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Samsung Smart Tv apps List 2019

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Samsung Smart tv is that amazing box that comes with some awesome combined internet + interactive ‘Web 2.0’ characteristics. Because of Its brilliant features it has become one of the most famous tv products. There are tons of excellent and immensely useful apps of Samsung Smart tv since the smart tv of Samsung has been upgraded to the innovative Smart Hub operating system. The rainfall of super cool apps of Samsung Smart tv seems to be an unending one.

Here for your convenience we have amassed the best collection of these apps. So, take a quick look and see how much they are useful and interesting at the same time. It’s a sure bet that you would love owning these apps.


Samsung Smart tv apps

samsung smart tv apps list - Samsung Smart Tv apps List 2019

1. YouTube

YouTube do not require a list of acknowledging and appreciating words, you all are fully-aware of its infinite amusement and usefulness. Look below for its further characteristics

  • Great app for your Samsung Star tv
  • Well-built
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Endless ocean of infotainment
  • A great platform to upload videos


2. Netflix

Netflix will let you stream your desired videos from the internet on your Samsun smart tv directly, you won’t be needing any external gadget in this regard. Now take a look of its remaining characteristics

  • Mostly it is preinstalled but sometimes it happens that user may have to download it in your Samsung Smart tv.
  • Handy to go with
  • Simple sign in
  • Great quality


3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon video is that superb platform that provides video on demand service, Amazon is the main anchor of this internet service that operates it and owns it. Glance at some other features of its

  • Provides great service
  • Can be used without any hitch
  • Ease of access
  • Simple to use


4. Web Search

This app comes with unique feature that facilitates you in answering query. Let see what else it brings to you 

  • Gives a web/net search utility
  • You can figure out about your interrogation directly on your Samsung Smart tv
  • No complication in accessing
  • Gives you high quality of visuals


5. HBO Now | Go

This app allows you enjoy huge premieres, besides that there is every single episode of HBO’s best and alluring series like Westworld, Barry and Game of Thrones. Glimpse of some other features of HBO Now are mentioned below

  • Promises to provide mega entertainment
  • You can enjoy new movies on weekly bases
  • You can watch interesting and thrilling documentaries
  • Ease of access

6. iPlayer

This app comes with the tremendous service of web streaming + VOD. It is basically of BBC that lets you enjoy your favorite shows. For more of its features you need to take a look below

  • Providing great service through a vast collection of videos that are from BBC net work
  • Allows you to watch your desired shows on demand
  • Stream your preferred shows on your Samsung Smart tv and get delighted
  • Handy to use
  • Absolutely no anomalies at all

7. PlayStation Now

This is one o the most widely loved app that lets you play a diversity of games on a mega screen of your Samsung Smart tv. some other specialties of this app are here

  • Massive variety of immensely interesting games of Play station
  • User can easily play heavy and weight games
  • All you need is an excellent internet connection with a rapid speed
  • Great to use


8. Hulu

This app is amongst the most famous American video on demand service apps that comes with a subscription. It allows you to have the best and exclusive content. Other attractions of Hulu are here

  • Provides its users an unlimited streaming library
  • Bring you an excellent content
  • Perfect quality
  • Handy to use


9. Spotify

Spotify will be just the ticket for all those who are in deep love with music. You will be able to turn your huge Samsung Smart tv into a tiny yet an exotic musical theatre that comes with more than 30 million songs. Some more charms of Spotify are here

  • Handy set up
  • Easy installation and you will be ready to get started
  • Sublime quality
  • Great quality with awesome variety


10. Vudu

Vudu is another video on demand service app that promises to provide its users an excellent service. For more detailed features you need to take a look below

  • Great service with sublime quality of visuals and sounds
  • No requirement of subscription is required
  • So simple to use


11. Plex

Plex is perfect to stream your favorite movies on the wide screen of your Samsung smart tv. it is believed to be one of the finest Plex media Center. Plex has something more in it, let’s take a look

  • Easy setup
  • Quality is out-class
  • Can be easily accessed
  • Great collection of movies
  • Free sign up


12. Ted

Ted is known for hosting the conferences that are held worldwide. Here on this podium you can watch tons of great videos. You can go through vast range of diverse topics whom you will find so useful. Want to know more about Ted? Take a look

  • Wide range of videos of academicians, business leaders
  • It also gives you voice commands
  • Get delighted with the super cool Ted talks.
  • Handy to use


13. Accu Weather

This app informs you about the weather conditions, it comes both in paid and free versions. Through this app you will be able to see a list of big main cities, either the weather forecast will be shown by zip codes or by the name of an area/city. Accu Weather comprises great features, such as

  • Handy to use
  • Extremely useful with handy navigation
  • Paid version o this app will cost you almost $2.99
  • It also displays a 10-days weather forecast
  • It can display weather forecast on hourly bases too.


14. Fandango

It is a complete video streaming service that comprises above than 30,000 different tv shows and movies. Awesome features of this app are here

  • Well-built app
  • Huge rage of movies and tv shows
  • You can also have reviews besides having your preferred tv shows
  • Clear visuals
  • No subscription is needed
  • Great content that comes with sublime quality


15. SPSN Samsung Product Support Net work

SPSN that stands as ‘Samsung Product Support Net-work’ comprises some awe-inspiring video tutorials. These tutorials are for entire Samsung products that you will find so helpful in developing a better understanding regarding the nitty-gritty of device and how perfectly you can get the best out of them. For more info about it you need to glance below

  • SPSN is faultlessly built
  • Provides such a valuable information that will assist you so brilliantly
  • Will give the answer o tricky queries like how you can create macros on your Samsung Smart tv remote control
  • Will enable you to troubleshoot many annoying problems that often occur while handling any device
  • So simple to use


16. Ultra flix

Ultra-Flix promises to give you ultra-delight by providing a massive range of movies, if you own ‘Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV’ then you can easily stream in 4K. For more information about Ultraflix you can glance at its features

  • Easy set up and handy use
  • Will give you a tremendous quality of visuals
  • It comes both in paid and free versions
  • There are several movies that you can take on rent of reasonable amount for $4.99
  • Your internet speed has to be a super-fast one


17. Vimeo

Vimeo is known as one of the best sources of uploading videos for totally free, just like YouTube. This podium contains an ocean of diverse videos from several sources. Other attractions that Vimeo has are

  • Well-organizes app
  • Very entertaining
  • Brings variety of categories like comic, Music videos, short-documentaries and there is much more that you can discover and will enjoy on your Samsung Smart tv
  • Eye-popping visuals with perfect quality


18. Shout Factory TV

Shout Factory Tv gives you an access for getting thrilled with its tremendous content. You can enjoy watching full-length movies with Shout Factory Tv app. Some more merits of this app are here

  • It is simple to use
  • Handy instructions to follow
  • It is available on diverse platforms
  • Offers a range of movies
  • Doesn’t comprise in quality


19. DashWhoa

It is a great app to keep you on track when it comes to begin your day. It assists you in waking up early and start you day. There is much more in this app loo below to discover what else it brings

  • Well-built app
  • Great efficacy and utility
  • It comes with a clock and a calendar
  • It also provides you an information about weather condition on hourly bases
  • High quality

This was the laundry list of apps of Samsung Smart tv Apps, these apps have too much to offer to you. Some offer fun and excitement, some help you in knowing the traffic and weather condition of a certain area and city. Some bring a huge entertainment for you in form of movies, tv shows and bizarre documentaries. These apps of Samsung Smart tv are a good way to kill the boredom and make the best use of leisure time.

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