How to Use Flashlight on iPhone – iOS 11


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The feature of Flashlight is solely available in iOS 11, here you will get to know how to turn it on without undue time lapse. This sparkling LED is a built-in feature in iPhone. So let’s get to know how to toggle flashligh on your iPhone.

This feature is significant in many ways as it can be used as a torch light, secondly it can be used to capture photos. So yes it is useful and important at the same time.

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How to Turn on Flashlight via Control Center on iPhone

You can turn on this LED through Control Center.

Note: If you Cant see the Flashlight Icon in Control Center, You have to Add it first buy customizing your icons, click here to see how you can do that.


  1. First unlock your screen
  2. Swipe up the screen
  3. Head up to the general menu
  4. There will be an icon of Flashlight located at the left nook
  5. You have to tap it for turning it on and Off
  6. You can increase the intensity of flashlight on your iPhone by using 3D Touch
  7. By moving the sliders upwards and downwards you will be able to control the intensity of flashlight

It is handy to use this feature as you are also allowed to use your iPhone device as a source light. In case it is turned on then a user gets a sign in the notification shade so it will be easier for him to head up the notification shade and choose to switch it off if it isn’t needed any more.


What to Do if Flashlight Gets on the Blink

When it comes to Technology then it is totally usual and natural that sometimes things go wrong in them. Bugs and errors do occur in technological stuff. So don’t panic if something goes wrong with your flashlight as there are more than one way to get it fixed.

In case the flashlight of your iOS 11 gets on the blink then you can fix it by restarting your iPhone. When you will reboot your device it will work as a troubleshooter and could fix this problem and hopefully your Flashlight will start working again.



So this is how you can enable or disable flashlight on iPhone and how to fix the blinking problem it it exists. If this doesn’t fix the problem then you should update the latest version of iOS as it is recommended to do because it tends to fix many bugs. It is also suggested that by restoring your device such trivial problems can also be fixed. So you can try either of the ways to get your flashlight start working again perfectly.