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How to unsubscribe from mails in outlook

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The unwanted emails and newsletters are so annoying as they occupy all the inbox. Being an outlook user you may not aware of the feature that automatically filters all these needless and unwanted emails as Group, Newsletters and social updates on outlook.

So let’s have a look how can you make your outlook enable to unsubscribe such annoying stuff like newsletters etc:

Unsubscribe from emails in outlook


select news letter option outlook - How to unsubscribe from mails in outlook

Head towards your outlook.com inbox, click at the view drop-down control for selecting Newsletters option.


Now your outlook.com will strain all the newsletters that exist in your inbox and hide the remaining emails.


unsubcribe from newsletters outlook - How to unsubscribe from mails in outlook

For unsubscribing the newsletters, you need to highlight and then select those newsletters that you don’t want. In case if many emails are from the same sender then you aren’t supposed to select each of them, only one will do.


After selecting the newsletter you need to click on the given option of Sweep on the outlook.com toolbar and then choose the option of Unsubscribe that will be located at the drop-down toolbar.

Now be a little patient as it is going to consume a little time for unsubscribing you from the senders mailing list. From now on it will seize all mails that are yet come from the sender, future emails will be forwarded to junk.

During this process, you are allowed to remove all the previous newsletters by the sender and tidy your inbox

Now you can enjoy your spick and span outlook inbox as all the unwanted emails and promotional emails from any particular sender will no longer disturb you. These simple and quick steps will keep those emails at bay and following these steps would easily make you unsubscribe from these junk emails on outlook. You have the option to use to Sweep inbox and start a schedule so your inbox may not suffer.

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