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what is USB Debugging and how to enable it in your android device

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what is USB Debugging and how to enable it in android

USB debugging is a feature that is aimed at developers. USB debugging allows you to have direct access to the Android system for the Android SDK which is a software development kit. It can be downloaded on your computer but to make it work on your device you need to enable USB debugging or in other words you have to enable developer options, in fact we need USB debugging  mode turned on for every kind of interaction between your android phone and your PC or laptop and only after enabling it you can proceed further as a developer or as anyone who is up to deciding a custom ROM.

We need USB Debugging for these features as well 

  • For installing ROMs
  • For Rooting
  • For Development

Importance of USB Debugging:

It accommodates you a level to approach to your device, such as when you need system-level clearance (when coding a new map.

How to enable USB Debugging

enable usb debugging in android


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. About Device
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. Hit Build number seven 7 times. There will be a tiny pop-up in the lower area of your display that states you’re now a developer.
  5. Now go back and access the Developer options menu
  6. You can now finally see Developer Options in your Settings
  7. Hit Developer Options and Check “USB Debugging“.


How to enable USB debugging on Android 4.1-4.0

  • Now you have the freedom to either enable it or turn it disable by heading up to Settings
  • Developer Options
  • Debugging
  • USB debugging

After enabling this option you will be allowed to check the USB debugging field. All you need to in this regard is to scroll down to it and check it. You will be informed that you have become a developer now by a pop-up window that will alert you.

Turning on USB Debugging on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and earlier

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Hit Applications
  • Go to Development
  • Turn on USB Debugging

Yes, that’s it! Unimaginably easy to turn it on.

So this is the exquisiteness of android that carries so many built-in features in it moreover many features are up-to-the-minute. In short USB debugging is a feature that keeps all its users happy because everyone can get the most out of it. It is counted as one of the many important features of Android along with many other functions such as

The primary function of this mode is to simplify a connection between an Android device and a computer with the Android SDK (software development kit). Now being USB debugging user you can connect your Android device with PC and transfer data between them more handily.

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