9 Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converter for Windows / Mac 2024

YouTube to MP4

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YouTube to MP4 conversion is a common prerequisite. Users are encouraged to save videos for offline pleasure. This allows them to enjoy their leisure time with or without the internet on different devices. This article is dedicated to converting YouTube videos to MP4 format using reliable downloaders on your Windows and Mac. We have compiled valuable information, listing 9 safe, dependable, and powerful converters to transfer YT to MP4 format.

Let’s explore personalized solutions to your media preferences and pick the one that best suits your requirements.


What is a YouTube to MP4 Converter?

A YouTube to MP 4 converter is a convenient tool, allowing users a straightforward way to convert YouTube videos into the MP4 video format. The switching process is accomplished using comforters. For better understanding and clarity, you can call it a digital multimedia tool, offering cross-platform compatibility and customization. YouTube to MP4 converters allows a quick and handy approach to downloading YT videos for later viewing. Available tools for conversion are equipped with impressive features and enhanced customization capabilities. The converters are either paid or free, online or offline; pick the one according to your convenience.


Why Do You Need a YouTube to MP4 Converter?

The question might make users wonder why someone needs an MP4 converter. The brief and comprehensive answers could be the vast manipulation options, functional features, cross-platform compatibility, and ensuring effortless sharing. The primary benefit of a YouTube link to an MP4 converter is to ensure offline accessibility. MP4 converters have the capability of converting YouTube videos into high-definition videos without sacrificing quality.


What are the Characteristics Associated with the “BEST” YouTube to MP4 Converter?

YouTube to MP4 high-definition conversion makes it an ideal choice for all the good reasons. Here are a few traits of a “good” YT to MP4 converter that you must know. Keep considering the following characteristics when choosing among the plethora of options available in the virtual market.

  • It should have a fast conversion speed without causing delays
  • It should retain video quality; compromised video quality is a red flag
  • Capable of downloading videos of any file size
  • The chosen MP4 converter should not display any watermarks or logos
  • It should boast a user-friendly interface, ensuring convenient navigation
  • Capable of offering batch conversion
  • The software should bypass age restrictions, ensuring access to private content
  • Capable of using SSL encryption, ensuring next-level of protection
  • It should be compatible with various file formats


Explore 9 Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converters for Windows / Mac 2024

In this article, we have enlisted the top nine YouTube MP4 converters, easing the difficulty of making the right choice among the abundance of MP4 converters.

Here you go!


1- NCH Prism

NCH Prism is the perfect YouTube MP4 downloader for modest-sized studios.

Why You Should Have NCH Prism?

  • Capable of Converting videos to popular video formats
  • Offers video editing features such as adding effects, splitting or trimming videos
  • A straightforward conversion app for Windows and macOS
  • Offers dedicated compatibility across various devices such as Android phones, iPhones, iPod XBOX, and PlayStation
  • Allows quick conversion
  • Empowers users with the ability to publish videos directly to DVD
  • Supports batch conversion

Why You Might Hesitate?

Fails to bypass DVD copy protections


2- WorkinTool Video Editor

Continuing the list, the YouTube to MP4 free converter is WorkinTool Video Editor, which is equally good for both entry-level users and professionals.

Why You Should Have WorkinTool Video Editor?

  • Powerful MP4 converter, offering extensive support to all skill levels
  • Equipped with simple yet functional video editing capabilities such as screen recording, text-to-audio, or video converter
  • A friendly interface allows easy navigation
  • It does not display a Watermark or logos
  • The tool boasts various practical features and houses nearly 1000 editing templates, allowing recording, splitting, merging, cutting, flipping, or converting
  • Offers online tutorials, ensuring convenience and guidance
  • Capable of producing high-quality output by utilizing stylish texts, filters, overlay effects, elements, or sound effects

Why You Might Hesitate?

Currently, it does not support Mac


3- iDealshare VideoGo

If you are a beginner in the field of video editing, iDealshare VideoGo Best is the perfect pick for you, especially for converting YouTube to MP4.

Why You Should Have iDealshare VideoGo?

  • Perfect tool for video and audio conversion
  • Capable of playing media files directly without conversion
  • Compatible with many video or audio formats
  • This is a simple yet powerful MP4 converter
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Capable to deliver high-quality output
  • Offers dedicated and extensive support for various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung TV, Smart TV, PSP, Xbox, QuickTime, iTunes, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, and more
  • Capable of performing basic editing including trimming, cropping video, file merging, videos rotating videos, adding effects to videos, and more

Why You Might Hesitate?

Some users reported occasional lagging while editing large video files


4- DVD VideoSoft Free Video Converter

If you are connected with freelancing or associated with small studios, DVD VideoSoft Free Video Converter is exactly what you are looking for.

Why You Should Have DVDVideoSoft Video Converter?

  • A free app offering premium video-converting features
  • Capable of producing HD-quality videos
  • Supports over 40 popular formats including MP4, MPG, DIVX, IVF, OGX, MKV, and others
  • Simple UI allows easy navigation for all types of users
  • A perfect pick for users who prefer an uncluttered interface
  • A simple converter dedicated to video conversion
  • Convert videos to 40+ popular formats.
  • DVD VideoSoft Free Video Converter also offers the capability to combine two or more files, ensuring fixing storage issues and allowing effortless sharing
  • Thanks to the integrated Preset editor for allowing customized video and audio editing enhancements

Why You Might Hesitate?

