Is Video Call Available on WhatsApp Web?


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WhatsApp is one of the most thrilling social media apps of the present time that is being relished by over 1.5 billion active users. It captures and fascinates the masses, who usually struggle to do the meekest tasks with social media apps. No one can deny the power of visual communication on social media apps, especially WhatsApp, which has entirely changed the concept of communication.

WhatsApp entices the audience with its interactive video call capabilities. The boring calls are aided by WhatsApp Web diversification now. However, making the call on the desktop can be a dreary job than pushing calls through iOS/Android app. But the good news is, we came up with a sleek solution to offset the tediousness of video call on WhatsApp web, and you can do it like a pro!

Subsequently, the wait has ended, and WhatsApp has surfaced with end-to-end encrypted video and voice call support for its desktop version.

What Do You Need to Know About Video Call Handiness on WhatsApp Web?

  • This new thrilling feature can be enabled by downloading the desktop app
  • WhatsApp desktop voice and video calls are compatible with Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and newer and macOS 10.13 and newer
  • It offers a reliable and high-quality video call experience
  • You can make group voice and video calls on WhatsApp with no worries
  • WhatsApp lets you make end-to-end encrypted one-to-one voice and video calls

How Can You Make a Video Call on WhatsApp Web?

To do it, take the following actions:

  • Login to your WhatsApp Web
  • Move to the contact list on WhatsApp
  • Go to the contact to whom you would like to make a video call
  • Open the individual chat of the contact
  • Click on the Video call icon

How Can You Share WhatsApp Video Calls?

You can share WhatsApp video calls in this way:

  • Tap on the video icon to initiate the video call on WhatsApp
  • Once the call starts, you will spot a few buttons at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on the button with three stars that will reveal more options
  • Tap on the option ‘Screen Share

How Can You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls?

You can switch to a video call from a voice call in this way:

  • You can send a request to switch a voice call to a video call
  • Choose the contact
  • Click ok or Switch to switch the call or Cancel to decline
  • Drift over the Camera icon during the call
  • Click the Camera icon
  • The voice call will switch to a video call

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What Do You Need to Do to Push Through a Video Call on WhatsApp Web?

Before making or receiving video calls on WhatsApp Desktop, make sure:

  • You need to have an unhampered internet connection on your computer
  • WhatsApp requires access to your computer’s microphone and camera
  • You need an audio output device to connect a microphone and camera to your computer for calls
  • For the best audio experience, use a headset because a separate external microphone or speaker might cause echo or distortion

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Final Words

Video call on WhatsApp Web is a satisfying experience because you can view far better on the big screen than you perceive on the tiny screen of your smartphone. So, try out to have a thrilling experience of a video call on WhatsApp web.