Bar allows a Spiderman’s-like hopping between subreddits
  • Super-charged Media Viewer ensures an incredibly amazing experience for viewing images, GIFs, videos, albums, and more
  • The tabbed interface allows for easy navigation
  • A powerful Markdown composer for writing comments and posts
  • Images and albums are supported with full inline Imgur uploading capabilities, ensuring quick media previews in comments
  • Users can make their posts compact or large according to their preference
  • Offers automatic dark mode switching, ensuring soothing eyes
  • Fully customizable gestures with 3D Touch support
  • The inbox is systematically and sophisticatedly organized, ensuring no mess at all!
  • Users can browse titles and links using the Safari View Controller, ensuring quick access and convenience
  • Offers filtering and blocking capabilities, ensuring a safe ambiance
  • Privacy control options such as Face ID / Touch ID / Passcode lock
  • Moderator features
  • Tons of settings to tweak for fun
  • Offers GIF scrubbing feature to go backward and forward in time
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Powerful search ensures diversity and profundity
  • Offers an unobtrusive “Volume Indicator” for a clutter-free experience and maintains focus


In-Depth Features of Apollo App iOS Reddit

The Apollo App Reddit is power-packed with remarkably impressive features. Many of these features need to be explored thoroughly for better user understanding and usability. It’s often observed that users are completely unaware of the stunning features available on their devices or apps. We have witnessed instances on Reddit where users are asking about the problems they are facing, and the solution is right there in their settings.

Here are a few features of the Apollo ap that are worth explaining, ensuring user convenience:


1. Apollo Allows An Ad-free Experience

It is one of the most persuasive features of the Apollo app because ads can be extremely annoying and distracting at times. Sometimes, Apollo seems like a 100% clone of Reddit’s official app in terms of features like posts, comments, upvotes, and downvotes, allowing you to show your appreciation or disapproval. However, when it comes to frustrating ads on Reddit, Apollo emerges as a true victor by acing up its digital sleeve to free users from obtrusive ads.

An ad-free experience is a complete delight on Reddit, and Apollo turns this dream into reality. As far as pricing is concerned, you will have to pay a little for your peace of mind, such as:

  • $5.99 per month, $49.99 annually
  • £5.99 per month, £49.99 annually
  • AU$6.79 per month, AU$55.99 annually

An ad-free experience becomes a blessing during your lengthy scrolling sessions. This mentally relaxing feature helps users navigate posts effortlessly. However, you will have to invest a bit in Apollo Pro to create posts to experience uninterrupted fun and convenience


2. Apollo is Free to Download

Users always crave something for free, and Apollo is a reliable and highly efficient 3rd-Party app offering dependable features without charging any money. However, despite its free version, Apollo Pro demands a minimum payment of $5 to access to range of astounding features. A single payment to unlock a few highly impressive features might not be a million-dollar deal.

These features include:

  • The ability to create new posts
  • Capability for completing image uploads
  • Use of a Markdown text editor
  • Customizable gesture controls
  • Adding multiple accounts and more

Despite Apollo Pro, a free version is a basic Apollo iOS Reddit app with extremely captivating features.


3. Navigate Apollo Quickly and Easily

A vast social media platform like Reddit requires straightforward navigation for quick access. Fortunately, Apollo offers effortless navigation to track certain posts within the current subreddit.

Here are a few instances of Apollo’s enhanced navigational capabilities:

  • The Apollo app is specifically designed to facilitate and soothe users, offering a dark mode with automatic switching as one of its best features
  • Users can navigate through images to find the desired one
  • Thanks to features like standard pinch-to-zoom and landscape views
  • Users can promptly save posts, timely and quickly reply, and quickly access to user’s profile by using the three-dot icon at the bottom of any post
  • Your profile is a home of your submitted posts, which you can access any time you want
  • The search button works like magic in finding something

A setting menu on Apollo is the collector of:

  1. Custom icons
  2. Navigation gestures
  3. Option to block users
  4. Subreddits
  5. Any specific keywords help users avoid spoilers of their favorite movie, TV show, or game show


4. Apollo’s Search Tool

Have you lost the funniest meme you saw yesterday? It seems that finding it is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Don’t fret, Apollo knows how to find a lost meme on Reddit for you with its search function capabilities, which are significantly enhanced compared to the official app. The search tool feature is extremely powerful, highly efficient, and super curious to locate. It allows users to access a random subreddit to discover what’s trending. Users can thoroughly utilize the search tool to find:

  • Users
  • Posts
  • Subreddits

The search tool is capable of exploring many options and will surface your desired content within a few minutes, almost magically. Apollo is exceptionally fast in fixing users’ queries and minimizing their struggle to find any specific post, meme, GIF, or anything else using multiple means. These astounding features make Apollo a worth-trying Reddit-like app.


5. Apollo’s Widget on Your Home Screen

Apollo is one of a few apps on iOS that offers a widget, ensuring dedicated support for iOS and iPadOS regardless, of which iPhone or iPad you own. This unique feature fascinates users in many ways, such as:

  • Keeping users informed about any unusual Reddit activity on the site
  • The Trending Post widget allows users to pin a specific subreddit to the Lock Screen to be alarmed to various trending posts throughout the day
  • Users can also pin their beloved subreddit to use as a shortcut, ensuring quick access when tapped

Proper tracking of Reddit usage, including:

  1. Reddit “Karma”
  2. Feedback on your recent comments
  3. Your post’s current status in terms of upvotes, downvotes, and comments
  4. Reddit inbox
  • Apollo’s Lock Screen widget has rolled out some more interesting features like the “Scroll Distance” stats widget; designs for ridiculously active Reddit users
  • A Live Text feature empowers users to select any text on any image posted to Reddit and initiate interaction, ensuring quick and easy translation of memes
  • Display current weather alongside time whenever users navigate to a particular subreddit’s location
  • A new user interface “Dynamic Island”, is an intriguing and interactive feature for notifications


6. Apollo’s Media Viewer

Apollo serves as a portal to access captivating images, videos, and GIFs from Reddit, which users can share with other social media destinations. It supports various formats and popular sources like:

  • YouTube
  • Imgur
  • Gfycat
  • In-app services

The Apollo app offers an intriguing feature that allows users to share or comment within the media viewer. This ensures easy sharing of random yet relatable memes and videos with some subreddits for triggering fun.

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Final Words

This article is being written in a pre-shutdown scenario and primarily focuses on the exciting features of the Apollo app iOS Reddit. That’s why TECHBYTEX has unboxed the dedicated features of this 3rd-party Reddit alternative. If we were to say that it is a Reddit-mirror app then it would be undoubtedly accurate and not exaggerated at all. Furthermore, it may seem like Apple has created the Apollo app rather than Christian Selig.