Best iOS Apps For Live Sports

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Sports have a healthy impact on our lives. We see a list of paid and free sports apps that are created to amuse sports enthusiasts. These live sports apps help you stay updated on real-time scores, receive sports news, compare statistics, and much more. You can enjoy your favorite sports program or match no matter where you are.

If you are an avid sports fan, just get connected with live-streaming games, particularly if the team you’re rooting for is playing, and you want to live every second of the game. This content is aimfully written to let you know about the best free and paid live-streaming sports apps for iOS.


Best iOS Apps For Live Sports

A dependable and powerful sports app is the ultimate desire of every sports lover. Don’t fret with such a huge number of sports apps, we will show you the direction to move. We have picked the best sports apps for you to influence your decision. Do not confuse, you have stumbled in the right place.

We have segregated the best apps for iOS into two groups for convenience and better understanding; sports subscription apps and free apps.


1- Hulu



When it comes to subscription-based endless sports streaming apps for iOS, then Hulu is an unbeatable champion in the market.

Here are the features of the best family sports streaming app, Hulu


  • In various regions, users enjoy sports with Hulu + Live Plan.
  • It covers:
      1. NFL
      2. NHL
      3. NCAA
      4. College-level leagues
      5. Professional matches
  • The sports streaming platform supports 75+ channels.
  • It is loaded with content like:
      1. Sports
      2. Live news
      3. Entertainment
      4. Reviews and Analysis
  • You can easily get access to ESPN and NFL content and can also download your favorite matches to watch later.
  • The app allows the user to enjoy the liberty of bespoke recommendations and track the last viewed moment of their shows or events.
  • If you are in hurry, watch fast forward through the recordings, it is better than missing out.
  • The sports app has a huge content library that includes live sports, on-demand movies, and TV episodes.

Hulu is the best sports streaming app for families having different choices. So, all family members from grand Pa to little kiddy of the house, everyone can enjoy the zest of sports.


2- YouTube TV Live Sports

YouTube TV


YouTube TV Live Sports is a leading sports streaming app for iOS.

Here are the features of the sports app


  • This is an over-the-top sports streaming platform that is subscription based and offers its services in the United States.
  • YouTube sports app covers:
      1. ABC
      2. CBS
      3. The CW
      4. Fox
      5. NBC
  • The sports streaming service offers Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits and allows full entertainment with exclusive deals and offers.
  • Users can access 6 YouTube TV accounts with individual login and DVR.

It covers more than 60 channels from the US. It includes:

      1. CBS RSN Channels
      2. ESPN Network
      3. FS
      4. Golf Channel
      5. MLB Network
      6. NBA TV
      7. NBCSN
      8. NESN
      9. Olympic Channel
      10. Tennis Channel
  • The streaming service has been directly streamed on a phone or Apple TV without any cable box
  • The sports app allows the user to get access to the top content-providing networks on the TV App.

If you are a big fan of boxing and want to enjoy every second of the game, then DAZN is the right sports app for your iPhone.

Here are the promising features of DAZN


  • DAZN is an exclusive sports app that primarily features boxing events.
  • You can have easy access to over 250 classic boxing fights.
  • The user can enjoy live content and on-demand ring performance as well.

DAZN also offers:

      1. UEFA
      2. UWCL
      3. Match highlights
      4. Original documentaries
  • DAZN does not offer free of cost streaming plans. You need to pay USD 89.22 monthly to get engaging boxing content, exclusive documentaries, classic fights, and weekly shows.


3- Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo is a popular search engine and has connections to childhood memories. But here we are talking about Yahoo Sports.

Here are the enthralling features of Yahoo Sports.


  • It has a reigning hold in the live sports tracking department with the Yahoo Sports app.
  • The sports app offers in-depth coverage of your cherished team, sports, and gaming trials.
  • You enjoy timely updates, news, live local and primetime NFL games, and live scores with the Yahoo app.
  • If you are a football lover, Yahoo loves it too. Grab the app right now for great coverage of major football leagues.
  • The Yahoo app boasts an easy-to-use interface.

