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How to transfer data from Android device to iPhone

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How to transfer data from Android device to iPhone

The most irritating thing for a mobile user has always been switching from one mobile to another. It’s because of the detailed and important data that has to be shifted from device to another. But by the passage of time technology start getting progressive and better than before, tasks like these have become handy to do today. As compare to earlier times now transferring data from an Android device to your iPhone is not less than a piece of cake. It is said to be so easy and quick to Apple’s Move to IOS app in the Google Play Store.

Type of data it can transfer:

  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Videos
  • Calendar

Note: it can’t handover your music, apps and passwords.

It is told that the Move to iOS app tends to support tablets+ phones running Android 4.0 and the later ones are capable of converting data to devices running iOS 9 and onwards.

How to transfer data from android to IOS

move data from android to ios

  • Start the normal setup procedure on your iPhone until you get to approach Apps and Data screen. Now from here choose the “Move Data from Android” option.
  • You will notice a ten digit code that will appear on the screen.

Android Setup:

  • Head up to your Android device and turn on the Wi-Fi>get connected with a network.
  • Download Move to iOS app and tap Continue
  • Now open the app>click at Continue>you will be asked to agree to the terms of use, click at agree and then click Next
  • Provide the ten digit code from the iPhone.
  • Now you will have the choose to select the items you are interested in transferring to your iPhone device.

Choices and options:

  • Chrome bookmarks
  • Text messages
  • Google account
  • Contacts
  • Photos & Videos

Select from the above choices and click Next.

Now your iPhone will start receiving the content from your Android device. It banks upon the amount of content that how much time it’s going to take, but hopefully in a short time span the whole process will be done. The calculated time is 10-15 minutes.

The procedure of transferring data from Android to iOS is comparatively direct. Moreover Apple presents a free personal setup service with your new iPhone/iPad. By visiting your local Apple Store you can see and consider this service or it is available online for clients without a retail location nearby.

Now you will get to experience a handy way to convert your data to iPhone it will not consume your precious time and energy as well. With-in a short time span you will be done with the data transferring and after that you are good to factory reset you android phone in case you want to sell or dump it without any data loss as it has all been transferred to your new ios device.

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