Explore Sneaky Ideas – How to Secretly Record WhatsApp Calls on iOS and Android


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Are you a victim of cyberbullying, cheating, or infidelity? Do You want to secretly record WhatsApp calls to investigate and make informed decisions? This content could assist you in protecting your kid from potential predators and uncovering any spousal apprehensions hidden in the digital realm. Don’t worry; stay safe and composed, and use this guide as your reliable tool.

WhatsApp is almost everyone’s favorite for multiple reasons; you can also access WhatsApp Web now. The only caveat users often encounter is its lack of a call recording feature. However, you can make use of available WhatsApp call recorder on iOS and Android in 2023 to ensure convenience and safety. Remember that this document was created with good intentions and with no desire to violate anyone’s privacy.


This article will offer extensive support to users of all skill levels, helping them discover everything related to how to record WhatsApp calls. We have outlined every trick to exploring dependable call-recording apps with integrated stealthy features. By utilizing WhatsApp call recording apps, users can navigate digital communication with the knowledge provided below.


Is It Possible to Record a WhatsApp Call on Your Device?

Technically, NO. However, by now, you can use effective workarounds to record a WhatsApp call on your device. The WhatsApp mod app still does not support native call recording, and you have to use another medium to do it. Yes, we are referring to a recorder app that records WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS devices for later listening. As far as WhatsApp video call recording is concerned, you can do it using the built-in screen recording feature. You can access your WhatsApp video call recording in:

  • Photos if using iPhone
  • Gallery of using Android

If you are using a third-party app to record WhatsApp calls, follow these steps to access your recording:

  • Launch your preferred call-recorder app
  • Navigate through the options
  • You’ll find the recorded file


What are the Best Apps Available for Secretly Recording WhatsApp Calls in 2023?

The digital realm accommodates endless possibilities to assist users, which is why there is no dearth of apps for iOS and Android devices to secretly record a WhatsApp call. However, choosing the best from a plethora of choices can be an exhausting task. Don’t fret; we don’t want your energy drained. Here is a list of the best choices available and you can pick any app without giving it a second thought.


1. App Call Recorder:


  • Supported System: Android and iOS
  • Price: Free with IAP



2. KidsGuard for WhatsApp:


  • Supported System: Android and iOS
  • Price: Premium Subscriptions (monthly or yearly)



3. Call Recorder, Cube ACR:


  • Supported System: Android
  • Price: Free




4. Video Call Screen Recorder for WhatsApp FB:

  • Supported System: Android
  • Price: Free


5. AZ Screen Recorder:


  • Supported System: Android
  • Price: Free with IAP



6. Video Call Recorder for WhatsApp:


  • Supported Platform: Android
  • Price: Free



7. REC Screen Recorder:


  • Supported Platform: Android
  • Price: Free with IAP



8. Messenger Call Recorder:

  • Supported Platform: Android
  • Price: Free


9. Call recorder for WhatsApp:

  • Supported Platform: Android
  • Price: Free


10. All Call Recorders:


  • Supported Platform: Android
  • Price: Free with IAP



What to Consider When Choosing A WhatsApp Call Recording App?

WhatsApp call recording apps assist users in recording WhatsApp calls. Here are the features that you should look for in a call recorder when deciding what to pick and what to skip:

  • Automatically detects and records WhatsApp calls
  • Provides clutter-free recording quality
  • Offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Capable of guiding on how to record WhatsApp call
  • Efficiently record phone calls and VoIP calls including WhatsApp
  • Also offers a manual call-recording feature
  • Provides an option for in-app playback
  • Capable of offering starred recordings
  • Efficiently switches to smart speaker
  • Offers Cloud back-up
  • Reliable Video call recorder capabilities
  • Capable of recording live streaming of games in Android and iOS devices
  • Offers screen recording functionalities with internal noise-free sound
  • Supports screen recording functionalities
  • Capable of supporting various features like trimming, converting, rotating, and more
  • Offers screenshot and image editing capabilities
  • WhatsApp calls with live streaming option
  • Offers call recording for longer hours (up to 1 hour is fine)
  • Customized countdown timer

It is important to consider a few crucial points when choosing a call-recorder app for WhatsApp calls.

  • Since WhatsApp content is end-to-end encrypted, the risk of data invasion multiplies when you allow the app’s access to your content
  • Always choose an app that has:
  1. Positive ratings
  2. Good reviews
  3. A Legitimate service provider


How Can You Record WhatsApp Calls on Your iPhone?