You can also get access to:

      1. Specially curated blogs
      2. News articles
      3. Expert’s reviews

You can track it on the Yahoo app:

      1. Football
      2. NFL
      3. NBA
      4. MMA
      5. Boxing
      6. Cricket
      7. Tennis
      8. Cycling
      9. F1
  • Yahoo app is one of the best sports apps for iOS, which entails every smart feature which every sports enthusiast seeks for.


4- La Liga Sports TV

 Laliga TV


The sports app is extremely popular among women, especially those who have an interest in football matches. So, if you are the one, pick it right now!

Here are the features


  • Distraction-free live streaming with real-time updates.
  • Unobstructed streaming in the premium season of matches galvanizes sports freaks.
  • The stand-out feature is the Watch Video Later section, which is very assisting for people who have a tight hectic schedule.
  • It is an absolutely free sports app and has everything to amuse sports enthusiasts.


5- 365Scores

365 Scores


For the best sports updates, 365Scores is an absolute sports app you need to grab right now.


  • Regardless of your sport of choice, the 365Scores app has everything for every sports lover.
  • From a plethora of sports channels, you can customize your own sports channel that entails your favorite:
      1. Latest news
      2. Video highlights
      3. Scores
      4. Tweets
      5. Standings
  • Thanks to this app, now you don’t need to spare plenty of time in search of any sports information. Grab the app, and get everything whether it is about:
      1. Tennis
      2. Soccer
      3. Basketball
      4. Football

365Scores offers you to receive timely notifications to keep you prepared about your favorite match or any sports event.


6- Premier Player



Premier Player is a sports app that allows the user to make a customized bundle of his preferred content.

Here are the features of Premier Player


  • Premier Player allows the user to watch live sports and enjoy content from:
      1. FreeSports channel
      2. BoxNation
      3. LaLiga TV
      4. Premier Sports
  • You can make a bundle whether consists of a standalone sports channel or a bunch of channels.

Premier Player is a podium of channels that are full HD and offers a casting functionality to:

      1. Smart TVs
      2. Apple TV
      3. Fire TV/Stick
      4. Chromecast


7- beIN Sports

beIN Sports


It is one of the biggest sports contenders of this era.

Here are some powerful facts regarding beIN Sports, you need to know


  • When it comes to authentic sports news, engaging videos, highlights, scores, and standings, you need to land beIN Sports. It is the only sports platform that offers live sports from popular leagues.
  • This is a powerful sports app that allows you to Log in with your participating TV provider to enjoy exclusive sports updates.
  • This sports app allows the user to get access all the channels and networks under beIN Sports to meet their gaming zest.
  • Thanks to The beIN Connect which entails a large bouquet of popular Sports Programming.


8- FlashScore



For the best sports info anytime anywhere, FlashScore is one of the most reliable sports apps for iOS.

Here are the enticing features of the sports app


  • From major to minor sports info related to 38 sports are just a touch away.
  • Over 6000 sports competitions across the globe with real-time scores and stats are at your fingertips.

You can get electrifying sports fun on FlashScore which provides:

      1. Football
      2. Tennis
      3. Basketball
      4. Hockey
      5. Rugby
  • Distraction-free sports coverage and timely updates are just a click away.
  • FlashScore can synchronize between your computer, mobile, and tablet.
  • If you are a sports freak, FlashScore has much to offer you in form of quick sports info recaps, personalized table lineups, previews,  and other match details.


9- BBC Sport



BBC Sport is one of the best reliable sports apps for iOS.


  • It is one of the most watched and coveted sports apps that offers information like:
      1. Top stories
      2. Analysis
      3. Live scores
      4. Live coverage
      5. Highlights
  • The stand-out feature of BBC Sport is the power it offers to the user of creating a personalized “My Sports” page. Your own page is your asset where you can freely follow stories, fallouts, and the short details of your preferred content.
  • It offers audio as well live commentary in the typescript.
  • BBC Sport allows you to Chromecast to get on-demand videos to your big-screen TVs.

