Where Are My Lenses on Snapchat?


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If you want to experience something novel that can bring a captivating twist to your photos and videos, Snapchat is the unique app that can give you the thrill you want. Plus, it offers you multiple entertaining and creative opportunities where you can find the perfect lens to enthrall any occasion. Snapchat lenses can transform you into a wild horse, or scary gorilla, butterflies fly around your face on stills and videos, or what else!

We will start from scratch to let you know every tiny detail about Snapchat lenses. This article would be a great help, for enthused users, who seek to have a quick and easy guide on Snapchat lenses. Here is a brief and comprehensive path that can take you to Snapchat lenses.

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How to Find Your Lenses on Snapchat?

The very initial quest for a newbie might be the place of lenses on the Snapchat app. So, if you’re wondering where your lenses are on Snapchat, they can easily be spotted in the Lens Carousel.

Take the following actions to reach out to your lenses on Snapchat:

  • Log in to the Snapchat app, and open it
  • Move to the top-left corner of the screen
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Your profile screen will reveal a row of icons near the top
  • Tap on the icon that looks like a pair of glasses
  • It will take you to Snapchat’s Lens carousel, which is the virtual vessel where you can browse through all the available lenses
  • Just Tap on the lens you like, and try it out!

How to Access the Lens Carousel?

  • Tap your screen while on Snapchat
  • In case, you do not see the Lens Carousel, it might be because you did not unblock any lenses yet

To unlock lenses, you have the option to purchase them or collect them by accomplishing certain tasks within Snapchat.


What Do You Need to Have on Snapchat to Create Perfect Lenses?

Snapchat lenses are an evitable knack for creating a personalized environment. Users across the globe love to take photos and videos and twist them with Snapchat lenses and filters. You can keep on experimenting with customized Snapchat filters and lenses until you get the one you like most. With the launch of Snapchat Lens Studio, creation becomes endless. You can download user-friendly apps from the App Store to create the type of lens you wish to use. You are also allowed to choose any lens from a variety of templates to create your creation with ease.

By employing the functional tools, the user can create the Perfect Snapchat Lens for any occasion without involving in intricate details. The process of Snapchat lens creation is:

  • Lens creation with tools
  • Preview the lens before sending it to your phone so that you can perceive it appropriately
  • If you are satisfied with the image on the preview
  • Simply pair your phone with the application
  • Use your unique lens and share it with your friends, and enjoy the appreciation


How Can You Grab Lenses From Public Profiles?

Despite creating your lens with tools, you can also access the Public Profiles section. And here you will learn how you can do it:

  • Choose your profile from the top navigation
  • Select your profile from the left navigation
  • Select Lenses from the left navigation
  • Access the Setting
  • Select Filters and Lenses from the Settings menu
  • Select a custom face lens in the iOS app
  • Choose a template from one of the quick-to-make templates
  • Add a text message, if you want

It is highly suggested, that you should have your custom lenses purchased by at least 3 hours before the occasion to get them tested and to ensure that it runs perfectly and timely.


What is the “Do Not Promote” Rule?

You should have an idea of the term, “do not promote” before jumping into the selfie game. You can set your lens to “do not promote setting” to ensure your privacy. If you do not want your lens to be accessible by anyone, enable do not promote rule. On the contrary, if you want to include your Lens in your profile, make sure Do not promote is not permitted on My Lenses. Moreover, you should go through the Lens Visibility Settings to know more about the Do not promote rule.


How Do Snapchat Lenses Help You to Make Money?

Snapchat Lenses strappingly call the shots on social media. It wins over 300 million active users, making it an influential podium to stay with the latest trends. Snapchat lenses let you experience an augmented reality that is sidesplitting and extremely creative. Whether you are using iOS devices or Android users, you can create Snapchat lenses, and can transform the world around you, and can earn money too.

Here are some potential fields of earning money with Snapchat lenses:

1- Snap Ads

Taking a Snap or a small video ad that appears after a user takes it.

2- Sponsored lens filters

Sponsors pay for their logos or products used in lenses, which is a popular option these days.

3- Geofilters

An increasingly popular especially for businesses to place commercials on explicit sections of the user’s screen.

4- Sports partnerships

It is yet another popular way of earning and is extremely ideal for sponsors who seek to sponsor exclusive Snaps and content.

5- Discover

It is a new yet smart feature on Snapchat, which permits brands to pay for their products in the user’s feed in exchange for ad impressions.

So, with Snapchat lenses, you can make money by creating lenses for a company or your community. Bear in mind:

  • You must include your company name if lenses are recognized as sponsored.
  • No need to include a business name, if you are making lenses for your community.

Regardless of who is the buyer of your lenses; brands or communities, both will pay you if you work directly with Snap. It is reported, that via Spotlight Program, Snap paid 12,000 creators more than $250 million in total last year.


Create Unique Snapchat Lenses With Lens Studio

You can add an exciting and inimitable turn to your Snapchat images with stickers (lenses) that can be created and shared with Snapchatters. If you are an enthused snap chatter, and also a brainy user who is always in search of some cool lenses, you should definitely give Lens Studio a try. By availing of the option, you can make money by creating winning lenses to use your photos comically. It is also a modern way to run a lucrative business. So, if you are creative, you should try to earn money by selling your creation.

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What Are Try Lenses and How Can You Hide Them?

Experiencing augmented reality with Snapchat lenses transforms the way you look at your surroundings. Snapchat Try Lens is a newfangled feature on the Snapchat app that allows users to try on different looks and styles with the help of AR. On the contrary, filters are artistic effects you can add after taking a Snap.

Moreover, the lenses are potentially used to add:

  • 3D effects
  • Objects
  • Characters
  • Transformations to Snaps

You can also avail of the option of hiding your try lens skillfully. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to your Snapchat settings
  • Go to the “Additional Services” section
  • Tap on “Manage”
  • Toggle off the lenses you don’t want to appear in your available lenses list


Final Thoughts

Find your snap lenses on Snapchat to add a little extra feel to your Snapchats by adding a fun and exceptional element. Though moderation is imperative, it must also be considered because beyond limit even fun is offensive. Light use of lenses is suggested because overly use of lenses can affect your account. Supposedly, you have lenses that are no longer active, it is advised to delete them from your account before they occlude your carousel.