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Whether you are a fan of itsy-bitsy spider or a video freak of viral visually appealing content, you would probably be known by Octopus video downloaders. It is the most-approached podium of downloaded video downloads on the net. People make videos, and add their stand-out spicy talent in the video content that propels you to watch it again and again. Be it a DIY Facebook video from 5-Minute Crafts or about the skincare routine, you want certain vids more frequently. Additionally, it becomes thrilling when you can play and watch your favorite videos, even if you’re no longer connected to the internet. Yes, you can definitely do it with a video downloader extension for Google Chrome.

Bear in mind, it prospects only downloading videos for personal feasting and not for sharing and spreading on social media and video-sharing platforms. The only motive behind this restriction is to give respect to the privacy and copyright of the video owners and creators.

This content is purposefully written to rundown little info about the video downloader extension, it is working, and to know other extensions like video Octopus for Chrome browser to download videos.

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What is Video Downloader?

The thing or facility that allows you to download your favorite video content to let you watch and amuse, at the time you cannot get your phone connected to an internet connection is a Video Downloader. Plus, video Downloaders are Chrome extensions generally used to download videos from any website. This app is compatible with common video formats such as:

  • MOV
  • MP4
  • ASF
  • AVI
  • MPG

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Why Do You Need Video Downloader Chrome Extensions?

You need Video Downloader Chrome Extensions because:

  • It empowers the user to download any video clip by simply clicking the button. Make sure When you are downloading videos, check the hosting site’s terms of use.
  • Always download videos that are in the public domain.
  • It keeps you connected with amusing videos without any internet connection.

What Are The Features Of Video Octopus?

Video Octopus is a video downloader Chrome extension with proprietary software. By hooking up with this, you can download any video from millions of websites of different setups, and lets you save it to your disk.

Here are the dominating features of Video Octopus

  • Thanks to the software technology that Video Octopus contains, it happily works on most websites
  • It is capable to detect TS videos
  • It allows you to download videos in different sizes as mp4
  • It allows you to detect and download m3u8 (ts), mp4, mp3, webm, flv, mov, and ogg video formats on the page
  • You can know the video duration, size, image quality, and format before downloading it
  • You are allowed to preview any video from any website before downloading it
  • Video Octopus is speedy and handy for Chrome
  • You can download and save any video from another website, except Google and YouTube due to the privacy policies and terms of use
  • It is compatible with languages like English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish language
  • Video Octopus is dependable and allows cost-free downloading
  • It discourages hazards of account registration and offers a free online video download service where no need to create an account to proceed
  • No formalities are involved, all you have to do is add the plugin to your browser
  • It is an expeditious route to address any problem, comment, or complaint

Why Do People Love Video Octopus?

The yelling reasons are:

  • It is compatible with several file formats
  • It is capable to save videos in different resolutions
  • It is empowered with a built-in player, alongside Picture in Picture tool
  • It permits the user to grasp quick info

Why Do People Dislike Video Octopus?

The compelling reasons are:

  • It is annoying when it redirects to another page when downloading
  • You can’t rename files before the download

What Are The Top-Rated Video Downloaders Chrome Extensions like Video Octopus?

Here are extensions like Video Octopus, both open-source (free) and commercial (paid). The following are top-rated Video Downloaders for Chrome, with their common yet leading features.

1 – iTubeGo


It’s known for downloading:

  • YouTube videos
  • Playlists
  • Channels
  • Audios

It allows easy conversion of YouTube videos to:

  • MP4
  • MP3
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • M4A

By Click Downloader:

It assists to download videos in:

  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 4K
  • 8K

It allows easy conversion to:

  • MP3
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • WMV
  • 3GP
  • WEBM
  • MKV
  • WAV
  • AAC


This permits the user to download his/her favorite videos in a pack and allows easy access to saved videos.


2 – Download YouTube Chrome

Here is everything you need to know about Download YouTube Chrome

Reason to Love:

  • It is a free extension explicitly used to download YouTube videos
  • It works both on Mac and Windows
  • It allows the user to use it as software or use it like Chrome an extension

Reason to hate:

The installation process is tricky

3 – The Flash Video Downloader


If you are interested to get an advanced plugin to download videos, you need Flash Video Downloader that works like Video Octopus.

Reason to love:

  • You can download multiple videos simultaneously
  • You are allowed to save in the highest available resolution
  • Flash Video Downloader offers an extremely personalized user interface
  • With a simple click, you can download a specific video or all the videos on the website
  • It occupies very little space on your device
  • It allows you to use it as a sidebar or a pop-up tool
  • You can have it in a light and dark mode
  • It captures the maximum audience, as it supports 53 languages including English, French, and German

Reason to hate:

  • You cannot avail of the rename option before the download
  • You cannot change the file format, Flash Video Downloader will only save the video in MP4

4 – Video Downloader Pro


Video Downloader Pro is an incredible video downloader extension for Chrome like Video Octopus.