You are empowered to follow your favorite teams in sports, including:

      1. Football
      2. F1
      3. Cricket
      4. Rugby union
      5. Rugby league
      6. Tennis
      7. Golf
  • Users can share their choice of content, breaking news, stories, and sports-related stuff with their friends and followers.


10- SuperSport



It is the best beginner-friendly live sports app for iOS.

Here is everything you need to know about SuperSport


  • As it is crowned the best beginner-friendly sports app for iOS, the interface is extremely user-friendly to help anyone to understand and navigate it.

You can watch everything you love like:

      1. Tennis
      2. Rugby
      3. Cricket
      4. Football
      5. Latest tournaments and updates
      6. Live commentaries
  • Users can join chat groups to share their opinion.
  • If you have missed your favorite match, you can watch highlights to feel the same gist and intensity of the match.
  • Lest you forget, SuperScore informs you of upcoming matches to keep you prepared to enjoy every second of the live event.


11- Bleacher Report



It is another popular contender that offers live sports for iOS.

Here are the promising features of Bleacher Report, which is one of the best game sources.


  • An authentic source for live updates about scores, your favorite team, winning/losing team, favorite players, and expert sports reviews.

It actively keeps you informed about:

      1. Your favorite team
      2. Breaking news
      3. Bookmark your favorite stories
      4. Latest sports videos
      5. Sports analysis
      6. Pictures of your favorite sports

Bleacher Report lets you share your favorite storylines with your friends via social media podiums like:

      1. Facebook
      2. Twitter
      3. Social media groups
      4. Email
      5. Text message

You can have quick access to your favorite teams across leagues, including:

      1. Premier League
      2. Champions League
      3. La Liga
      4. Bundesliga; football, cricket, rugby, MMA, F1, and more


12- fuboTV Live



If you are a person who loves free streaming, fuboTV Live is the best FREE sports app for iOS.

Here is everything you need to know about FuboTV Live


  • FuboTV Live is an enticing sports streaming app for iOS.

It covers top sports events such as:

      1. NCAA college football
      2. NASCAR, MLB
      3. NFL
      4. NBA
      5. World Cup
      6. Champions League

It further supports channels like:

      1. ESPN+
      2. Sling TV
      3. YouTube TV for live sports

It efficiently works with entertainment streaming platforms like:

      1. HBO NOW
      2. Netflix
      3. And many others

FuboTV also streams more than 50,000 live college and professional events:

      1. NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
      2. S. Open
      3. Olympics
  • Thanks to the 72-Hour Lookback feature that allows the user to replay any show or game in the previous 3 days.
  • Fubo TV requires VPN support, you can also avail of ExpressVPN.
  • The heart-winning service of Cloud DVR saves 30 hours of recording or 500 hours after going through the account upgradation process.
  • You can give quality to your leisure time by watching movies and tv shows through the platform.

The sports streaming podium broadcasts live news on channels like:

      1. NBC
      2. CBS Sports
  • It is only a 60 MB app which puts a little burden on your device.

It is pertinent to note that fuboTV is:

  • Not available in a few locations, like India.
  • Not compatible with older models before Android 5.0 and iOS 14.0.


13- LiveScore



To enjoy the best live coverage of your favorite sports, grab the LiveScore sports app for iOS.

Here are the promising features of the sports app


  • It keeps you alarmed and active with its timely updates on virtually all types of sports in the world, be it cricket, basketball, ice hockey, tennis any sports activity you urge for.
  • LiveScore instinctively tracks all sports events based on your choices.
  • This app keeps you updated with the latest updates available.
  • The sporty app offers a great interactive interface and seamlessly runs even if your internet connection is slow and obstructed.
  • Consuming fewer data is the heart-winning feature of LiveScore.
  • The enthralling sports app offers immediate and responsive detailing.
  • You can enjoy instant updates on live scores from various leagues and tournaments with LiveScore.


14- Live Soccer TV



If you are a soccer and football enthusiast, Live Soccer TV is an appropriate live sports app for iOS.

