Fix Xbox Error 0x803f7000 When Trying to Update Game


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If you are one of the enthusiasts of the Xbox community where millions of players get connected to play with other players across the globe, then you must have known the avant-garde gaming experience of Xbox Series X. Where players share the library of games and enjoy thrilling fun together. Xbox allows you to play with the person who dwells on another side of the world but seems sitting right next to you. While playing users might encounter errors on Xbox Series X, the error 0x803F7000 is one of the most common errors. In this helping guide, we will let you know about the 0x803F7000 error, and a few effective methods to fix it.

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Little Info About Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is one of the most popular next-generation gaming console models available in the market thus far. It is released by Microsoft late last year, it is capable of delivering a truly quirky gaming experience. Plus, its potent hardware architecture can easily handle true 4K resolution games at up to 120 frames per second. That’s why people across the globe are grasping the galvanizing experience of the Xbox Series X.

What Is Xbox Error 0x803F7000?

There is always a fringe of imperfection behind the hype of novelty such as Xbox Error 0x803F7000.  But, good to know, it is not terminal and can be fixed with the help of some handy fixes. One of the blips, that you might experience when trying to twitch a game or app on the Xbox Series X is this error code. Furthermore, error code 0x803F7000 on your Xbox Series X occurs when you try to start a game or app on the console. In simple words, the console fails to verify the license for the game or app. It is presumed, that the game or app license can’t be substantiated, and can be triggered by two forces:

  • Server outage
  • Network connection problem

It does happen when you’re not signed in to Xbox Live. To get rid of the anxiety, you need to perform several troubleshooting methods on this device.

Here’s everything, you need to know and do to fix this.

1 – Check the Xbox server status

It is the very first thing you need to check before switching around the fixes. Do not bother yourself to access the validity of nit-picking intricate mending methods for a smooth gaming experience. When the problem lies with Xbox servers, you can do nothing except wait. Though the possibilities are rare, however, you can check the server status at If the server is down, you need to do two tasks:

  • Report your complaint to let others know the cause of the struggle
  • Wait

If you find everything is fine there, the problem can be fixed by simply signing out of your Xbox account and signing back in again. Hopefully, it would resolve the error 0x803F7000 Xbox console.

2 – Restart or power-cycle your Xbox console to fix error 0x803F7000

It is another simple yet effective fix to remove frustration. It is the slickest and easiest solution to fix error 0x803F7000, and what you need to do is, simply restart your device. Make sure you have rebooted your router/modem before jumping to power-cycle your Xbox Console.

To restart your Xbox, take the following actions:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller to launch the Power center
  • From the options, choose Restart Console
  • Select Restart for a few seconds to let your console finishes the reboot

You can also avail of yet another option to manually power-cycle your Xbox console, you can do it by going through the simple given process:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for roughly 10 seconds to turn off your console
  • Disconnect your Xbox from the mains
  • Take a rest of generous 3 to 5 minutes
  • Plug in the power cord again
  • Start your console

Hopefully, now you will not face any annoyance with error 0x803F7000 when trying to Update Xbox Series.

Set your Xbox Console as Home Console

Make sure your Xbox console is set as the home Xbox to fix error 0x803F7000. It is suggested to consider particular caution because it can be the reason for the struggle you are facing when trying to update the game. If you are playing a game using Game Pass with a shared Game Pass configuration you may need to make sure your console is set as Home Console.

Set Xbox console as Home Xbox

Here is the process to do it:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > General
  • Select Personalization
  • Select My home Xbox

Expectantly, these alterations work for you and will bring an absolute change. Plus, will let you enjoy the trouble-free thrill on the safe and eccentric podium of Xbox.