Threads Released It’s First Update for iOS Which Can Help Attract New Followers


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Musk and other Twitter users have been criticizing Zuck for neglecting Threads for the past few days because no updates about any moves have been made. Eventually, here it is, a big announcement is made for iOS users about building a contact list.


Developer Cameron Roth of Thread Claims

Threads released an upgrade to the iOS app that adds a Follows tab in the activity feed, an effective tool to keep an eye on your followers and easily resume interactions. You can see who is missing out on Threads when you open the Instagram app.

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The Main Chunks of the Release


Here are the notable additions addressed in the release that you need to know:

  • You can avail of a translation feature added to your post text, allowing you to hook up potential followers without a language barrier
  • Some under-the-wraps improvements regarding “tappable reposter labels” that allow you to subscribe to unfollowed users with an option to show you a list of Instagram followers to the specific user. It will be advantageous for you to get notifications without overwhelming your timeline
  • The changes need a reboot of the app to streamline and make it smarter for quick loading and easy scrolling, allowing you to navigate through your feed



Threads is Missing Out on Some Intriguing Features

It is observed that Threads will take time to become a standard social app since it lacks important features needed to compete with rivals like Twitter. It is instinctual for users to disassociate from apps that lack features they deemed essential, leading them to flee within seconds.

1- Absence of Alt Text Feature:

Threads users are unable to access the alt text feature used to enhance image descriptions. It is just a basic social platform closely related to Instagram until now. Let’s see what changes Meta will make in the future to make it more competitive.

2- Irrelevant Users’ Feed:

One of the main flaws users have heavily felt since Threads debuted this month is a mixed display of users’ feeds. Users don’t want irrelevant bulk posts from the people they don’t follow, and significant actions are crucial to address this issue.


Final Words

While Meta’s rapid progress within days is quite surprising, a major user decline is seen after an initial surge. It is because Threads lacks crucial features users love on Twitter, such as hashtags and a web app. Sustaining users’ interest can only be achieved with greater parity.