Top Cute Wallpaper Apps For iPhone In 2023


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Choosing iPhone wallpaper is an exciting and fascinating experience that primarily appeals to your aesthetic sense. Most users’ mobile phones adapt to their owner’s mood and preferences, depicting a state that resonates with them. Sticking to Apple’s selection can be quite boring, as it only offers a few categories, such as Astronomy, Collections, Emoji, Color, and Pride.

On the flip side, third-party apps provide a plethora of cute wallpapers to fascinate users with diverse needs and expectations. This document outlines a comprehensive list of the best wallpaper apps for iPhones in 2023.


The List of Top Wallpaper Apps For iPhone In 2023


Here is a thorough walkthrough of captivating and cute wallpapers for iPhone that you should take a look at:




1- Kawaii Wallpapers Cute App


This wallpaper app appeals to girls and kids. Employing the Kawaii Wallpapers Cute App is an intriguing endeavor, imbuing your iPhone or iPad with irresistible charm through the use of incredibly endearing Kawaii characters.

Why Have It?

  • A rich collection of cool and captivating wallpapers
  • An ideal selection to add a soothing and innocent touch to your iPhone’s home screen
  • High-resolution, adorable wallpapers can add a whimsical touch to your iPhone.
  • Be the first one to use these enticing wallpapers
  • Cute pink wallpaper that are unique, innocent, and adorable

Why Not Have It?

This app might not be appropriate for mature users




2- Unsplash


Unsplash is an uncompromisingly simple app for iPhone wallpapers that can impart a sense of realistic aura.

Why Have It?

  • This app showcases a simple and clean user interface, ensuring convenience for all types of users
  • Unsplash is a trove of high-quality realistic images, such as Film, Texture & Patterns, Nature, and more
  • The app’s wallpaper is appealing to adults and post-teens.

Why Not Have It?

Lack of thematic coherency




3- Walli


Free iPhone wallpapers from a wide range of categories are abundant in the Walli app.

Why Have It?

  • Offers wallpapers across different genres, such as Dark, Anime, Neon Lights, Black (for AMOLED displays), and more
  • Provides a vast selection of three-dimensional wallpapers
  • Most images are free to download, while others are behind ads
  • This app offers an AI generator that can create images based on your instructions
  • Allows for easy navigation through various options and categories

Why Not Have It?

Intrusive promotional content




4- Everpix


Looking for a top-notch HD wallpaper app for iPhone? Everpix could be the perfect choice.

Why Have It?

  • Offers a wallpaper library with over 4,000 top-notch wallpapers to meet the diverse needs of users
  • Provides consistently updated wallpapers, ensuring that they are better aligned with the ever-changing trends
  • Allows for easy navigation through various options
  • Wallpapers in Everpix are smartly designed to fit the iPhone X display

Why Not Have It?

This app might occasionally crash, according to some random reports




5- Zedge


Zedge has garnered many fans and is quite famous for its fantastic trove of free wallpapers for iPhone.

Why Have It?

  • The multi-sectional home page features:
  1. Featured – Popular wallpapers
  2. For You – Preference-based options
  3. Popular Collections – Trending wallpapers
  4. Featured Artists – Art of famous artists
  • This app has everything for every user, from Dark Abstract to Electric Vibe enthusiasts
  • Provides ad-free experience
  • Zedge offers an AI image generator for creating custom images based on user’s prompts

Why Not Have It?

Promotes the paid version






This app is a perfect choice for users looking for an app of universe-related wallpapers for their iPhones.

Why Have It?

  • WLPPR app features resilient, mysterious, and solitary photos of the sea, sky, space, sun, moon, galaxy, and more
  • Each wallpaper featured on this app is well-described
  • Users can add a bookmark for convenience to their favorite wallpapers
  • The intuitive interface ensures easy access and selection
  • Users can customize the wallpaper size after downloading

Why Not Have It?

Advanced features are behind a paywall




7- Wallcraft


Wallcraft is the ultimate nature wallpaper app for iPhone users, boasting a 4.6-star rating on the App Store.

Why Have It:

  • A vast collection of over 150,000 wallpapers
  • A diverse collection of wallpapers with natural sceneries, abstract paintings, cute aesthetic wallpapers, and more
  • The free version provides a rich collection of soothing images for viewing and downloading
  • Downloading a specific wallpaper comes with three options:
  1. Portrait Adapter
  2. Landscape Adapter
  3. Original Size
  • The user interface is well-organized and sophisticated
  • The paid version costs $4.99 yearly or $12.99 for a lifetime single purchase

Why Not Have It?

  • The 160MB app might pose storage issues
  • Up to 30 seconds of in-app ads during free downloads could be annoying




8- Wallpapers For iPhone


Let’s take a look at this app that boasts a 4.4-star rating on the App Store.

Why Have It?