Here are the enchanting features of Live Soccer TV


  • It is the perfect live football streaming app to meet the electrifying needs of sports freaks.
  • The Live Soccer TV app is an all-inclusive soccer/football TV streaming podium, which offers exclusive soccer and sports news, match schedules, and multi-platform broadcast listings.
  • This is a sports app that allows the broadcasting of TV sports shows, live Streaming, Radio, and on-demand sports events.

The app explicitly offers:

      1. Match statistics
      2. Match events
      3. Live scores
      4. News
      5. Sports analysis
      6. Broadcasting schedules of domestic leagues and cups
      7. Official TV
      8. Radio
      9. On-demand broadcast settings
      10. Links to official video streams
      11. Legal live audios
  • The Live Soccer TV app is a winning mobile platform for, alongside a handy resource for football/soccer fans.


15- WherestheMatch



If you want a sports app for your iOS that intrinsically and intuitively follows your acts, WherestheMatch is the one that keeps you reminded about the event you are restlessly waiting for.

Here are the shining features of WherestheMatch


  • This app catches all live sports for your channels.
  • It does not let you miss any soccer match or any other sports-related event.

WherestheMatch covers:

      1. TV schedules for Football
      2. Rugby Union and Rugby League
      3. Cricket
      4. Golf
      5. Tennis
      6. Boxing
      7. F1
      8. Darts
      9. Cycling
      10. NBA
      11. Basketball
      12. Ice Hockey
      13. Horse racing
      14. Aussie Rules
      15. GAA, Athletics
  • It has much more to enthrall the users and covers everything a sports lover seeks to have in his sports app.
  • It lists the TV stations, and major live streams, and allows easy browsing.
  • This app gets access to your calendar to add events.
  • It instinctively changes the Timezone to your own
  • You will get reminders based on your favorite picks.


16- ESPN



ESPN is the ground-breaking reality, it is one of the quickest sports apps for iOS.


  • It allows the best engaging sports coverage.
  • You can easily view the older content here to enjoy the gaming action in previous dates.
  • Live sporting events are broadcasted from their respective stations.
  • Pick your favorite teams and customize the scores and news.
  • You can easily scrutinize the latest events of each major league.
  • ESPN is a home of various sports news from around the world, alongside breaking news the moment it hits the Internet or TV.
  • If you are a podcast lover, ESPN offers a variety of podcasts.
  • Users have the liberty to follow ESPN’s plethora of Social Media accounts to get amused and engaged.


17- Action Network App



To enjoy the best sports action odds and scores, get the Action Network App.


  • Enjoy unconditional bets with the Action Network app on your iPhone.
  • This app empowers the user with some handy tools to track his preferences, and quick access to live scores, news, and real-time odds.

The standout features of the Action Network App include:

      1. News insight
      2. Exclusive market movements
      3. Real-time betting alerts
      4. Live betting odds
  • It offers expert picks to motivate, and guide users with the best sports-related content.


18- Livestream


Livestream is an intuitive sports app on iPhone that senses your preferences and acts accordingly.

Take a dig deep to know the enchanting features of Livestream.


  • Livestream is one of the most compatible sports apps on iPhone with offers like:
      1. News
      2. Conferences
      3. Music
  • You will receive instant coverage of any sports event took place anywhere in the world.
  • Livestream is a hub of a variety of sports content. It also allows you to broadcast events to friends and followers
  • A very cool side of Livestream is to let users interact with their viewers.
  • You can make your broadcast personalized, creative, and unique with four different video filters that Livestream offers.


19- CBS Sports



If you are a radio addict and love to listen to sports live coverage via radio, then CBS Sports has much to glad you.


  • It is one of the paramount sports apps for sports-related content.
  • You can get live scores, push notifications, media content, and much more.
  • You can enjoy live SEC football, PGA tour, and NCAA basketball on the CBC app then why needed to look at any other app?
  • Fantasy Sports content of several sports has been offered under one roof.

