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How to Setup Apple Pay on iPhone – Step by Step Guide

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Here we will provide you a handy guide as how to setup Apple Pay on your iPhone, besides that how to add a card. If you have latest version up then your device is eligible of making Apple pay payments by themselves. If you think that Apple Pay is merely about being a digital card then its not so as it is beyond it, it is a complete package of customization + configuration benefits and perks.

Apple pay service is being liked and appreciated by its users immensely as it is very easy in all the aspects.

How Apple pay Works:

Apply pay functions in a way that it pulls your debit and credit cards from the Wallet app, it allows you to use your iPhone/Apple watch as a wallet when you checkout from any store. Apple pay also tends to pull other sensitive payment data for the payment process


Set up Apple pay on your iPhone

For using it you need to set it up on your iPhone, the Apple’s Wallet app will be used for setting up Apple Pay. Apple Pay tends to be behind and within the Wallet app and it is approached and accessed and approached by your device’s Home Screen. For making the payments of your purchases Apple Pay will pull the data. Now let’s start step by step to see how you can setup apple pay:

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  1. Head up to Wallet app
  2. Tap + button OR Add Credit or Debit Card
  3. Provide the security code of your card the one you use with iTunes if you are asked to add a card
  4. Or you can also use your device’s camera for capturing the information that is on your credit/debit/store cards.
  5. For adding a new card manually you need to click Enter Card Details Manually
  6. Provide the Name 0n Card and the Card Number
  7. You will be asked to provide Expiration Date and Security Code of the Card
  8. You will be asked to agree with terms and conditions so agree the terms and move on
  9. You will be able to receive the security code through mail/text or call
  10. Enter that code

Note: Your information will be verified by the bank, besides the previously given information you can be asked to provide some additional information too.

The moment verification process gets complete you need to tap Next so from now on you will be able to use Apple Pay.

Here is the official video by Apple that explains how you can add a Card on iPhone

The huge attraction of Apple pay that you will get is that it has made the process of sending and receiving money unimaginably easy and hassle-free. Its not just the payment that has become handy for you to make rather you can get paid in Messages. All this happens without commanding you to download any app, as your Wallet app comprise the cards and by using those cards you let the whole process done. By using debit or credit card that you won you just have to slightly touch with your finger or you can also ask Siri in this regard.

After Settings up Apple Pay on your iPhones, it allows its users to make in-store buying and if you want to have an online shopping then you can also do it with your iPhone and for this you simply have to approach your Home Button by touching it with your finger and then comes a scanning of your fingerprint. This finger-printing actually makes the process secure.

After Setup, How to Use Apple Pay on Your iPhone

  1. For using Apple Pay and just keep your finger on the Touch ID and take your iPhone in your hand and get it close to the contactless card reader.
  2. On the screen the image of you card will get visible
  3. You will be able to see Done
  4. You will be able to listen a beep that assures information based on payment has been sent

So its really that simple as no rocket science is involved in using this. If you have to pick between Debit or Credit then you better pick Credit on the terminal moreover you can be asked either to sign a receipt or provide your PIN as it depends upon the store and your transaction amount.

After setting it up and using it, you will find Apple pay the most delighted way of doing a shopping and getting paid. Apple pay service makes the payment process unbelievably useful and convenient. So just avail this service and cherish your purchases and payments besides that keep tabs on your transactions. By doing this you will be able to track all your purchases.

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