  • Best categorized into relatable groups, such as:
  1. Summer
  2. Abstraction
  3. Architecture
  4. Beach
  5. Art
  6. Cars
  7. Cities, and more
  • Upon downloading a specific wallpaper or theme, this app displays related wallpapers
  • Capable of previewing a wallpaper before finalizing the setting
  • Can add a blur effect to the image or even integrate it into an Apple Watch face
  • Experience the ad-free premium version which costs:
  1. $2.99 per week
  2. $4.99 per month

Why Not Have It?

You will need to watch up to 30 seconds of an ad to download a wallpaper




9- Backdrops


The Backdrops app is the best cool wallpaper app for iPhones, standing with an average rating of 4.7 stars on the App Store.

Why Have It?

  • Offers soothing and peaceful abstract wallpapers
  • Lightweight, occupying only 15MB of storage
  • Explore Page allows easy scrolling to view the collection
  • Each wallpaper is properly labeled with the information such as:
  1. Wallpaper name
  2. Number of downloads
  3. Size
  4. Picture resolution
  • The free version is not overly bombarded with too many ads
  • Backdrops also offers an ad-free premium version that costs $3.99 (one-time purchase)

Why Not Have It?

Abstract wallpapers are not everyone’s choice




10- Icon Skins and Themes


The Icon Skins and Themes app is an irresistible wallpaper app for iPhones that can give your device a fresh look and a sense of vibrancy.

Why Have It?

  • High-definition wallpapers dedicated to the iPhone X
  • A vast selection of wallpapers with different designs
  • This app is systematically categorized along with respective options
  • The Icon Skins and Themes app allows users the ability to add a blur effect to wallpapers

Why Not Have It?

Might cause compatibility glitches with future iOS updates




11- Kappboom


Kappboom is yet another highly acclaimed free wallpaper app for the iPhone, offering breathtakingly cute beautiful wallpaper.

Why Have It?

  • It has earned an impressive 4.7-star rating on the App Store, validating its popularity among iPhone users
  • This app hosts a hoard of a library with a diverse image collection
  • The cropping capability allows users to use wallpapers for the home/lock screen
  • The standout feature of this app is the ability to play ‘Kappbooms,’ or wallpapers with voice-overs
  • Kappboom’s free version enables users to enjoy an ad-free experience

Why Not Have It?

  • The user interface is not properly optimized
  • You need to pay $1.99 to eliminate the anxiety of ads
  • Images are watermarked




12- Wallpapers Now


If you are a freebie enthusiast, Wallpapers Now is an ideal choice for making the most out of the lock screen’s depth effect.

Why Have It?

  • A plentiful array of themes, such as Holidays, Winter, and Nature
  • Users have many free options to access enchanting wallpapers
  • Image previewing capability before downloading
  • Wallpaper downloads do not require watching an ad

Why Not Have It?

  • The user interface displays a bulk of ads
  • Certain appealing wallpapers are paywall-locked




13- Superhero Wallpaper HD


Whether you are a fan of superhero-themed home screen designs or your lad, why not check out Superhero Wallpaper HD for your iPhone?

Why Have It?

  • A free app with excellent ratings on the App Store
  • Lightweight, occupying only 15MB of space on your iPhone
  • The app’s gallery is a rich collection of superhero-themed wallpapers, including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Flash, and many more
  • Offers a wide range of free options; each downloading is followed by an ad

Why Not Have It?

Certain Superhero wallpapers may necessitate payment for access




14- Live Wallpapers For Me


If you are a fan of animated wallpapers, then do not look further grab the best animated wallpaper app that every iPhone owner should know and have.

Why Have It?

  • A vast collection of animated wallpapers
  • Proper categorization into Sci-fi, Sports, Animal Water, Fire, and lots more for convenience
  • Live wallpapers are fully optimized
  • Weekly updates with 4K content to give your iPhone a fascinating look

Why Not Have It?

  1. Battery drainage
  2. Some users have reported performance lag




15- Magic Screen

This app can provide enchanting visual enhancements to your iPhone’s home screen.

Why Have It?

  • Best for users seeking outstanding home screen designs for their iPhone
  • Users can create their own masterpieces, ensuring uniqueness and satisfaction
  • You can add text (with access to 150 fonts) or a calendar to your desired wallpapers
  • Magic screen also provides the ability to turn any photo into a GIF
  • Additionally, you can also give your home screen a magical effect by setting a live wallpaper

Why Not Have It?

Other apps offer comparatively better features than this app




16- Vellum


Vellum is a simple wallpaper app for the iPhone and holds an average rating of 4.8 stars on the App Store.

Why Have It?

  • Enjoy personalized wallpapers
  • An enticing option for users whose home screens mirror their mood swings
  • The In-app tool maintains an ad-free interface
  • Capable of previewing images

Why Not Have It?

Limited options for obtaining free wallpapers


Final Verdict

This document comprises a collection of the best wallpaper apps for iPhones in 2023. Using aesthetically appealing wallpapers on your iPhone offers an interesting way to personalize your device. You can select a wallpaper app from the list provided above based on your aesthetic preferences. The list includes popular and reliable options such as Vellum, Everpix, Unsplash, Magic Screen, Superhero Wallpaper HD, and more.

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