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Windows 10 safe mode – what is it and when to use it?

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windows 10 safe mode what is it and when to use it techbytex - Windows 10 safe mode - what is it and when to use it?

Today we are going to discuss about Windows 10 safe Mode its utility and its options. Moreover we will also discuss that what is safe mode along with its uses and when do we actually feel the need of using it. As a window user you should also read these:

After reading this guide about safe mode you would know which option of Safe Mode is appropriate for you

What is Safe Mode?

The latest and newest member of the Microsoft Windows operating system line is Windows 10. Safe Mode is a problem-solving startup mode and that is available in Windows 10 too.

Major use of Safe Mode

It is used when it the operating system won’t start normally, safe mode is used to get a limited access to Windows whenever such problem occurs.

Difference between Safe mode and Safe Boot

Safe Mode is called Safe Boot on macOS. Another term that is associated with Safe Mode is “Limited Startup Mode.

How it is useful for you?

When any issue occurs with a windows computer the very first measure that is taken to troubleshoot is to start and boot into Window’s Safe Mode. The Safe mode promises to eliminate as many variables as it can besides that it ensures to keep the issue doesn’t instigate at this most basic level.

Start Your Windows in Safe mode?

You can access the Safe Mode in Windows 10 from Startup Settings. Here is complete details how you can start your PC in safe mode.

Utility of safe mode:

There is nothing complicated in this connection as you can use Safe Mode the way you use Windows normally. There is a possibility in safe mode you can find some parts of Windows that may not function as promptly as you normally find them.

Look at the Safe Mode options and determine which you need to have when:

Their utility depends upon the nature of problem, so let’s see when they are used:

  1. Safe mode
  2. Safe mode with Networking
  3. Safe Mode with Command prompt

The first two options are somewhat similar. The difference with safe Mode with Networking is that it tends to comprise network drivers and services, it is mandatory for you to access the internet and other computers on your network.

When to use Safe Mode:

You need to use this mode whenever you are unable to access windows normally. In this mode

Access to internet isn’t possible.

When you will use Safe Mode it will start your Windows 10 with least drivers and services and that will sufficient to start the operating system.

When to use safe mode with Networking:

You need to use this mode when your windows do not start the way it does but here you will be given the access to network in order to make the networking services function. This mode too will start with the same amount of drivers and services.

When to use Safe mode with Command Prompt:

You need to use this mode when the first Safe Mode doesn’t work in a way that your Desktop gets a problem in loading properly moreover when the taskbar and Home screen do not load correctly.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt works and loaded as a default user interface instead of Explorer

So that’s what Safe Mode is and that’s how it works, now you need to analyze which option of mode is needed in your computer.

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