DVD VideoSoft Free Video Converter does not support advanced features such as adding audio and text narrations compared to competitors


5- Wondershare UniConverter

It can be the best YouTube to MP4 downloader to groom your large setups. Getting Wondershare UniConverter can make wonders to boost your performance.

Why You Should Have WonderShare UniConverter?

  • This software allows dedicated compatibility across various formats for transferring video discs including Android, iOS, XBOX, VR
  • Supports multitasking
  • It does support both online or offline YouTube to MP4 conversion
  • Offers versatile features to meet the professional requirements across Windows and MacOS operating systems.
  • It is equipped with functional features, ensuring practicality
  • Offers unconditional support to 1000+ file formats
  • This nifty tool allows desktop screen recording, ensuring the perfect way to capture audio and video screen activity
  • Record screen activity with audio narration.
  • Supports 4K/UHD video editing
  • Capable of repairing metadata, ensuring no damage to video on the disc
  • Thanks to its VR converting and Gif making capabilities
  • Supports batch video conversions
  • Capable of burning video discs to view on consoles and mobile devices.

Why You Might Hesitate?

  • It does not offer an Audio normalization feature
  • The user interface might be confusing for some users


6- iTubeGo

You can effortlessly convert YouTube videos to MP4 format using iTubeGo on your Windows and Mac operating systems.

Why You Should Have iTubeGo?

  • This tool supports unconditional audio & video conversion capabilities to meet user’s specific needs
  • Offers compatibility across devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android
  • You can effortlessly convert media files into over 20 formats with precision
  • Offers customized download settings in SD and UHD video qualities, ensuring personalized needs such as 4K, 480p, or more
  • iTubeGo allows faster loading than conventional tools
  • Capable of downloading YouTube videos, playlists, and channels without causing any delays or problems
  • It supports the batch downloading of videos, saving time and resources
  • Offers dedicated compatibility across 10000 video streaming websites, and social media channels including, Facebook & Instagram
  • iTubeGo provides copper-bottomed security to maintain and ensure the privacy of your video content
  • Offers YouTube video-cutting functionalities
  • Users can add YouTube subtitles, ensuring clarity and extending the audience
  • Supports site-blocking functions, such as adult sites

Why You Might Hesitate?

  • The free trial does not offer sufficient support
  • It does not offer a browser extension


7- VideoProc Converter

If we were to say that VideoProc is the all-rounder YouTube video-to-MP4 converter for Mac and Windows, then it would not be an over-rated claim.

Why You Should Have VideoProc Converter?

  • Offers vast video editing features such as converting, compressing, editing, or recording
  • Easy-to-use YT to MP4 converter allows seamless navigation
  • Simple tool allows faster YouTube editing
  • Supports 420+ formats
  • Compatible across various devices
  • Quick conversion of large video files, just in a single go
  • It does not display the Watermark
  • Offers enhanced video manipulation capabilities
  • VideoProc Converter boasts cutting-edge tools, making it unique, reliable, and powerful
  • AI-powered MP4 converter allows advanced video editing functionalities

Why You Might Hesitate?

Some users reported irregularities in the Deshake function


8- UniConverter

Uni converter is another practical and reliable solution for your media preferences. It is one of the best YouTube to MP4 converters compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Why You Should Have UniConverter?

  • Supports batch conversion
  • Compatible with nearly 1000 audio formats
  • Offers ultra-fast conversion, alongside video editing capabilities such as combining, resizing, trimming, or adding captions
  • Thanks to APEXTRANS technology for compressing large video files without sacrificing the quality
  • This MP4 converter is capable of improving work performance without excessively consuming valuable system resources
  • Uni converter MP4 supports multiple devices
  • Users can experience customized settings, ensuring personalized content creation

Why You Might Hesitate?

Advanced features are locked behind the paywall


9- Video Grabber

Video grabber allows YouTube to MP4 high-quality free conversion, offering compatibility with Android, Windows, and Mac.

Why You Should Have VideoGrabber?

  • Video Grabber is a multitasker; besides MP4 conversion, it also offers features like making slide shows, animations, and more
  • Supports almost all popular output formats
  • It offers both online or offline YT video to MP4 conversion
  • Allows quick downloading and effortless conversion
  • The simple converter is capable of removing video blackbars

Why You Might Hesitate?

Lack of updates


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly raised concerns regarding free YouTube to MP4 converters for Windows and Mac.

Are all converters compatible with both Windows and Mac?

Yes, most converters, such as VideoProc and iTubeGo, offer equivalent support for both Windows and Mac. However, there might be a limitation, such as WorkinTool Video Editor, which is not compatible with Mac.

Is output customization possible for my converted videos?

You can customize resolution, bitrate, and codec in your videos. For instance, UniConverter, allows users to fine-tune these settings.

Are there any copyright threats with DRM-protected videos?

Certainly, you need to be extra vigilant in using MP4 converters. Your converter might not support DRM-protected content, like UniConverter and VideoProc.


Final Takeaways

This article aims to communicate with users seeking YouTube to MP4 converters by offering some of the best YouTube to MP4 HD converters. We have handpicked the best MP4 converters at TECHBYTEX. Our curated selection includes UniConverter, VideoGrabber, VideoProc, iTubeGo, and others. Trust our recommendations and choose the YT MP4converter for your Windows or Mac that can meet your professional or personal needs.