How to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Laptop


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If you have a larger amount of photos in your iPhone, then obviously it does affect the memory of your device. There are so many ways to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop which will be a wise idea in this regard.



There Are 4 Ways to Transfer Photos From iPhone to Computer

  1. Transfer photos using iTunes
  2. Transfer photos using iCloud
  3. Transfer Photos using Dropbox
  4. Transfer Photos using AnyTrans


1- Transferring the Photos From iPhone to Computer by Using iTunes


You can convert your photos from your iPhone device to computer by using but first lets see what do you need to have before getting started:


  • USB cable is needed
  • A computer for plugging the device into iTunes
  • You need to have an iTunes account


  1. First lets organize your photos by creating their folders
  2. Connect your iPhone to computer by a USB cable
  3. Now open iTunes
  4. Look for the iPhone icon on the menu
  5. Hit the tab oh photos that will be located under settings
  6. Now you need to check the box in accordance with ‘Sync Photos’
  7. From the drop down menu there will be an option of ‘Choose folder’
  8. You need to select ‘Choose folder’
  9. Look for your desired folder by browsing
  10. Now pick up the picture folder the one you want to sync
  11. Now hit Apply for starting the transfer

It could take slightly long as it depends upon the number of photos.


2- Transfer Photos Using iCloud

That’s the second method that you can try for converting your photos but lets see what needs to have before you get started.


  • You need to have a USB cable
  • A computer is need for plugging the device into iCloud
  • Wi-Fi connection is needed


  1. First enable iCloud iPhone by heading up to the settings app
  2. Now turn on the Photo Stream
  3. Connect your iPhone device to your computer
  4. Now get the iCloud Control panel download on your computer
  5. Now it will take few seconds hardly and all your photos will be converted and get saved in tour computer
  6. Just make sure Wi-Fi shouldn’t turn off.


3- Transferring Photos by Using Dropbox

Dropbox is actually personal cloud storage service and it is used mostly for the purpose of file sharing + collaboration. Let’s move on to the requirements now:


  • A computer is needed for plugging the device into Drobox
  • A Wi-Fi connection is required


  1. First get the Dropbox app installed on our iPhone and computer
  2. Now head up to the Dropbox app on your iPhone
  3. Open it and go to the Uploads tab
  4. You will be able to see the icon of+, you have to press it
  5. Now start selecting the photos you want to transfer in your computer
  6. After picking up an upload destination you need to begin the uploading
  7. Your selected photos will take a little longer to get downloaded in the Dropbox folder.


4- Transferring the Photos From by Using AnyTrans

AnyTrans is transferring tool that promises to make the transferring process damn easier. Let’s see at the requirements now:


  • A USB cable is needed
  • A computer is needed
  • Wi-Fi connection


  1. Get AnyTrans download on your computer
  2. Now you need to run it
  3. Get your iPhone device connected with computer by a USB cable
  4. Hit at the Device tab
  5. At the Homepage of AnyTrans you will be able to see ‘Content to PC’ button
  6. You have to click it
  7. You need to pick up the categories of photos, the ones you want to transfer
  8. By clicking at the Right arrow button you will be able to start transferring
  9. When the process of transferring is done then you will find all of your photos and albums saved in your computer.



It’s really simply to get all your photos transfer in your computer from your iPhone device. By using either of the medium you can get it done. Just keep in mind the requirements of each method in order to avoid any hitch.