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How to delete Whatsapp chat in Android phones

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how to delete whatsapp chat on android phones

It is not always important to keep saving the Whatsapp chat history as there are many things you don’t want to disclose in any case. Every one holds very dear to his personal information such as phone numbers/address and bank account, at the time comes when you feel it necessary to erase chat history of Whatsapp from your Android or iPhone. Deleting the chat history in Android is a piece of cake as you can erase the messages either by picking individual chats, group chats or by selecting the entire chat history.

How to Clear/Delete all Whatsapp chats at once

clear whatsapp chat in android

  1. Open Whatsapp
  2. Tap on three-dots on the top-right corner
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Hit Chats
  5. Chats history

Either delete all chats or clear all chats, the choice is yours! By clearing all chats will remove all messages inside your chats and all chats can still be viewed by you in your chats list.

Delete Whatsapp chat by removing Single/Multiple Messages

Let’s take a look at the procedure of deleting WhatsApp chat:

  1. Open Whatsapp
  2. Head up to chat that comprises the message you want to remove
  3. Hit and clasp the message.
  4. You will have the options to delete more than one message at the same time.
  5. Now there will be an icon at the top of the chat screen that looks like a trash can, you need to tap that icon as it will get that message delete.

How to delete Whatsapp chat by selecting a certain contact/contacts

  1. Go to the chat list
  2. Tap and hold the individual chat of a certain contact you want to remove
  3. Now hit the trash icon
  4. Delete

How to delete Whatsapp group chat

Get Started:

  1. Go to the chat list
  2. Hit and hold the group chat you want to remove
  3. Now hit the menu button>Exit group>Exit
  4. Hit and hold the group chat again and tap the Trash icon>Delete

If you will leave the group then you will be detached from the group but you will be able to see view it your chat list. Moreover, you will also be able to read its chat history. By get yourself deleted from the group though you will no longer view it in your chat list                                                    

So these are the simplest ways to delete your Whatsapp chat history in your android phone, it will hardly take your few minutes to get it done! This method will only remove the messages or chats from your android phones but it won’t remove the backup that gets saved daily on google drive or in your phone memory But don’t worry we have covered those topics as well here:

You can use these methods to completely erase each and every type of single or group chats from anywhere you want on Android.

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