Why Camera Photos Are Not Getting Saved in Gallery?


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Pictures are a stack of momentous moments of one’s life that build up memories. You take pictures to keep the moment alive and fresh in the future. Sometimes a bizarre glitch spoils your thrill when your camera photo is not getting saved in the gallery. Just imagine for a second, that you are collecting memories underwater while scuba diving, posing with tropical fish and manta rays, but not even a single click is saved, what else can be so perplexing except it?

The distressing problem is enough to make you up however, don’t get panic this issue can be rectified. If you are one of them, who stumbled upon the relevant query; don’t fret, the bug can be repaired and solved. You need to go through several troubleshooting methods to find the cause and fix that sense your needs.

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What Can Be the Possible Reasons Behind Pictures Not Getting Saved in the Gallery?

Here are the most probable reasons for the pictures not getting saved error in Gallery.

  • An outdated operating system
  • A third-party photo editing tool can also be the culprit behind the issue of photos not getting saved in the Gallery, the relevant cause restricts the display of pictures in the Gallery
  • The storage space is not sufficient for new pictures
  • Cache data needs to be cleared from your device
  • You might have configured the camera in error
  • Your photos can be lost or inaccessible because of some virus attack

For better understanding, you can also segregate the relevant issue on the following basis.

  1. Storage-based issues:

It happens when your device or SD card does not have enough space to store and save your new photos. This problem can easily be fixed by deleting some obsolete stuff from Gallery.

  1. Device-related snags:

Sometimes your device is hit by a major virus attack that has corrupted your phone. This malware can cause the malfunction of its camera app.

  1. Security-related bugs:

Sometimes integral settings of your device avert the camera app from saving the photos. Moreover, a third-party anti-malware tool causes inconvenience.

  1. Firmware hitches:

An up-to-date firmware version is obligatory to let your device smoothly run. On the flip side, an outdated firmware version cause problem with its camera app.

  1. App-related conflicts:

It is the most common cause that stops your camera app from saving pictures in Gallery. The problem roots in the inbuilt canon camera or any other third-party camera app that you are using (like Snapchat or Instagram).

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Feasible Methods to Fix Pictures Not Saved Error

Here are a few effective methods to fix the pictures not saved error, you need to go through.


1- Restart Your Device

As you know, when nothing works, the simple trick works shockingly. Yes, just simply restart your device, and see if the problem is solved or persists. Since the issue is not very serious, chances are higher that simply restarting your device will fix the issue. Plus, restarting your device is the best method to troubleshoot minor issues. You can restart your device by going through the following process:

  • Long-press the Power key on the side
  • Choose the Restart option from the power options
  • Wait for a few seconds for the process to be completed
  • For iOS device users, you can just swipe the power slider to turn off your device
  • Wait for around 5 seconds
  • Turn On your iPhone to restart it


2- Keep Your Eye on Software Updates

It is important to get alerts about software updates. It could be the possible reason behind the relevant error. Plus, software updates are meant to bring incessant improvement in your device alongside removing potential bugs and other issues. Make sure your device is updated, if not then do it immediately. You should instantly update your devices, including your camera, laptop, phone, and other applications to avoid the annoyance of pictures not getting saved in the Gallery. Moreover, timely software upgradation saves you from multiple glitches.


3- SD Card Should Be Write-Protected

Make sure, the write-protection switch on your SD card stays in the upward direction, and should be far away from the LOCK button. If you are facing the said error, you need to take the following steps:

  • Disable the write-protection switch on your SD card
  • Connect the SD card again to your device

Hopefully, it would fix the pictures not getting saved in the Gallery error, if not then switch to the other fixes. You can also try the trick of unmounting your SD card and mounting it again. You can do it in the following manner:

  • Head to your Android phone’s Settings > Storage > SD Card
  • Tap on the “Unmount” option
  • Remove the SD card from your device and restart it
  • After restarting your device, connect your SD card to its relevant slot
  • Go to its settings to mount it again

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4- Clear the Stored Cache of the Camera App

Your camera app might be stuffed with a lot of cache content. Additionally, accumulated Cache can cause glitches like the pictures taken with the camera don’t save in Gallery. You can fix the problem by going through the following process:

  • Visit your Android phone’s Settings > Apps > Camera
  • Tap on the Storage or Manage Storage option
  • Tap on the Clear Cache button to remove the cached content

The purpose of clearing the cache data is to speed up the search process and maintains a complete uphold of all the information. If the Cache data is not timely removed from your device. It affects the working of your device in a below-mentioned manner:

  • Your device runs at a slower pace
  • The swarming cache data does not allow the storage of new information, for instance, pictures not getting saved in the Gallery

You can fix the bug by deleting unwanted documents, photos, or apps from your device to spare some space for new information.