The CBC app is undeniably a treat for sports enthusiasts. It allows the users to:

      1. Customize your push notifications
      2. Personalize news content
      3. Access special coverage
      4. Live streaming radio programming
      5. And much more, that can satiate the sporty needs of sports freaks
  • The handy access to getting live scores, watching highlights, and live streaming radio is in everyone’s demand in any sports app.


20- Ustream



When it comes to versatility, Ustream is the best option one can get in live sports streaming apps.

Here are the features of the app


  • Ustream app allows users to stream all their favorite video content to their mobile devices.
  • You can upload videos, and broadcast live videos and the feasibility of watching these videos on your iOS.
  • It is one of the best sports apps which is streamlined and convenient as well.
  • You can chat with your audience whilst broadcasting to enjoy an interactive experience.
  • Ustream empowers the user with the liberty of recording videos and keeping them for later uploading.
  • Explore upstream channels and follow which you like, you will be notified when any broadcasting will take place.
  • Ustream allows healthy social interaction and is a home of entertaining and engaging content.


21 Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News



If you are a cricket freak, Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News app would be a thrilling addition to your iOS. Here are the features of the best cricket app.


  • Instant updates across the globe about cricket are exactly what a cricket lover seeks in a sports app. Cricbuzz is assuredly the best app that you should definitely install on your iPhone.
  • It does not let you miss anything about a single league match or national cricket match.

You can further get access to:

      1. News
      2. Videos
      3. Match analysis by experts
      4. Records of your favorite international and national players
      5. Points tables and rankings
      6. Live commentary
      7. Pre-match statistics like, weather/stats/trivia
      8. Map View for Matches
  • This app allows you to explore new info and gets up-to-date knowledge of your favorite cricket guru.


22- Fancred



Here is everything you need to know about one of the best sports rants, Fancred.


  • A newcomer lets you experience the fun of the electrifying sport.
  • It is one of the best podiums to share your rants regarding sports.
  • Your comments on losing the game, or charming the game are valuable because this app streams your rant to others.
  • You can become a lucky famous personality with your own weekly sports-ranting stream.
  • You can get a personalized identity to let everyone know you as an ignitor.
  • Fancred is a rabid community, a home of sports lovers.
  • This app does not let you miss the updates on scores.
  • Streaming your own rants lets you experience liberty.


23- Sports Betting™



Just have a look at some astounding features of one of the best iOS apps for live sports, Sports Betting is pretty famous for its electrifying gaming actions.


  • It offers up-to-date galvanizing information for sporting events across the globe.
  • One of the latest odds of Sports Betting is, it keeps you alarmed with the latest scores with the app’s real-time reporting and live scoring feature.
  • If you are a guy who loves to watch sports with your pals and loves betting when the gaming action is at its peak. Just grab the app immediately to join the gaming spree!
  • The app is featured with half-time or other related options to enthuse sports freaks.
  • You can enjoy major sports with sports betting to experience exceptional fun.
  • Sports betting lets you enthrall a sleek and professional gaming experience.
  • A 100 % bonus is a welcome treat for new users.
  • It is one of the best mobile sportsbooks that lets you lure anywhere at any time.
  • Enjoy the nail-biting sporty moments with Sports Betting to experience real-time coverage and live scores.


24- Sports TV Live



Here are the spectacular features of sports TV Live.


  • It covers over 50 sports channels from America and Europe including all hyped channels.
  • This sports app is substantially known for its high-definition stations.
  • The moment new channels are added, and important events are flashed you will receive a notification.
  • It is a user-friendly sports app that can enthuse everyday sports fans.


Final Words

So, that’s all the content of most appreciating live sports streaming apps for iOS. All options offer live sports entertainment, diverse content, and services to sports enthusiasts. If you are interested to get some extra entertainment besides sports, Hulu is the best pick for you. Techbytex has gathered up-to-date information regarding sports apps, and the above-mentioned paid and free sporty apps are some of the best apps for iPhone users. So, you need to proceed according to your needs, supposedly, if you are a man to keep recordings to watch later, Fubo TV will be a fantastic choice for you.