Reason to love:

  • It offers a different tab that lets you preview before downloading
  • It offers to download in a variety of file formats
  • The standout point of Video Downloader Pro is the power to rename video files before the download
  • It is extremely user-friendly
  • It allows easy access to the webpage of the videos you want to download
  • You can easily download videos up to 1080p with the free version
  • If you are an avid videos collector and want to expand your video catalog then you can avail of the 4k video downloading option by going to monthly or yearly premium plans

Reason to hate:

  • Users are curious to know the reason why Video Downloader Pro fails to detect videos on some websites

5 – Atomic Video Downloader


The Atomic Video Downloader is one of the most powerful Chrome extensions.

Reason to love:

  • It allows easy and speedy downloading
  • Thanks to its powerful software technology that allows the user to download videos from 99% of the websites on the internet
  • It is capable to check for the various resolutions to download videos
  • This extension is very handy and does not let you tired of switching between sites to download videos like Video Octopus
  • It can easily download videos from all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Reason to hate:

You cannot download videos from YouTube due to copyright and terms of the policy to use

6 – Turbo Download Manager



If you are in seek of some extra benefits from Chrome extensions, then you need to consider Turbo Download Manager.

Reason to love:

  • It is fetched up with a powerful software technology that increases download speed
  • You can recuperate broken downloads
  • You can avail of the paused video downloading option to reduce network traffic and to put more focus on something more important you want to do
  • It lets you resume and retrieve downloads from the moment you get disconnected from the internet connection
  • Thanks to its internal HTML spider module, which spots media files (videos, images, and audio sources) from a website
  • It is capable to detect M3U8 and HLS files and download them in MP4 format
  • Turbo Downloader Manager brags a built-in tool that makes downloading faster than usual, and it is because of the prevailing proficiency of the software that makes multiple segments of the file at once to do it in a jiffy

Reason to hate:

You can’t rename files before the download

7 – Free Video Downloader


Here is everything you need to know about Free Video Downloader which is a dependable Chrome extension like Video Octopus.

Reason to love:

  • It is compatible with various file formats such as the popular MP4, MOV, and AVI
  • This extension is capable to detect different video resolutions and lets you decide the quality of video you want to have
  • You can download 99 % of videos from video hosting sites including Vimeo and Dailymotion
  • Social media podiums like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are compatible to work with this Chrome extension, and you can download videos for later watch without any reluctance
  • Simply click on the download button for each file, and it will let you download multiple files simultaneously
  • The interface of this free Chrome extension is painless, you can easily access the download file by its name and size
  • You can preview the videos before downloading them
  • It also allows the user to add download files to a playlist

Reason to hate:

It is reported by some users that Free Downloader Manager fails to detect videos on some websites, if it does happen to you, contact the Support Team of the Chrome extension

8 – Video Downloader Premium


Video Downloader Premium is another effective software that lets you save videos from thousands of websites.

Reason to love:

  • It supports various file formats, allowing you to download any file format on your device
  • It is fetched up with an automation that detects multiple video resolutions. Plus, with a choice of quality of the file you seek to download
  • Recording of live streams is now possible with Video Downloader Premium
  • You can download multiple files at once. The downloading process will continue unless all done
  • If you come across a file that is not compatible to run with a certain video player, Video Downloader Premium plays that file on VLC player

Reason to hate:

Bear in mind, this Chrome extension does change your default search settings

9 – Wise Video Downloader


It is another simple Chrome extension like video Octopus, you can use it to download files to your computer with convenience.

Reason to love:

  • It is capable to save videos in different video resolutions
  • Wise Video Downloader proficiently detects various file formats
  • You can check the quality of the video
  • The standout feature of Wise Video Downloader is its power to convert videos into audio files
  • You are allowed to download multiple files simultaneously
  • It is compatible with various video hosting sites as well as media networks

Reason to hate:

  • Wise Video Downloader does not allow the user to rename files before the download
  • It is fetched up with limited features as compared to other Chrome extensions

10 – Pro Video Downloader by Skyload


Pro Video Downloader by Skyload boasts exclusive features that are worth considering.

Reason to love:

  • It is a dependable plugin that supports various file formats and video resolutions
  • It is up to the user preference to download files of his preferred quality
  • It empowers the user to allow easy conversion of audio files and makes them downloadable
  • The video downloader Chrome extension allows simultaneous downloads at once with perfect ease and convenience
  • It is packed with significant features that make it a handy option similar to the video Octopus
  • It offers a user-friendly interface, where everything is easy to comprehend, such as the size, format, and quality of the files
  • It appears in the pop-up menu, where you can avail the option to change:
  • The language
  • Disable the extension on a certain website
  • To know the download progress
  • Pro Video Downloader by Skyload offers a built-in player that allows you to preview the video or audio files before downloading

Reason to hate:

  • You can’t rename files before the download
  • It is observed that some users have experienced problems with a built-in player which is not playing videos

11 – Video Downloader for Web


Video Downloader for Web is the popular free extension for Chrome and is a reliable alternative to Video Octopus.

Reason to love:

  • It is convenient to use, needs just a click, and the video will be saved to your watch later list
  • Thanks to its powerful built-in video player that supports the majority of video hosting sites
  • It supports various file formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV
  • This Chrome extension detects the video, then the extension icon turns turquoise

Reason to hate:

You may need to reload websites to detect videos

12 – Video Downloader Professional


Here is everything you need to know about Video Downloader Professional.

