To keep your phone update is beneficial in many ways as you remain in touch with the most recent happening in the world of web and apps, so you must make the process speedy of getting updates manually. Before updating your phone, you can check which OS is already installed in your android device, for that purpose you can go to “About Phone” in settings.

Before updating your phone do make a backup of your device just in case if something goes wrong, make some extra space for the updates and make sure your phone is attached to charging cable or it is charged enough as it should not turn off during the whole updating process.

Follow these 6 set of steps to update your Anrdoid

  • Get your phone connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Hit/Open Settings.
  • Tap About device.
  • Hit Software update.
  • Hit Check for updates.
  • Tap Update and then Install if you get the signal.

In the latest updates you will get the Software Update icon on the main settings page, you can check the “Download Updates Automatically” button or you can select downloading and installing the android OS updates manually in your phone.

  1. Connecting to Wi-Fi

Get it confirmed that you are connected to Wi-Fi, a simple way of doing it is just keep your finger at the top of your Android’ screen and gently swipe it down, thee you will be able to see  the icon of Wi-Fi, to turn it on tap it

  1. Hit Android’s settings

Tap your android settings, in the App Drawer you will see a light-purple app along with a white gear on it, move it down and hit About device. This choice will be situated close to the lower part of the page.

  1. Move it down with your finger and Tap About device

At the lower part of the page you will find the option of it

You will not have to struggle hard to find it as it is at the top of your screen, you just have to tap it

  1. Hit software updates

You will not have to struggle hard to find it as it is at the top of your screen, you just have to tap it

  1. Hit check for updates

Look at the top of your screen and hit for updates, you will notice prompted Update

  1. Tap at the option of Update

Usually when an update is available it is prompted so whenever it is prompted you must tap it in order to get it installed. In case the update button doesn’t get visible then it means your phone is up-to-the-minute

  1. Hit Install/update

This choice will get visible in a pop-up window, by hitting it you will make it run and it will start installing the Android’s operating system update.

The whole process of keeping your android update is not at all time consuming process, within a short time span you will make it done.  By downloading the updates and updating your android you would be able to get the modern and latest features and information about some valuable software. Many updates tend to fix many complexities and issues.

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