WhatsApp Introduces 60-Second Instant Video Messaging Feature


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WhatsApp mania is on its climax for the past few years. Despite the privacy concerns, the messaging platform is persistently a darling app for building social and official connections. Currently, WhatsApp has announced a 60-second instant video messaging feature, and users received the news with ear-to-ear smiles.

The feature will enable the user to record and share a 60-sec video embedded into the chat right away. It is undoubtedly amazing, and we are curious to know your experience after using it. This article aims to highlight the most recent WhatsApp update regarding 60-second Instant Video Messaging.


What Captivating Features Does the Recently Released 60-Sec Instant Video Messaging Capability Have?

The new feature looks similar to voice-recording messages. Nevertheless, there are certainly perks associated with the newly created feature. Like other social media platforms, WhatsApp is constantly revolutionizing communication capabilities to improve and facilitate the user experience. Instant video messaging is another iconic step to enchant cyberspace.

Let us dive in and learn everything there is to know about WhatsApp’s 60-second Instant Video Messaging feature.


1- Wish or Greet

You can greet or wish for anything from your family or friends using an instant video message on WhatsApp, from Happy Birthday to Get Well Soon. Using your virtual presence to record and send your wishes may be preferable to leaving a voicemail.


2- As Simple As ABC

It is incredibly simple to send a quick instant video message to anyone; using the video messaging feature is not complicated at all. It will take you a few seconds to grasp the process of using this feature. Here is how you can do it:

Let us start with the procedure for using the new feature:


  • Launch the WhatsApp app
  • Choose the contact to whom you want to send a video message
  • Once the chat page is open, tap the voice message icon and switch to video mode
  • When the setup has switched to the video mode
  • Hold to record the video
  • You will notice that the icon has swiped up to lock
  • The video messaging is now live, HAVE FUN!

It is significant to note that after recording the WhatsApp chat video, it will play on mute by default. You will have to tap on the video to activate it, and you will surely enjoy the audio and video quality of the video messaging capability.


Data Protection and Privacy


Both are the most sought-after factors when using any social media platform to maintain social and official connections. Your privacy concerns and intentions are justified because it is undoubtedly a pulsating issue that can land you in trouble.

WhatsApp has taken drastic steps to ensure:

According to Meta reports, the new WhatsApp video message feature is about to roll out and would be the cherry on top. So, just wait for the feature that is under the hood at the moment.


Final Words

Well, that’s it for the new update on WhatsApp’s 60-sec video messaging feature. It looks amazing and promises to deliver a delightful experience. Visual appeal is always more compelling and in demand than audio capabilities. A video message is a delightful addition to WhatsApp, as everyone prefers to send warm wishes in a video format WhatsApp has made it easier for you by allowing you to easily record your video message and send it in the chat right away.

At TECHBYTEX, we are always excited whenever there is a social media update, and are curious to know user’s feedback after using it.