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Remove apps from android – How to delete or hide unwanted apps

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remove unwanted apps from android

A huge collection of different apps sometimes turn your device slow as it takes a larger space. The wisest way to speed up your phone is to keep reviewing your device off and on to take a look at what needs to be brushed off. There will be many apps which you haven’t been using since long so it is suggested to remove all such unused and unwanted apps.

How to remove apps from Android

Here are four ways you can remove the unused applications from your android phones.

Procedure 1: Latest Versions

  • Open your menu
  • Long press the app you want to delete
  • You will see ( – ) on top of every app you can delete
  • Press that ( – ) icon to uninstall the app.

Procedure 2: Recent versions


  • Open your menu
  • Long press the app you want to delete
  • You will see the screen changing to home with some icons on top
  • At the upper left corner, a trash can will be there, Drag on to that to Uninstall
  • After that release your finger from the Uninstall button

The app cannot be deleted if at the top of the screen displays “App Info”. But this is the case with few of the Samsung devices. So you can switch to any other procedure to remove the app as procedure mentioned below can be tried.

Procedure 3: Older versions

Being a user of the standard version of Android you are supposed to follow a set of ways that is not complicated at all. These particular ways can be applied on most of the versions:

  • First of all hit on the Menu button and find Settings
  • Tap Settings
  • Go to Applications
  • Manage applications
  • Now Tap on the application that you want to get rid of
  • Then Tap Uninstall

When you are not given an option of Uninstall button then it means the app you choose to delete is a system app and system app can’t be removed!

Procedure 4: Deletion of Apps using downloaded Tab

  • Hit on the Recent apps button and then head up to Task manager
  • Navigate to the Downloaded tab and locate the offending app
  • Now hit the Uninstall button next to the app and tap OK

It will hardly take a few seconds to get it done as this procedure an easiest one!


How to hide System apps

  • Magnify the app tray
  • Find the gear-shaped icon
  • head into settings
  • Scroll down to device and select “APP
  • Get the list of apps and head to “ALL
  • Tap Disable, now your device won’t show you this app in the application tray

You should disable those apps only whom you fine less significant such as Google Currents, Verizon etc.

So that is how you can hide the apps and remove the unwanted apps on Android devices. It is suggested to use caution before the deletion of an app so you can avoid any possible damage.

With the bombardment of apps that are available either on play store or Apple’s play store use to distract us and we tend to download tons of apps on our device and then forget to use many. So it is suggested to clean up your android phone by removing all the unused and unwanted apps by trying any of the procedure mentioned above depending on the version of your Android.


Why System Apps can’t be removed?

The problem with system apps is they can’t be removed and if you try to do so then there is always some more apps that can get broken and it’s because of the inner workings of your device. These are pre-installed apps that are functional and provide us many benefits such as updating your system, securing your android etc. System apps comprise things like:

  • Google search & Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Chrome or Browser
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