Reason to love:

  • This extension allows video downloading, where you can save videos in most media platforms in 54 languages
  • Video Downloader Professional lets you download videos in HD from several websites
  • The stand-out feature of this extension is to empower the user to:
  • Skip the unwanted part of the content
  • Skip the ads in which you are no more interested
  • It offers a built-in video player which supports MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, MPG

Reason to hate:

You cannot download YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vk, and Tiktok videos with Video Downloader Professional because of restrictions of the Chrome Store

13 – Good Video Downloader


It is a good idea to use a Good Video Downloader because it is one of the best tools to use in saving audio and video media files.

Reason to love:

  • It is capable to detect all available resolutions
  • You can use Good Video Downloader to save videos because, it supports various file formats including MP4, MOV, WEBM, and even GIF files
  • Good Video Downloader offers an easy-to-understand and simple-to-use interface
  • It downloads and saves video files on your local hard drive
  • This plugin has a built-in video player that allows you first watch and then download the facility
  • You can easily download videos from your mostly watched hosting sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Before downloading, Good Video Downloader lets you know the file size to give you a little idea of how much space it would take from your storage

Reason to hate:

  • This plugin does not facilitate the user with rename option before the download
  • Good video downloader Chrome extension does not let you save YouTube videos due to Google’s restrictions

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14 – Video Downloader – CoCoCut


It is another useful Chrome extension that offers useful features. How Video Downloader – CoCoCut can be an intriguing option to expand your music and video collection, read till last.

Reason to love:

  • It supports HLS and DASH files and saves them in MP4 format
  • It lets you save videos to your computer in different resolutions and formats
  • Video Downloader – CoCoCut also boasts a Recording Mode, and this unique feature makes it one of the best Chrome extensions
  • Recording mode allows the user to record videos that are hard to download
  • You are allowed to download any video from any site
  • You can download not only video files but also music files to give quality to your leisure time
  • This plugin lets you preview the downloading content before download

Reason to hate:

  • Video Downloader – CoCoCut propels you to play videos first to detect them
  • You cannot close the opened page while recording and need to play the video until it stops buffering

15 – Downloader by ODM


Video downloader by ODM not only allows video downloading but also allows you to use it to get online Photos, and audio files.

Reason to love:

  • This plugin is available in both paid and free versions
  • The cost-free version offers:
  • An integrated video player
  • Supports multiple file download
  • Automatic upload to cloud storage
  • The paid version facilitates the user with features like:
  • 4K download
  • A snap button that lets you switch on/off the downloader
  • It boasts some extra features such as the facility to get online Photos, audio files

Reason to hate:

This Chrome extension does not work for the YouTube website

16 – Video Download Helper


As the name of the Chrome extension is self-explanatory and leaves little room for clarification, though you need to know comprehensive details about Video Download Helper.

Reason to love:

  • This plugin supports files, including HLS and DASH streamed videos
  • It allows handy conversion of downloading and downloaded files
  • Video Download Helper offers various video resolutions
  • It works intrinsically on a website and makes frequently visited websites downloadable
  • You can easily customize the resolution up to 1080p before downloading the video

Reason to hate:

Video Download helper needs a companion application

17 – Video Downloader Plus


It is one of the best Chrome extensions that allow quick downloading and offers exceptional video downloader options out there.

Reason to love:

  • It slickly detects various file formats including MP4, MOV, and FLV, letting it sense more files
  • This Chrome extension lets you preview a new tab
  • The user can enjoy a wide range of supported video resolutions, it can detect even 4K videos
  • You can download videos from more than a thousand hosting websites including Dailymotion, Vevo, and Twitch
  • This plugin lets you save videos on your PC from social media podiums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • You have the option to preview the content before downloading, and a new tab is offered to watch
  • A paid version of Video Downloader Plus allows the user to explore more websites to download from
  • With paid Video Downloader Plus, you can cast found videos over Chromecast
  • You can add chosen video files to your list for later watch

Reason to hate:

You can only download files in 2K and 4K resolution, any upgradation requires a Premium account

18 – Web for Instagram


Web for Instagram is a dependable Chrome extension that offers an exclusive treat to social media buffs.

Reason to love:

  • This extension is a dependable podium than the mobile version of IG
  • With this plugin, you can easily upload stills and video content files from your computer
  • You can also take rapid screenshots on Instagram without bothering to install additional extensions
  • The user is facilitated with the option of direct sending DMs from the desktop
  • Thanks to the Night mode that allows the user to enjoy a better user experience

Final Words

By wrapping the ongoing discussion, Techbytex happily concludes that all the video downloader Chrome extensions like video Octopus are smart, user-friendly, dependable, and feature-rich. Most Chrome extensions let you save files in various formats and different resolutions, allowing you to expand your video collection. Last, but not least, to respect the privacy and copyright of video owners and creators, these plugins are only suggested for downloading videos for your personal feasting.