How Do Fast Forward or Rewind YouTube Shorts?


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YouTube is a heart-winning streaming app, as you are already familiar with, then What is YouTube Shorts? Let us tell you the enchanting wonders of this app. YouTube shorts is a video creator podium, on which you can demonstrate your talent and can get worldwide recognition. Additionally, YouTube Shorts videos are bite-sized video clips to display your personalized talent on a digital pedestal. You can also jump on the bandwagon and can create your own content, as long as you have a YouTube account.

In this content, we will let you know many things about YouTube Shorts, especially the methods of fast forward and rewinding. Thinking about how you can hook your audience is a real crunch point that could propel the audience to view your Shorts repeatedly.

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YouTube shorts hit the market around the same time TikTok was at the height of its fame, and calling it a reaction of TikTok might not be wrong however, will discuss it shortly.


Features of YouTube Shorts

Here are the unique features of YouTube Shorts

  • The video clips run for a maximum of 60 seconds
  • In-app editing is permissible
  • Endlessly scrollable
  • Licensed features
  • Background music is like a cherry on top
  • The content stays online permanently

From the viewer’s perspective, you can comment, like, dislike, share, and subscribe on YouTube Shorts. As you can see YouTube Shorts have gained immense popularity lately, and teasing videos are extremely engaging. However, People are inquisitive and have a few concerns regarding working with Shorts. A lot of people want to know how they can fast forward or rewind YouTube shorts.

This content is exclusively written to answer this question, and we will let you know three ways to learn to fast-forward or rewind YouTube shorts. The methods are not complex, don’t fret, we have three workarounds by which you can fast forward and rewind YouTube Shorts on your smartphone and PC.

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How Do Fast Forward, Rewind YT Shorts Video on a Phone and PC?

People are more enthused to get involved in short content as they are quick and engaging. It is pertinent to note, that YouTube Shorts do not have the option to fast-forward or rewind the background on the mobile app or the web. However, here we will scrutinize three different methods to fast-forward YouTube Shorts on the YouTube app and Website.

While some methods only cater to PC users, however, others are evenly good for smartphone users. You need to pick the one method that senses your needs, by which you can easily fast-forward or rewind YouTube Shorts on your phone or computer.


Method 1: Modify the URL

YouTube Shorts download are streamlined YouTube music and videos that are systematically yet grippingly tweaked to appear as YT Shorts. If you want to watch shorts as a regular YouTube video that allows you to enjoy conventional privileges to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind a video, then what you need to do is simply modify the URL of the video slightly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the YouTube website
  2. Play any YT Shorts on a browser
  3. The video link for the YT Shorts appearing on the address bar of the page will be like this:


  1. Simply replace the /shorts/ with /watch?v= so that the final URL looks like this:final-url-looks-like-this

  1. Now search for the above URL or press Enter to continue

Congrats! Your YT video shorts can be watched as a regular YouTube video, and you can easily rewind or fast-forward it like a pro. You can also go through the same process to attain the facility on a smartphone browser.


Method 2: Adding Short to Your Watch Later List

If you want to crossover the hassle of opening YouTube on a browser, then forward or rewind a YT Shorts from the app. Then you should avail of the second method by which you can rewind or forward YT Shorts quite easily. In this method, simply add the YT Shorts to your Watch Later list and play it as a regular video.

Follow the steps to go through the hassle-free process

  1. Visit Library
  2. Tap and hold the video from the History tab
  3. A menu will pop up
  4. Tap on Save to Watch Later
  5. Visit the Watch Later playlist
  6. Now, play the video from Watch Later list

It is the most feasible method for smartphone users.


Method 3: Use Third Party Web Extensions

This option is only for computer users. Follow the steps below, to ease forward and rewind YT Shorts by simply adding an extension to your browser.


  1. Add the YouTube Shorts Block extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Visit the YouTube website
  3. Play the Shorts you wish to forward/rewind
  4. Click on the extension and enable it
  5. Reload the page

The YouTube Shorts is a regular video now, and you can easily fast-forward and rewind it with the progress bar.


Is YouTube Shorts A Money-Generating Podium?

Unfortunately, not from day one. It might be an investment by which you can reap the benefits in the future. It is an ideal approach to hook new subscribers and multiply your audience.


Does YouTube Shorts Function the Same as TikTok?

It is the most frequently asked question, and the answer to this question is, yes. YT Shorts is a carbon copy of TikTok. The following similarities are observed in both:

  • Both podiums display short video contents
  • Both provide analytics
  • Feed scrolling is the same in both video content platforms
  • Both users can mint coins from their content

However, if we talk about the comparative reach of people on each platform, from the business point of view, then YouTube provides a loud opportunity for content creators to grab larger audiences than TikTok.

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What Are the Benefits of Using YouTube Shorts?

Here are some spectacular benefits of using YouTube Shorts as a creator

  • No fancy equipment is required to create great content, just need a smartphone and a YouTube account
  • It is an ideal approach to converting viewers into subscribers
  • YT Shorts is an ideal place to advert for your main channel, as it also displays the ‘Subscribe’ button
  • It is a dependable track to hop onto your main channel


Final Words

Wrapping Up the brief and comprehensive discussion of how to rewind YouTube Shorts easily and smoothly. Hopefully, you have a better idea of scrutinizing the abovementioned methods in this article and pick the one which is comfortable for you.

We have inspected and gathered everything to make you learn to fast-forward or rewind YouTube shorts, expectantly, it will serve the purpose. All three methods are for the sake of convenience.