Here are a few feasible approaches to call recording on WhatsApp using iPhone:


1- Using the Screen Recording Function

It is not always easy to bypass Apple devices to avail of stealth functionalities; however, using the screen recording function in iOS can help. What you need to do is to opt for a unique set of steps. It is important to note that the following step-by-step guide specifically caters to iOS devices of version 11 and later.

Here is how to accomplish the WhatsApp call recording process on iOS devices:


  • Launch the Settings app
  • Visit the control center
  • Navigate and select the “customize” function
  • Click on the “Plus” icon on “screen recording.”
  • Switch on the microphone button
  • This process will initiate a call recording


2- Record WhatsApp Calls via a Mac

The iPhone does not offer a straightforward method for secretly recording WhatsApp calls; it involves intricate steps to achieve this goal. You can use QuickTime on Mac to enjoy the hidden benefits of WhatsApp call recording capabilities.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a lightning cable
  • When directed on your iPhone, select “Trust this computer.”
  • Launch the QuickTime application on your Mac
  • Navigate the File menu
  • Select “New Audio Recording.”
  • Click the arrow-down icon next to the record button
  • Select your iPhone as the “audio input source”
  • Initiate a WhatsApp call on your iPhone
  • Once the call is connected, access the QuickTime
  • Click the add user icon
  • This action will merge the call with the recording
  • When you have finished the call, stop recording in QuickTime
  • Save the audio file on your Mac for later listening


3- Recording WhatsApp Calls with a Third-Party Call Recording App

It is the last resort for iPhone users. Using a third-party app is a straightforward method to record a WhatsApp call. This document has already outlined a few of the best call recorder apps; however, you can also search on the AppStore.


How Can You Record WhatsApp Calls on Android?

How disturbing it would be when you are apprehensive about your kid’s or spouse’s suspicious actions. Don’t worry and stay calm; this document aims to help you in the best possible way. You always think of some intriguing ideas for how you can track phone applications or access their WhatsApp calls. The good news is that you can use a WhatsApp call recording app for Android to listen to what’s going on. If you are an Android user, you are in the right section, reading the helpful stuff. The good news is, that you can use a WhatsApp call recording app for Android to listen to what’s going on. Being a concerned parent or a doubting spouse are justified reason to bypass some privacy barriers.

Here are the common steps that can be involved during this process:

  • Launch the Google App Play store


  • Search for the “Record Whatsapp Calls” mobile application


  • Click on the “Install” option to initiate the process


  • Follow the on-screen prompts carefully
  • Ensure you grant permissions mindfully; typically, this includes microphone, photographs, and contact details
  • Enable the “App Accessibility Setting”


  • Make sure you have allowed access to the “notification” and “accessibility” apps

So, that’s all! Stay safe and informed.


What Safety Concerns Should You Keep In Mind Before Using a Third-Party App?

Despite the benefits of using a third-party app for WhatsApp call recording, there are also certain risks involved. Here are a few crucial factors that should be considered before using third-party apps to record WhatsApp calls:

  • Ensure legal compliance with legal considerations specific to your country or region
  • Choose apps that offer end-to-end encryption
  • Ensure robust data protection measures are in place
  • Check the app’s compatibility with your device
  • Always consider user reviews and ratings before installing any third-party app; these provide criteria for evaluating the app’s performance and reliability
  • Be extra vigilant when granting permissions, and never allow access to data unrelated to call recording


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few queries users might experience, and it can also address your concerns if any:

Can WhatsApp Calls Get Automatically Recorded?

No, WhatsApp does not support a call recording feature. That’s why users have to rely on some intricate methods or install call-recorder apps for their respective devices.

Can I Trace If WhatsApp Calls Are Being Recorded?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot determine or probe if your WhatsApp call is being recorded by someone. To avoid a nasty situation, always use trusted apps and make sure that you are complying with legal requirements.

Can I Record WhatsApp Video Calls?

Yes, you can definitely record WhatsApp video calls using screen recording apps on your respective devices. You have the option to choose between a free or premium subscription screen recording app.


The Final Takeaways

Thankfully, we have successfully explored all the tricks and methods for secretly recording WhatsApp Calls. This document uncovers built-in features or apps that empower users to navigate the countless possibilities of digital communication. A list of reliable call-recorder apps is provided; choose any app that supports your device.

It is highly suggested to take care of the factors that should be considered when using a third-party app for a sneak peek into WhatsApp. TECHBYTEX is persistently dedicated to keeping users informed about changes in the digital landscape.