How is Google Bard different? Explore Its Distinctive Features


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Bard has successfully made its place among influential chatbots. It has tough competition with ChatGPT and  Microsoft Bing. It facilitates teachers, students, agencies, freelance writers, and SEO pros as well. Despite Bard’s performance and competence, “Google” as the creator of the chatbot grab attention. This document showcases intriguing details observed by tech enthusiasts about Google Bard. It also allows us to explore its distinct features.

The much-awaited news is now official: Bard is now available for users. It can serve people of all ages and meet the diverse needs of a variety of professions. Google Bard is set to strike in 180 countries and is currently available in three languages. If you want to know about Google Bard and its capabilities, you are at the right place. This document will explore the exciting features and all the relevant information you need to know about Bard AI.


What is Google Bard?

Bard is Google’s clap back to ChatGPT; however, it is a bit different. It can be your employment aide and can plan the event for you or even draft a mail for your client. Plus, it can also interact with complex topics and serve as an efficient AI image generator. Furthermore, Google has used a wide array of resources and tools to empower Bard. And this power turned Bard AI into a formidable competitor in the field of virtual assistants.

Bard allows you to converse on different topics. On Bard, you will see a “Google It” button right next to responses, and it will take you to Search. Furthermore, Bard uses Pathways Language Model 2 (PaLM 2) which empowers Bard with vast AI capabilities.

Google’s plans:

Coding and multimodal search will soon be part of Bard AI. Plus, Cloud AI will enhance Bard’s capabilities. Working with Bard AI would be a ridiculously amazing experience. Additionally, a wide net will not only serves YouTube videos but also enhances Google Search results.


What Are the Features of Google Bard?

When it comes to usability, most Tech enthusiasts consider Bard better than Bing and ChatGPT. The main difference users can experience is the ability to send images as prompts. Unfortunately, which is not possible with ChatGPT and Bing. Here are some enticing and interesting features of Google Bard:

  • It is capable of generating concise and precise summaries. It’s good for users who prefer a bird’s eye view of the content
  • You can cite the source of information provided in a response to prevent “intellectual asset theft”
  • Bard is expanding and establishing its global presence by crossing borders and overcoming language barriers

According to Vice President and General Manager for Google Assistant and Bard, Sissie Hsiao:

“Connecting amazing Google tools and services across the web to help you make and build anything you can imagine through fluid collaboration with our most powerful large language models (LLM).”


How Does Google Bard Work?

Bard works like other conversational chatbots. Here is how it goes:

  • Launch Google Bard
  • Type a query in a given slot that looks like a text box
  • Bard will churn out a response within a second
  • Make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection for a seamless functionality
  • You can also use images and videos in your prompt (expected soon)

You will feel as if you are talking with your friend, partner, or counselor. It is suggested not to rely solely on the provided information. Make sure to cross-check Bard’s response to avoid inconvenience. This is due to an experiment Google conducted to assess the response of Bard AI, and the response was unsatisfactory.


How Can You Use Google Bard To Enhance Your Productivity?

Here is how Bard AI can enhance your performance in your respective field:

  • Bard is capable of translating languages, which could be helpful for multi-lingual users
  • Additionally, it can create content of different genres and provide informative responses
  • Furthermore, Bard AI can debug code in various programming languages
  • The user can even send code directly from Bard AI
  • In case you are not satisfied with the response, avail of the option to “Google it” and search for more insight
  • Bard AI can also serve you as a therapist; sounds crazy, but that’s true. This is due to the conversational capabilities of chatbots. Users start talking with Bard AI to release stress and get rid of loneliness
  • Thanks to the “Export to Sheets” feature of Bard, which saves users precious time. You can get your response in a sheet form. Seriously amazing!

Google Bard And Plagiarism

When it comes to the uniqueness of content, almost all chatbots cause plagiarism to some extent. Sometimes it affects users’ performance and reputation, especially if they are writers. Bard also has plagiarism snags.

According to Tom’s Hardware Editor-in-Chief Avram Piltch,

“Google Bard used content from their own site and claimed as it is theirs. When Bard is confronted for this thievery, Bard has apologized.”

Long story short, you should never rely solely on AI research and don’t get yourself accused of a serious crime like “Intellectual property theft”. The problem is not only with the content generated by chatbots, but fake AI-generated images are also a concern. However, Google can detect such issues with Fact Check Explorer. In fact, no one can escape from the watchful glaze of Google.

Is Google Bard Paid or Free?

At this moment, Bard’s consumer-facing version is free. However, Bard can launch a premium version in future like ChatGPT Plus and OpenAI-backed Microsoft.


How Google Bard is Different From ChatGPT?

Google Bard and ChatGPT both offer some distinct and slew of similar features. However, ChatGPT is one of the best conversational chatbots available.

Here are some points that can explain how Bard is different from ChatGPT:

  • Currently, ChatGPT and the new Bing are working in collaboration and utilizing a plethora of sources and tools. They extract information from:
  • Expedia
  • Instacart
  • OpenTable
  • On the flip side, Bard is trying to showcase these features with every update. Furthermore, Google Bard extensions allow for easy integration with Bard. For instance, Gmail to Adobe Firely
  • ChatGPT owns an official app allowing access to iOS users in the U.S. currently. Conversely, Bard has not yet launched its
  • When it comes to the quality of responses, Bard offers higher-quality content than ChatGPT.
  • Regarding technology, ChatGPT utilizes GPT technology to facilitate worldwide users. However, Bard uses LaMDA, and it has no intention to change the product.


How Google Bard is Different From Microsoft Bing?

Bard AI gives you endless opportunities to find answers to your queries, unlike Microsoft Bing which has missed out on searches. Bing offers chat and provides extremely concise responses. The one thing that makes Bing a winner is its ability to cite sources. Tech enthusiasts confirm that Bing provides accurate citations, unlike Google Bard and ChatGPT.

However, when it comes to elaboration Bing is far behind, as it offers only two or three points to support its response. Critics criticize Bard for pulling entire sentences in their responses. On the other hand, Bing provides information more accurately linked to the sources but in a much shorter format.


Final Words

Finally, when you have reached the bottom of the content, we hope you have learned everything about Bard AI. We have explained every aspect of Google Bard’s spectacular features. This document has explained how Bard AI is special and different from ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, which are its two strong competitors. All three are different on some level, but one thing which is confirmed about virtual assistants is, don’t trust them.

You should never rely solely on the information provided by Bard, Bing, and ChatGPT. The possibilities are higher, that they can provide false information, which can lead to plagiarism issues. Plus, fake and plagiarism glitches can damage your content’s credibility.

So, be cautious and use chatbots sensibly, and you can trust TECHBYTEX for providing you with up-to-date information on IT.