Best Websites for Watching Movies Online for Free


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Watching movies is a great fun but free online movie streaming sites are something huge that can’t be defined perfectly. There are many of us who love to watch movies and to watch it online is a delightful thing because there you have a liberty to have your own pick. On TV you are bound to watch what is shown to you so either you watch it or you just turn it off.

Watching movies online is an excited thing as sometimes you feel nostalgic and want to watch the movie of old times in order to recall your childhood or youth in a most enchanting way. In this connection the sites that provide an ocean of such movies that do not just include recent movies but also the old ones are not less than a mega present.

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There are many sites that are coming with this attractive offer to watch online movies for free, but Techbytex has amassed the best websites to watch free movies. These sites don’t just provide free movies rather they promise to give an excellent and premium quality of visuals of your desired movies.

So without further ado lets glance at the laundry list of best sites to watch movies online free.




YouTube precisely is a platform that doesn’t need my words of appreciation in any way at all, as it is one of the most widely used medium across the globe. This is one gigantic world where you can watch whatever you want. If you are fond of watching movies without losing currency then YouTube is exactly what you need as it allows you to watch movies for absolutely free. You can watch all types of movies, including the movies of the old era to the new ones. Just go to the section of Movies and music on YouTube and get started watching your desired ones. Enjoy free movie watching sites.

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Best features it offers:

  • Wide range of movies of all types
  • Great quality of visuals
  • Easy access and quick streaming
  • Sign up is not needed
  • Registration isn’t a compulsion


See HD


See HD is another incredible best free movie streaming sites without any costing. It gives its users

solely HD versions of films and movies.  All the categories will be given there and you can easily go through your genre in order to select your favorite movie.

Best features it offers:

  • Countless movies of all genres
  • Quick access and faster streaming
  • Top quality of full length movies
  • You won’t be dragged for any annoying survey, registration and sign up

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Tubi comprises tons of awesome movies for its users and viewers. You can access your wanted movie or tv show in it without any hassle. You can easily peep in the genres, whether you want horror movies or you want to watch action-packed, you like comic or you want some serious stuff, take whatever you want.

There will be full-fledged sections of movies that will help you in selecting your preferred niche such as ‘Trending, Movie Night and New Releases’.

Best features it offers:

  • Massive collection of movies of all types
  • Quick access
  • Swift streaming without any disruption
  • No annoying restriction of getting registered and sign up


Sony Crackle


Sony Crackle is a site that is not a less than a real treat for movie lovers as it is a massive display stage of tons of full-length movies that you can enjoy watching without spending money.

All the hit movies of popular stars are there for you.

You won’t regret watching movies on Sony crackle for sure. There is only one little thing that you may need to tolerate and that are those tiny ads but not to worry they will be for a short while.

Best features it offers:

  • Infinite range of movies of all the niches
  • HD quality that gives you a real taste of watching movie
  • Few ads for a short while otherwise no disturbance
  • Registration and signup aren’t a compulsion here




 Viewers often come up with the complain that they hardly get access to their favorite movies, let me give you ray of hope in this regard as vidics is that particular site  that will even give you an access of up-to-the-minute movies.

After visiting Vidics you will be given almost 8 to 10 links from diverse websites of movie streaming, there you will be able to navigate and without undue time lapse start watching your preferred movies. Get delighted with a free ride.

Best features it offers:

  • Miscellaneous movies of wide range
  • Well-defined categories
  • Movie streaming will be quick
  • High quality with excellent visuals
  • Restriction of sign up and registration isn’t there at all




Popcornflix is an amazing world of amusement that keeps on uploading fresh movies and films from Screen Media Ventures. Movies of all the categories are available including suspense and thrill, action and drama, romance or comedy and even the family documentaries, choice is yours. Don’t be panic you won’t be tortured by asking for having any account just go get the ride for free.

Best features it offers:

  • A dais of old and fresh movies of sundry types
  • It gives you a fast access
  • No disruption and disorder
  • HD version of full length movies
  • Safe and trusted
  • Sign up and registration isn’t obligatory




Viewster is a vast realm of hundreds of movies that you can watch online completely free. A smorgasbord of hundreds of movies and TV shows are available on Viewster. While watching online movie on this site there will be short ads that you have to bear.

H3Best features it offers:

  • Extensive range of movies of all types, since old to the modern times
  • Premium quality and excellent streaming
  • Reliable and safe
  • Sign up and registration isn’t required




Yidio is one user-friendly website that comes with numerous sections from which you can see your favorite movies. It is one nifty site that will let you watch movies online in a magnificent quality. Common genres of Yidio include Musical, Western and Animation.

Best features it offers:

  • Various well-detailed sections of all kinds of movies
  • It gives you best quality with quick streaming
  • Simple access




 123 Movies is famous for showing movies in a prim-and-proper way, while watching movie on this site you won’t find anything topsy-turvy.

Isn’t it something really huge to watch movie online in a perfect quality without spending money? It promises to give you a genuine fun with HD quality.

Best features it offers:

  • No sign is required
  • No registration is needed
  • Full-length pictures/movies

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Putlocker is believed to be one of the most trusted sites for movie streaming for free. You can search for the movies of old times till the modern and latest ones. On the movie page you will be able to see the significant details about the movie so you can know what you are going to watch.

