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Warzone 2 offers an extensive of fully personalized weapons that can be tailored to fit a player’s preferred playstyle. Understanding weapon stats like damage, range, accuracy, and recoil is crucial. We are committed to guiding you at every step, providing a comprehensive and meticulous analysis of weapons using the latest data. Our analysis enables players to make informed decisions and select the most suitable weapon, ultimately maximizing their chances of securing victory.

Curious About the Latest in Warzone 2? What’s New?

By introducing the DMZ mode, Warzone 2 injects an additional level of thrill into its battle royale setup. With a captivating blend of a battle royale setting and the extraction-based DMZ mode, players can expect an incredibly unique and exhilarating gaming experience.

What Makes Understanding Warzone 2 Weapon Stats So Crucial?

To dominate the battlefield, it’s essential to understand your weapons’ capabilities at different ranges. By analyzing the range statistic, you can determine how effective your weapon will be when engaging enemies from afar. Don’t let a lower-range stat leave you vulnerable in long-range encounters. Stay ahead of the game by mastering your weapon’s potential at all distances!

Discover the Spectacular Features of Warzone 2

Warzone 2 boasts an array of impressive features that include:

  • Customizable weapons galore
  • High-speed, thrilling action
  • Immersive gameplay mechanics
  • Diverse game modes are available
  • Stunning graphics and sound design
  • Cross-platform play with friends
  • Regular updates with fresh content

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How to Access Your Stats in Warzone 2?

To access their stats in Warzone 2, players can utilize the Combat Record feature. Here is a simple, step-by-step guide on how to view your stats:

  • Boot up Warzone 2 and immerse yourself in heart-pumping action
  • Access the sub-menu from the game’s main menu by pressing the Options button on PlayStation, the Menu button on Xbox, or the ESC key on PC
  • Click on the Stats tab from the sub-menu
  • Navigate to the Battle Royale section to see an overview of your Combat Record and Warzone stats

Breakdown of What Each of the Stats Means

Before delving deeper, here’s a breakdown of the stats displayed below:

DMG – Damage:

This is how much damage a gun deals to specific parts of an enemy’s body when fired from close range.

STK – Shots To Kill:

This is the number of shots it takes to eliminate an enemy with different amounts of health.

TTK – Time To Kill:

This is the amount of time it takes to kill an enemy with full health, assuming all bullets hit the chest.

DPS – Damage Per Second:

This is how much damage a gun can deal in one second, assuming all bullets hit the chest.

RPM – Rounds Per Minute:

This is the number of bullets a gun can fire in a minute without needing to reload.

ADS – Aim Down Sights speed:

This is how quickly a gun can be aimed down sights from its base position.

Full Reload:

It assumes the time it takes to reload a gun when the magazine is empty.

Tac Reload:

This is the time it takes to reload a gun when there are remaining bullets in the magazine.

Move Speed:

This stat compares how fast you can move while sprinting with the gun equipped versus when you’re unarmed.

Mag Size:

This refers to the ammo capacity of a firearm before requiring a reload.

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Explore the Weapon Statistics for All the Different Weapon Classes Available in Warzone 2

In Warzone 2, there is a diverse selection of primary and secondary weapons categorized from S to D, with S being the best and D being the worst. This guide offers the top weapons in each category to simplify your selection process. It’s recommended to experiment with different weapons and create your own loadout. The five categories, ranked from the highest to lowest tier, are listed below.

S-Tier: Most reliable and powerful weapons

A-Tier: A-Tier’s weaker than S-Tier, but potent

B-Tier: Powerful with optimal loadout, middle-ranked

C-Tier: Only useful with top gear, last-ranked

D-Tier: Only usable as a last resort, worst-ranked

S-Tier Weapons

ISO Hemlock

The new assault rifle in Warzone 2.0 is a powerful, brutal, precise, and highly sought-after weapon, similar to the M4 but with peculiar attributes. Its popularity has propelled it to fourth place in battle royale charts and is no more available in Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2 for being too strong unnecessarily.

KV Broadside

The KV Broadside shotgun in Warzone 2 Season 2 boasts high power, dexterity, and rapid-fire rate and is popular among players of all ages.

M4 Assault Rifle

The HDR Sniper Rifle is an enticing choice in the S-tier of Warzone 2. With high damage, range, and bullet velocity, it’s an ideal pick for long-range combat. The only caveat is a slower rate of fire, but it can still abolish the enemy with just one shot.


The VAZNEV-9K is a top-tier weapon in Warzone 2, known for its high time-to-kill, exactness, and agility. With the right attachments, it can be a dependable and efficient choice for taking down enemies and ruling the battlefield.


The RPK is a mobile LMG in the S-tier of Warzone 2. It boasts high constancy and efficient vertical recoil control and can bear and cause greater damage with suitable attachments.


In the S-tier, the MCPR-300 sniper rifle is extremely effective in long-range combat. With a 3.5% pick rate, it can quickly eliminate enemies with a single headshot when combined with the best attachments.

A-Tier Weapons


The Lachmann-556, an assault rifle in the A-tier, offers high accuracy and stability for short and medium-range flights. It excels with agility and damage, but its low time-to-kill factor deters its efficiency in intense battles.


The VEL-46, an SMG in the A-tier, is a powerful auto weapon with a high fire rate that can take on an entire squad. Its accuracy is restrained but can be upgraded with suitable attachments.

M16 Assault Rifle

The M16 assault rifle is a burst-style action gun with a low-velocity rate and vertical recoil. It requires deftness to control and use efficiently in Warzone 2.

SP-R 208

The A-tier also includes the Hauer 77, a shotgun with a high damage rate at close range. Its low range is compensated by its ability to deal significant damage to multiple targets in a single shot.

STB 556

Warzone 2’s A-tier features the STB 556, the most compelling and brutal weapon known for its fast fire rate and recoil control. Ideal for short-range struggle, it can take down adversaries in seconds. However, its average time to kill may hamper its effectiveness in some conditions.

B-Tier Weapons

TAQ-56 Assault Rifle

Next comes the TAQ-56 assault rifle, which is placed in B-tier. It has a reasonable grip which helps you improve your target. TAQ-56 has quite tremendous vertical recoil. You can use this weapon in short-range maps to dominate your enemy quickly.

Kastov 762

The Kastov-762 is the most powerful weapon due to its high damage range and exceptional vertical recoil control. Its fast fire rate makes it a lethal weapon when paired with the right attachments in Warzone 2.

Kastov-74U Assault Rifle

In Warzone 2, the Kastov-74U is a B-tier assault rifle ideal for short and medium-range combat. Its high fire rate causes significant vertical recoil, making it challenging to use effectively.

C-Tier Weapons


For quick fights, the FENNEC 45 SMG in the C-tier is the best option in Warzone 2, thanks to its high bullet velocity and fire rate. Despite this, it tends to run out of bullets quickly, so it’s essential to keep that in mind while choosing weapons.

Alternative Weaponry

This guide features the best weapons for each tier category in Warzone 2, with a focus on the most effective ones among the over 100 primary and secondary weapons available. Close-range combat weapons like knives and grenades are also included. When selecting weapons, it’s important to consider the map type, but players can experiment and customize their loadouts. The ultimate goal is to have fun while playing.

Final Thoughts

To get the best out of Warzone 2, it’s crucial to master weapon stats. Each weapon owns exclusive strengths and weaknesses, so picking the right one for your playstyle is indispensable. This guide summarizes the top weapons from S to D tier, allowing you to experiment and discover the perfect loadout for both your style of play and the map you’re on.