How to fix action blocked in Instagram?

how to fix action blocked in instagram

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There are many users who believe that Instagram often gives you a tough time. It’s because when the app slightly feels any account as spam, fake and upsetting in any way then it gets really inflexible. Instagram doesn’t even spare those who just look like spammers. Suspicious login attempt Instagram is yet another example of the rigidness of Instagram but again it benefits the user by guarding his account and its info safe. Such accounts are banned immediately by Instagram; a user that owns any such account finds difficulty in accessing to carry out certain actions that include following other users, liking, and commenting.

Why your action is getting blocked on Instagram?

Instagram keeps an eye on the violators automatically that is why your unintentional mistake too can get caught and your actions are banned on Instagram. A user doesn’t get any clue what’s going and why his actions are being hampered. Without being informed you are just stopped to perform an action..Feeling pesky and frustrating? We are here to de-stress you as we have come up with some brilliant and really simpler tips and solutions that can fix the action blocked on Instagram for sure.

Reasons of action blocked on Instagram

First let’s get to know the reasons that why actions are blocked on Instagram so you can avoid the nuisance next time:

  • You might have no posts on your Instagram
  • Your account info is yet to be completed
  • You are publishing a bombardment of posts back to back
  • You are hitting too many posts at the same time
  • You are repeating the same content
  • You are following many accounts

By avoiding the above-mentioned reasons you can remain safe in the future!

The easy way out to fix blocked action on Instagram

There are a handful of tips that can help you in getting rid of this hair-pulling problem. Let’s see how you can do it:

– Report a problem on Instagram

When you will discover the error of ‘Action Blocked’  then you will have two options 1) TELL US. 2) IGNORE. here you are supposed to pen down a manual review by tapping the TELL US option.

In case you don’t find any option as this happens sometimes and you will only see an OK option. then it’s time to Report a problem.

– How to report a problem:

  • Go to Settings > help > Report a problem
  • In the field of Report a problem here you can write about your query that you have been blocked whereas you haven’t done anything questionable. Type your problem and hit Done.

Tips to stay away from Action Blocked on Instagram  

Keep in mind the dos and donts we mentioned above in the slot of reasons as all those reasons are the major cause of action banned on Instagram.

Follow the Instagram rules, it is important to follow the rules strictly because Instagram is rigid when it comes to the violation of rules.

Use bots (Instagram bots) cautiously, Instagram bots are to be used wisely.  They are beneficial as they follow, like other users on your behalf. In simple words, Instagram bots help in hiking up the number of followers. So it’s better to use them with care!!

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