Best features it offers: 

  • Provides optimal quality
  • Registration is not required
  • Sign-up isn’t need at all




 Vudu contains thousands of movies for its users, though there are couples of ads that come in way while watching movie but for watching free movies online this isn’t a one big thing that can’t be digested.

Best features it offers:

  • High quality full-length movies
  • Detailed categorical slot for all types of movies for your ease
  • Sign up is not required
  • Subscription isn’t needed



WowMovie is another incredible site for all the eager eyes for watching movies online, miscellaneous movies and TV shows are available on Wow Movie. Ease of access has been provided to users by letting them search the movie either by year or by title.

Best features it offers:

  • Sublime quality full-length movies
  • You won’t be asked for signup
  • Registration isn’t needed


Cosmo Tube


A wonderful site for a quick movie streaming absolutely free, it provides a list of old to newest movies. All you need to do is to click on your desired movie and get started.

Best features it offers:

  • Easy to select movies by a search box
  • No requirement of sign up
  • No registration
  • Quick streaming
  • Safe and reliable




ALLUC has a wider range of movies that it presents for its users to get the out of the sundry movie slot.

It displays some links on which you can watch movies and if you want to download the movie then you can definitely do so.

Best features it offers:

  • Immense variety of movies and films
  • Outclass quality of full-length movies
  • No annoying procedure of registration
  • You won’t be forced for any sign up

 This podium is believed to be one of the swiftest movie running sites that doesn’t just contain old movies rather it keeps adding the latest and fresh ones too.

Best features it offers:

  • Clear and fine visual
  • Great variety of movies
  • With a single click you can enjoy watching movie online for free




Snagfilms is a supercool movie running site that have so much to offer to its viewers, you will find a vast sea of heterogeneous movies in it. Get started by searching your preferred movie by peeping in the categories.

Best features it offers:

  • Massive variety of movies of all times
  • Perfect quality
  • Pesky things like getting registered and sign up aren’t obligatory at all


C Movies


 This is one simple yet a very nifty website that has a gigantic collection of movies in it. For watching your wanted movie you need to head up to the top menu of it and from there you can locate your desired movie. You can also look for the trending movies as they will be also available here.

Best features it offers:

  • Huge variety of movies
  • HD version of full length movie
  • Registration isn’t a requirement
  • Sign up isn’t needed




Los.Movies invites all the movie lovers who want to enjoy watching online movie for free. This site gives you an ocean of movies without any kind of disruption or disorder.

Best features it offers: 

  • Enormous movies with great variety
  • HD quality of full length movies
  • No restriction of registration
  • No compulsion of sign up


Solar Movies


It is another tremendous platform of watching movies online totally free, it presents well-defined categories of movies so you may not find anything ambiguous.

Best features it offers: 

  • Great variety of movies of recent and most recent times
  • HD quality that provides beautiful and flawless visuals
  • You won’t be restricted for sign up
  • You won’t be asked for sign up




 An incredible world of movies that allows you to watch movie without any trouble nor it will charge you anything for watching movies.

Best features it offers: 

  • Platform of all types of movies
  • HD quality that gives you a real zest of watching movie
  • No annoyance of registration
  • No restriction and compulsion of sign up


F Movies


 A great for movie steaming for free, you can trust it for sure. It caters you with an infinite variability of movies.

Best features it offers: 

  • Tons of movies of recent and old times of all types
  • Fastest streaming
  • High Quality
  • No obligation of registration
  • No compulsion of sign up


Cmovies HD


 This site has been emerging and developing for last few years that provides hundreds of movies to watch online absolutely free. Though this site isn’t that old yet the quality performance it has been showing is undoubtedly remarkable and acknowledgeable.

Best features it offers: 

  • Massive variety of movies
  • Great quality of full length movies
  • No nuisance of registration
  • No obligation of sign up


Amazon Prime TV


This site gives you a quickest access of latest movies without any hassle. It is a great fun to watch online movie in such a sublime quality on Amazon primetv.

Best features it offers: 

  • Vast variety of movies of all times and of all types
  • Quick streaming and easy access
  • Superior quality of full length movies
  • Registration isn’t a obligation here
  • Sign up isn’t required at all


Watch Series


 Watch series is one of the finest sites that allow you watch online movies exactly for paying nothing. If you are the one who wants his weekends to be spent by watching his desired movies then let me tell you are at the right place. Watch Movies is a trusted site that has mounts of movies of old era to the latest ones.

Best features it offers:

  • Infinite collection of movies
  • Easy access
  • Sublime and premium quality of full length movies
  • No need of registration
  • No need of sign up




 Hulu is said to be amongst the most reliable and safe sites that comes with a massive range of movies of all times. It promises to give you best entertainment through its vast genres.

Best features it offers:

  • Optimal quality
  • Quick streaming
  • Extremely reliable
  • Gives you a one month period for watching movies for free
  • A subscription will be needed after one month

I am sure there will be still many other sites that are giving you free ride for watching movies, you can try them too but make sure before trying you must get it confirmed that the site you are choosing is safe as the issue of safety and trust can’t be denied at all.

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Final Verdict

Sometimes it also happens that some sites just contain short trailers of movies and this really flops your face. The bulk of sites I have suggested above are the ones that comprise full length movies with a top quality of visuals and absolutely no disruption except those few ads that are of short while.

Majority of the sites have a golden offer that says that user doesn’t need to sign up nor he or she needs to get registered, honestly this is great relief because these two things are extremely annoying and irritating. So make the best out of these trusted, safe and free movie streaming sites.