YouTube Channel Art – Size Dimensions, Uploading, Best Practices and Icon Details


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Youtube channel art is that chief thing that a viewer notices when he sees your channel on youtube and it is that banner that is placed at the top of your channel’s page. Youtube Art size is the most major thing when it comes to running your own channel, that’s why its placement is at the top of the page as it tends to grab the attention of the user and you should always follow the best practices we have explained in this article.


The Significance of Channel Art

Youtube is one of the most useful websites in this era. It is a source of bread and butter for many families now. And while you are thinking to start creating your own channel, you should know that Art’s significance cannot be denied in any way as it can either be Attention Grabbing or it can disappointing in a way that the user won’t get attracted towards it. So its size and presentation have to be perfectly Eye-Popping. By Youtube Channel Art Size you get the golden chance to add some branding in it with all bells and whistles. It has to look out-standing and so self-explanatory that it has to speak volumes about your channel. Only in that condition, users will have a spark to be the part of your channel.


The Diverse Sizes of YouTube Channel Art

There are usually three main dimensions of art size:

  1. The minimum size of art: 2048 x 1152 pixels
  2. The maximum size of art: 4MB pixels
  3. Recommended size of art: 2560 x 1440 pixels


Best Practices of YouTube Channel Banner

  • It must have high quality
  • It has to be well-designed
  • It has to look perfect on several types of devices.
  • It must tell the identity of your business
  • It must be at least according to a minimal size 2048 x 1152
  • It must be pithy and to-the-point
  • It must have your channels icon in it that will be a logo too
  • It must have an eye-popping and delicate background image simultaneously
  • It must have website links and social sharing links


Banner Has to Be in a Perfect Size

The size of your banners is a bit tricky thing because it looks different on several devices and browsers. So the key in this regard is to follow Youtube’s official size recommendations in order to hunt an ideal Youtube channel art size. The more it will be according to the criteria the more it will look professional and reliable.

While adding channel art you must keep this in mind that the images have to be at least minimum size not below than that. If any image turns gray when you select them, it shows the unavailability.

While designing a banner for your channel don’t just consider a little rectangle that stands in the center of the canvas as by doing this you will ignore other important things such as you will forget that you also have to keep this in account the banner has to look perfect on largest screens too so merely focusing on that your banner has no cut out on the smallest screens will be a folly!

So you can cherish your business or whatever you have to advertise for the users by a YouTube channel in a perfect way, all you need to do is to keep in mind the dos and donts. It’s not a tangled web to create a YouTube channel art.

The chief things amongst all are the ‘Size’, just make sure that the size shouldn’t be below than the size of  2048 x 1152, otherwise, when you will view it on larger screen screens the image will turn blur and won’t scale well.


Uploading an Art to Your YouTube Channel

It is not a time-consuming process you will hardly require a few minutes to get it done. So let’s see how you can do this:

1. Navigate to your YouTube channel


2. Click on “Edit Layout”

3. Now you are at your channel’s page, hit the blue colored button that says “Add Channel Art”.


4. You will be directed to select photo either from the existing album that you saved in the gallery or you can upload a file by computer


5. A glance at the preview now as for how the selected image will look like a banner in multiple devices such as on desktop, tablet and phone

So these are the simple steps to follow for uploading a banner to your YouTube channel. When you use your own selected image for making a banner then you have to adjust the crop manually. You can merely adjust the crop it’s because below and above there is a TV space that is why you won’t be able to set the image in the bottom left corner as your desktop crop.

If you find it satisfactory then you can click the option “Save”. You can alter it as many times as you want and any time at all!


Channel Icon and Its Tiny Details

By sharing the website links and social sharing links you would be able to give access to your users so they can approach you on other mediums too. The placement of Channel Icon will be at the upper left side (not in the left extreme) of your banner and the social/websites links will display at the right side in the lower corner.


The Link Between Banner and Icon

Youtube is owned by Google, and when you think of working with Google, you need to make sure the first things is banner along with an attractive icon. Besides that make sure there has to a harmony between the banner and channel icon because it will be close to it, as far as its size is concerned then it’s exactly like your Facebook profile picture.

You are allowed to change the icon and for doing this you are supposed to click to see your channel by the Creator’s Studio and then float the mouse over the icon, it can be edited by that pencil that will be there to make you do this. To get a new image just click it and you will be shown the account’s Google+ profile, view the new images and select it.


Final Verdict

So after reading these details on Techbytex, you should be clear now that  youtube channel art is something we should care the most and it is something that will provide an intro to every user who will come to it so the intro has to be clear, in the finest quality and with the perfect size and following the best practices. Many users don’t pay heed what is inside scoop they just view the banner and decides immediately whether they are going to opt for it or turning a blind eye! So make it fabulous in order to make it result-oriented!