5- Delete Unwanted Pictures

Pictures not getting saved error sometimes incur because of a shortage of storage space in the device. Take the following actions to avoid the annoyance:

  • Go through the already saved pictures and videos in the Gallery
  • Shortlist the data stored in the Gallery to see which one to keep, and which one needs to be deleted
  • Delete all unnecessary stuff

You can keep the backup of photos in the cloud memory. The data cleaning from the device is purposefully done to allow the storage of new items.

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6- Disable All Extensions or Third-Party Antivirus Applications

Oftentimes, certain extensions are attached to antivirus applications and browsers that are dangerous. You can fix pictures not saved errors by disabling all the extensions and antivirus applications. It is because of this reason, that some anti-malware tools can obstruct the vivacious actions that the camera app requires to store the snapped photos on the device storage. All you need to do is:

  • Launch the anti-virus app that is installed on your phone
  • Go to its settings
  • Disable its real-time scanning operations
  • Launch the Camera app again, and see if the pictures not saved error is fixed or not

Expectantly, these smart solutions will let your device save the photos through the camera app on your phone’s Gallery.


7- Check Relevant Authorizations for the Camera App

A modern man is directly or indirectly linked with podiums like camera apps such as Snapchat or Instagram. Make sure you check the permissions given to it. For instance, if the app has not granted permission to get access to your phone’s storage, then your clicked pictures cannot get saved in the Gallery.

To fix this issue, go through the following process:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings > Apps > App Permissions
  • Select the related app (like Snapchat)
  • Make sure camera and storage features are enabled in the list of app permissions


8- Take Some Professional Assistance, When Pictures Have Gone Completely Corrupt

In the extreme case, where pictures become inaccessible, you need to take some professional assistance.  Plus, deep scanning of hard drives allows restoring permanently deleted data. You need to install and launch the Photo Recovery tool which can surely help to retrieve:

  • All the lost pictures of all formats
  • From all devices like pen drives, memory cards, computer

Professional assistance will surely fix the pictures not saved error in Gallery however; while troubleshooting photos can get corrupted. If it does happen, consider the following suggestions to restore your corrupted pictures:


Suggestion # 1: Use a Professional Photo Repair Software

The best suggestion to troubleshoot the issue and repair your corrupted photos is to get professional photo repair software. Moreover, photo repair software has a user-friendly interface, and generally runs smoothly on leading Windows and macOS versions.


Suggestion # 2: Frequent Scanning of Your SD Card

Most of the time, an infected SD card is the root cause of multiple glitches that incur while transferring photos to the system. To avoid the distressing situation, scanning the SD card before connecting it to your computer is the best proactive approach to get rid of the anxiety. What you need to do is:

  • Right-click the SD card’s icon
  • Choose to scan it with any installed anti-malware tool


Suggestion # 3: Keep a Backup of Your Photos

Maintaining a second copy is the best way to keep your data protected. When you don’t want to afford any unwanted data corruption, always keep a backup. What you need to do is:

  • Syncing your photos with your iCloud or Google account
  • Take the assistance of desktop tools, mobile apps, and cloud-based platforms to back up your photos



Now it is time to wrap up the discussion, in this content we tell the causes and fixes of pictures not getting saved error in the Gallery. Nothing can be more frustrating than the pictures from the camera don’t save in Gallery. It has many reasons, and you can fix the error by detecting the actual reason behind the hitch.

By following this guide on TechByteX, you can effortlessly troubleshoot the issue with your phone’s camera or its storage issue. Simply, follow the above-listed smart solutions to fix the error in which your photos have been corrupted or damaged.