Why Is My Canon Camera Not Saving Pictures?


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If you are on your vacation, everything is just as planned and scheduled to stack up some precious memories. But oh bad! What is this? Why Canon camera is not saving pictures? We can understand your utter shock and pain that’s why this content is exclusively written to get the best out of your camera and to get out of this anomalous situation. Being a Canon camera user, we can relate to situations and anxieties you are might suffering. Pictures not saved error in Canon is usually because of memory card-related errors. You need to know that Canon is undeniably one of the best snapping gadgets widely used all over the world. However, some possibilities cause some fickleness.

You can stumble upon some inconsistencies while using the Canon camera, for instance, some users have explained the memory card issues on Canon. That’s why we have itemized all the frequently arising errors on Canon, alongside some healthy solutions to fix the issue. Let’s get it started!


Canon Camera Issues That Cause Not Saving Picture Errors

Techbytex is fully aware that receiving unwanted error messages is the biggest anxiety while working on a Canon camera. The triggering issue can be a hardware or a software reason that leads to these common snags. In this context, we are referring to pictures not saved errors that are related to your memory card.

Here are some of the most common Canon blips with their quick fixes.


1- Err 02

It is the frequently seen error on the camera screen, and it occurs when there is an issue with the memory card. Preferably, the Canon camera is unable to read the memory card or unable to get access its stockpiled information.

Here are effective ways to fix this memory card error on Canon.

  • Turn off the camera
  • Eject the memory card from it
  • Wait for a few seconds, and insert it once again
  • Restart the camera after inserting the memory card
  • Check the memory card compatible with your Canon camera
  • Format the memory card,
  • If the above-mentioned fixes did not work, you can also head to your camera’s settings to find the cure
  • You can also attach it to your computer to do an instant formatting


2- Err 03

The Err 03 flashes on the screen when there are multiple folders and sub-folders in your memory card. This multi-setting complicates the camera and the software is muddled to get access to the default folder to save the photos.

Here are the fixes to resolve the issue:

  • Connect your card to your computer
  • Arrange the folders appropriately
  • Get rid of unwanted folders
  • Make sure that there is only one root folder (like DCIM)
  • Create a backup of your photos
  • Format the memory card
  • Reinsert the memory card into your Canon


3- Err 04

When memory card storage is nearly full, the Err 04 on your Canon camera will appear on the screen. The shortage of space stops the camera from saving new photos.

You can easily fix it in the following ways:

  • Shortlist the unnecessary photos
  • Go to the camera’s menu and delete all photos at once
  • Or you can delete one photo at a time as well
  • Insert your memory card into the system
  • Transfer some of the photos to a safe location, the particular action will create more space on the card
  • If you are facing problems in deleting the contents of a memory card, check the switch button, it might be turned on to lock the memory card


4- Err 10

The Err 10 on a Canon camera means there is a snag with the file system of the memory card. The chances are higher that there be a software-related blip with your Canon camera as well.

Here are the fixes:

  • Turn off the camera
  • Remove the memory card
  • Reinsert it, and turn it back again after a few seconds
  • Switch it on and see if the problem is resolved or not


5- Err 99

The Err 99 is one of the most reported Canon camera errors. Furthermore, the said error flashes a message that “shooting is not possible, it is due to the:

  • A software or hardware problem
  • A contact issue between the lens and the body
  • Defective storage

Here are a few effective ways that can help to fix it:

  • Make sure that the shutter is properly cleaned
  • Do not touch the shutter with bare-finger pores
  • Turn off the camera and remove its battery
  • Wait for a few seconds, reinstall the batteries, and turn on your Canon camera
  • Remove the memory card
  • Insert it again after a while
  • Use a dry cloth and properly clean the lens, and the electric contacts cautiously


How to Fix “Pictures Not Saved Error” On Canon Camera

Once you have gone through the above-listed memory card errors on Canon, you need to know that you can come across some other snags too. For instance, your Canon camera memory card can be inaccessible or even crooked. The good news is, these blips are decipherable and resolvable.

Have a look down there, where some of the common memory card errors related to Canon cameras with their easy fixes are narrated.


BLIP # 1: Photos & Videos Are Lost

It is the most common situation, that comprehends, the photos and videos stored on the memory card become unreachable. The propelling error averts the user to view them or even face problems transferring them to another location. If this situation is left untreated, you can suffer permanent data loss.

The reason behind the issue:

There could be a variety of reasons behind this issue. The possibility is higher, that the attached memory card could have been corrupted by some virus intrusion. A major virus attack can damage the file system that could have been tinkered with due to the said error.

How to fix the issue?

  • Unmount the card from the camera
  • Attach it to your computer
  • Go through the possibility to retrieve the photos or videos stored on your computer
  • You can also use dedicated data recovery software to fix the bug

The data recovery software will help you recover inaccessible photos and videos of different formats from your memory card.


BLIP # 2: Memory Card Can’t Be Read

A Canon camera is susceptible to reading all kinds of memory cards. Plus, the Canon camera will be failed to read the memory card, if it is corrupted, non-compatible, or damaged. It is one of the biggest bugs when the card is unable to be read, and in this situation, the camera won’t be able to store your photos.

The reason behind the issue:

  • A corrupt memory card
  • The card is not compatible
  • The memory card runs on a non-supported file system

How to fix the issue?

  • Unmount the memory card from the camera and insert it again
  • Connect it to a computer
  • Scan the card with an anti-virus tool to get rid of any malware
  • Check the compatibility of the memory card with your Canon camera
  • The memory card should be properly placed/ inserted in a given slot
  • Format the card by inserting it into your compute
  • Attach it again to your camera


BLIP # 3: Sluggish Data Transfer

A sluggish data transfer is the biggest annoyance. It generally happens when you are trying to transfer data from one source to another. Facing unwanted lags, create problems and lessens the device’s credibility. The distressing cause that affects the processing speed of your card or camera could be the actual reason.

The reason behind the issue:

  • The memory card is nearly full
  • An old non-compatible card

How to fix the issue?

  • Delete old photographs and videos from the card to create space for new items
  • If you are not interested to delete memories, transfer photos to your system
  • Format the memory card
  • Reset the camera by removing its batteries and attaching them once again
  • The file system of the memory card should be compatible with the Canon camera
  • The memory card should not be infected
  • If the memory card is under a major virus attack, format it or scan it using an anti-virus software


BLIP # 4: Memory Card Is Locked

The memory card gets locked and refuses to work when a write protection switch at the top left corner of your memory card is intentionally or unintentionally turned on. It averts you from making any modifications to the card. So, when the memory card is locked, then you cannot modify it.

The reason behind the issue:

You hit the situation when you accidentally turn on the write-protection switch at the top-left of your memory card.

How to fix the issue?

  • Unmount the card from the camera
  • Check the position of the lid
  • If it is in the upward direction, the card is unlocked
  • If the lid is in the downward direction, then the card is locked
  • Unlock the card first
  • Connect it to your camera again


Final Words

Hopefully, you are fairly known of the problem you are going through and accompanied by some handy fixes to get out of the situation. This guide is aimfully penned down to lets you resolve the common memory card errors on Canon cameras. We have roofed a wide range of problems and solutions in a few minutes read that allow you to get rid of every major or minor issue of memory card error on the Canon camera.

It is always sensible to know your device explicitly, and its common errors, helping fixes to prevent any unexpected situation. Additionally, the extreme case could be a data loss, the nightmare indeed that can ruin your galvanizing vacations.