How to Fix No Signal and Network Errors on Android


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No signal and network errors on android are really annoying problems that sometimes one happens to face. From getting out of this maddening situation there are couple of tricks that can be applied to get this problem fixed.

Technologies has its own ease and comforts no doubt but it is also totally natural to have glitches and errors in technological stuff especially in smartphones.

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The Major Cause of Network Error

The chief causes behind no signal error are low signals, when the sim and device are not compatible with each other then also this error also occurs.


How to Fix No Signal or Network Errors on Android Phones


1. Fix the Error by Using Flight Mode

Flight mode will work like a trouble shooter, so just turn on the flight mode as by performing this action your sim card will be disabled. After a little while you need to turn off the flight mode. The moment you will it switch it off your Android device will start catching the SIM network.


2. Fixing the Error by Manually Selecting the Network

Whenever no signal error occurs then it could happen that your device won’t be unable to automatically select the network so in this scenario you are supposed to select the network manually.

If you don’t know how to select your preferred network manually then let’s have a look below:

  1. Head up to the Settings menu
  2. Look for ‘More networks’ or Settings
  3. After getting it found tap it
  4. Now you need to tap the Network operators
  5. You have to wait a little longer so your device could search for the available networks in the vicinity
  6. Now select your preferred network

If the problem still remains there then move on to the next fix as it is also said to be the useful remedy for no signal error.


3. Boot Up Your Android Device

Yes this can also solve the problem all you need to do is to turn off your device, let it remain off for a short while, after that turn om your phone. When you boot up your device then will search and hunt the mobile network and this could fix the problem.


4. Reinsert the SIM Card

If all else fails then you should go for this option too as it promises to fix the no signal error. So without further ado take out the sim card from your Android device and then insert it back and this time insert it in another slot. That’s it after turning on your device you will be able to see the signals at the screen.

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So this is how you can fix network errors on Android. Whenever there is an issue of weak signals you can take the assistance of third-party app to strengthen the network. For instance, a freeware ‘Network Signal Speed Booster’ can help you in this regard, it is available on Google Play. It promises to boost up the strength of signals.