Weird Issues With Photos Not Saving on T6i


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The famous T6i, also known as the EOS 750D, is one of the top-rated DSLR cameras for both entry-level users and camera enthusiasts. It is loaded with rich features and has garnered immense popularity and credibility among photography lovers. Despite its stunning features, it is not impeccable, and like other electronic devices, it is susceptible to major or minor issues. The most common anxiety which users have gone through is the camera’s incapability to photos not saving on T6i.

In this article, we will comprehensively examine the reasons behind weird issues with photos not saving on T6i. Alongside this, we will explore some handy solutions and tips for a seamless photography experience.

Let’s take a kick start to know everything about Canon T6i and the associated problems related to pictures not saving errors.


What Are the Features of the Canon T6i?

Canon T6i boasts several striking features that are sure to amuse users of all experience levels. A few of them are here to let you know:

  • Thanks to the 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the T6i is capable of capturing high-resolution images with remarkable clarity and shocking detail.
  • Plus, the T6i boasts an impressive ISO range of 100-12800, expandable up to 25600. This wide ISO range empowers you to capture high-resolution images with exceptional clarity, regardless of challenging lighting situations. Whether it’s dawn or dusk, rain or sun, the T6i excels at its job.
  • Furthermore, the T6i is equipped with the DIGIC 6 image processor, guaranteeing swift performance and accurate color reproduction, enabling you to capture captivating images.
  • Additionally, the Canon T6i brags about its advanced autofocus capabilities, delivering precise, swift, and sharp focusing for your shots
  • Thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, the Canon T6i is empowered to showcase effortless sharing and remote control functionality.

Field-Test Analysis of Canon T6i

Why The Camera Lovers Like Canon T6i?

  • The 24.2-megapixel sensor performs great
  • The articulating touchscreen is perfect
  • Fast and precise autofocus performance in tricky situations
  • Outstanding high ISO performance

The Reasons Why Camera Lovers Do Not Like About the Canon T6i?

  • The optical viewfinder is relatively smaller and provides only ~95% coverage
  • Not good for burst shooting, slow processing of RAW files
  • No Servo AF in live view
  • No HDR video
  • No 1080/60p video

What Are the Causes of the Weird Issue of Pictures Not Saving?

As you have overviewed the stunning features of T6i, now we will move to the frustrating issue users have encountered where photos fail to save correctly. Though there could be several factors contributing to this headache.
A few of them are the following:

Memory card issues:

Memory card glitches are one of the probable reasons for pictures not saving issues. Damaged or incompatible memory cards can be the root cause of multiple problems, including pictures not saving properly. Additionally, other contributing factors can cause the memory card to behave erratically, such as:

  • Insufficient storage capacity
  • Write speed limitations
  • Corrupted file systems

These aforementioned issues can prevent the camera from saving images safely and properly.

Firmware glitches:

When the software gets infected, it can have a drastic impact on the camera’s operations. Moreover, bugs or glitches in the firmware can hinder the saving process, leading to the loss of your precious photos and incorrect storage.

Accidental user errors:

Sometimes, the issue is on the user’s end or with the camera itself. It does happen when camera settings are configured or the user accidentally selects the wrong or unplanned storage location to save pictures. This wrong move could prevent photos from being saved properly.

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How You Can Fixe the Pictures Not Saving Issue?

If you’re experiencing problems with photos not saving on your Canon T6i, here are a few practical solutions and valuable recommendations that you can try to address the issue effectively:

Check the memory card

Make sure that your memory card is:

  • Compatible with your device
  • Sufficient storage capacity
  • Not Infected
  • Unlocked

To avoid a potential loss, it is advisable not to format your memory card when it is full or almost full. Furthermore, creating a backup beforehand can help prevent subsequent loss. It is always suggested to use the camera’s menu to attempt formatting the memory card, as this can help eliminate any file system errors.

Test with a different memory card

You can also try using a different memory card to troubleshoot the distressing problem, as it often surprisingly resolves it. What you need to do is, test the camera with another memory card to check if the problem persists or gets resolved. This trick will help determine whether the problem lies with the memory card or the camera.

Update the firmware

When dealing with software glitches, the first step you need to check is for updates. An outdated application is a fundamental or primary reason for the bugs and errors, and it leads to weird issues like, in this case, pictures not getting saved in the cam. To address this hitch, you need to visit the official website of Canon and look for any firmware updates available for your T6i model. Installing the latest firmware version ensures seamless functionality of your camera and can frequently resolve software-related problems.

Verify camera settings

Sometimes, users mistakenly change the camera settings. Therefore, it is recommended to double-check the camera settings to ensure two key aspects: the correct storage location and file format. Additionally, resetting the camera settings to their default values can assist in mitigating any errors caused by user input.

Final Takeaways

The Canon T6i is a feature-rich DSLR camera loved by many photographers, but some users have experienced an issue with photos not saving properly. By examining the potential causes of the problem and implementing the suggested fixes, users can troubleshoot and resolve this issue. Make sure that you are using a compatible memory card, consider updating the camera’s firmware, and verify the camera settings to avoid any user-related errors. However, if the issue persists, the user should contact Canon customer support for further assistance.