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How to save battery life on android – Android Battery Tips

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How to save battery life on android

Initially, it was a big tough thing to save your battery life on Android phones and but gradually things started getting better and improve. In this era, all of us carry our most significant details and tasks in our phones so it’s highly important for us that our phone has to be remain alive so we can use it for a longer time. There is a bulk of android battery tips that are so simple yet worth implementing to increase the battery life of your phone.

In our busy and daily life when all the matters of life seem to turn your brain into a real mental mush then you stop paying heed to some of the little but highly significant niceties that are in the interest of bringing a betterment and a remedy some of the certain problems. Many of us turn a blind eye on these petty details that are so beneficial in this regard.

11 tips on how to save battery life on android


1. Keep the brightness of screen low

Your phone battery tends to get drained very rapidly when the screen brightness is high. You don’t need to turn it completely dark just keep it low as it will save the battery for sure. Android phones facilitate their users as it has a setting in it that automatically adjusts the brightness in accordance with room light. You can turn it off too as it can also save battery life. It is preferred to have the lowest setting in brightness and you can do it manually.

 2. Do not Keep your phone in a hot place

It is overlooked by many, you often give your phone a wide exposure of sunlight as keeping your phone at the dashboard of your car that receives so much warmth and light of the sun and this turns the phone battery so hot. You better keep your phone under a cover, do not leave it in a hot place where is too much heat around.

3. Turn on the power saving mode

Power saving mode tends to switch off various radios and this surely bucks up the battery life and adds hours to keep it running and alive. It won’t only save your battery but also speed up your android phone and make it work faster. The point is what you need to do is to enable the power saving mode when you find battery level is sinking down, so enable it when needed otherwise it has an influence on system performance.

4. A minimum screen time out

You have to set the timeout interval and make it short as the longer it would be the more it will hit the battery. In some of the android phones such as Samsung Galaxy phones introduces the feature in setting that it detects the user’s vision, like if the user looks at the screen then the screen wont dare to get dim and will let you enjoy your time as long as you are using it. The moment you will stop only then it will get dim after a while. So get the best of out of this valuable utility. Just keep in mind that interval has to be short for best results.

5. Turn off the phone vibration

Whenever your phone shivers because of the notifications and calls that consistently keep coming this shivering sucks the battery life immensely. So it is highly recommended to turn off the vibration so the battery can stay longer.

6. Turn off blue tooth/GPS/Wi-Fi and other unused radios

It’s a matter of great prudency to turn off all these mediums if they are not in use. If the navigation feature is not needed then turn off the GPS, similarly turn of Wi-Fi and blue-tooth if they are in use because when they remain on they consume battery. There is no use of turning on the Wi-Fi when you are active on hotspot, so keep tabs on these mediums no need to turn them on they will drain the battery of your phone and turning them off would help securing your android phone as well

It is a great folly to let these features running throughout the day without using them. There are some who don’t bother to turn off the airplane mode and this knocks down all the battery in a single fell swoop. Moreover always prefer a Wi-Fi over a cellular service because cellular service severely drains the battery so Wi-Fi is much better in this regard.

Go to the radio poppers in settings there you can do it or rather curtain down the notification panel and you will see the clips.

7. App notification needs to turn off

The bombardment of app notifications eats up the battery of your phone.  Elbow grease is needed here as for turning it off you need to go into each app for turning off the notifications.

8. Haptic feedback needs to turn off

Haptic is something related to the sense of touch and some Android phones have this haptic feedback that produces a little vibration when you touch any key on the keyboard, even when you randomly touches it then it gives a haptic feedback. This haptic feedback consumes phone battery hugely. So you better turn off this haptic feedback in order to enable the battery to stay for much longer time.

9. Restart phone occasionally

Internet nowadays is full of technology articles and we can easily track any type of problem we face in our phones. Our phones also need a break as there is always lots of things cooking up inside it and during these happenings, battery suffers a lot. You should reboot your phone after every now and then as it eases the things but before getting started to make sure, to begin with, an unpolluted slate, the apps running in the background should be little in number.

10. Use Greenify

Greenify is a great app that literally works when it comes to optimizing performance and enhances the life of a battery. Greenify works as a lullaby YES it makes the unused apps sleep, it lets you put all the unused apps into hibernation and thus the apps stop operating in the background.

Download Link: Greenify

11. Use ad-free apps

Get rid of the apps that contain ad pop-ups as that content consumes the energy of your device. So use the ad-free apps. You might not aware of the fact that frequent use of such apps distorts your phone’s life juice on regular bases. So get rid of such stuff for enhancing the life of the battery.

These tiny but very effective android battery tips are so helpful in enhancing battery life, but most of us don’t pay heed to all these niceties that actually promise to work so truly.

For iPhone users:

So occasionally keep tabs on blocking mode to turn off Wi-Fi and things like mobile data if they aren’t in use. If you are at your workplace and its usage isn’t possible then it is suggested to set your device to not to vibrate/ring as it would increase chances to save battery life on your android phones.

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