Threads Substantiate the “Twitter’s Copycat” Label- Unveiling New Rate Limits


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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, and Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, both made bold claims that they would not follow Twitter’s example, but those claims have been sunk like the Ocean Gate. They are mimicking Twitter by doing precisely what Elon Musk did a few weeks ago when he announced a new rate policy.

Therefore, users are objecting to the implementation of rate limits by asking, “How different are you?”


Mosseri Asserted Late on Monday in a Threads Post

“Spam attacks have picked up, requiring new rate limit changes. Some actual human users could get caught up in the crossfire.”

However, the Instagram lead has not yet specified or discussed those post-view limits. Meta has not even allowed any media resources to have a sneak peek into the rare limits. Musk faced harsh criticism when he decided to restrict the number of tweets users could view daily in the first week of July. The reason for this imposition was cited as system manipulation and extreme levels of data scraping.

Musk still mocked Meta in a tweet, calling it a “Twitter clone with a “Copy [cat emoji],” despite this. Following Twitter’s lead makes everything more susceptible, as Musk has already sued Meta for stealing Twitter’s “Intellectual property.”


According to SimilarWeb and Sensor Tower

The app had 23.6 million active users (on Android) a week later on July 14 from 49 million daily active users on July 7.

Threads’ unprecedented moves affect users’ engagement on the platform. These moves include:

  • Limiting views
  • Blocking users’ access from the EU when using a VPN


According to Several Oft-Cited Data Platforms

“User’s engagement on Threads has been cut by half since launch.”


According to Data.AI

“Threads has seen a significant decline in active users, but demand is constantly rising in nations like India, Brazil, and the US.”

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