Is Apple Pay Safe and Secure – Apple Pay Security


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Apple pay is said to be the most easy peasy lemon squeasy way of making payments for the purchases you make but you are totally right when you are conscious that is apple pay safe and secure to use. The answer is YES! it’s not just handy rather its totally and purely safe, secure and reliable.

Apple pay lets you send and receive money as you receive and send messages. As far as the simplicity and security of Apple pay is concerned then there is no second opinion about it as it is handy to use and safe ten times more than using your physical card.

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When it comes to opine at the security and reliability or Apple Pay then you can surely rely on it without being panic. Let’s understand this in a more simple way:


Points That Will Assure You How Much Secure Apple Pay is

  1. It won’t keep your transaction information saved
  2. It won’t save your card numbers on its servers
  3. Only those purchases are kept in Wallet app that are made most recently
  4. Your card details are replaced by number or token that is created by Apple for keeping the whole process secure
  5. Moreover it tends to make a Device Account Number for every card of yours.
  6. Apple claims about that Device Account Number that it is encrypted and assigned in the Secure Element, besides that this number is very safely stored too.
  7. Any retailer or merchant will never be able to approach your card details because whenever a payment is started the token is delivered to the retailer. 


Apple Claims About Security and Privacy That is Taken Well Care Off On Every Payment

Whenever a purchased is made then the service of Apple Pay tends to use a device-specific number besides that a unique transaction code is used too. Because of this unique code and a device-specific number security is made sure. The card number of user isn’t stored on your device nor on Apple servers.

When you make purchase and make a payment the card number of yours are never exposed and shared with dealers and suppliers.


How Privacy is Made Sure

When a user makes a payment by using debit or credit card then Apple Pay never keeps the information of transaction. By using Apple Pay Cash the information is kept and stored just for the purpose of avoiding any kind of deception and fraud and besides that it is because of the some regulatory commitments.

So now you know how much Apple Pay is secure and reliable, users love to pay with Apple Pay as it is strongly reliable and easy to use. You can also get paid by Messages, option of getting paid by asking Siri is also there. For this you don’t have to download any app. As you just have to use the card the one which is already in Wallet. Whenever you receive an amount that amount is added to your Apple pay cash card that is within your Wallet app. You have the choice of transferring your Apple cash balance into your bank account any time.