Imgur Won’t Load More Images


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Users are quite annoyed with Imgur for the past couple of weeks because the image-hosting site is oddly behaving. Every time, they click a link from Reddit, Imgur stalls out and the image doesn’t load. People are in love with Imgur as it is a user-friendly, ad-free yet paid podium on which they can upload, embed, or share images without bothering with the complexities of creating an account. That’s the reason they want to fix the anomalous situation that can resume the magic in a jiffy.

This piece of writing is aimfully penned down to get you rid of the bizarre struggle you are experiencing to share images on your PC Browser. It is presumed that your computer is going through a rough patch and could not load images. The problem can be fixed by changing your DNS settings. It is suggested to use either Google’s Public DNS or Open DNS and see whether it worked or not.

Imgur hosts several social networks and social news sites, including Reddit, and Twitter to share images. Additionally, Imgur has vigorously attracted social media users by:

  • Flamboyant methods
  • Promote Public-interested content showily
  • Flexibility and ease of use make


The Feasible Methods To Set Imgur Won’t Load More Images

Here are some methods that can help fix the undesirable situation users are facing with Imgur.


1. Did You Reload The Imgur Page?

It is the very first step you can take without ruining a single precious second. It is observed that reloading the site page can fix several technical glitches. What you need to do is simply tap on the reload button which is marked on the top-left corner of your Google Chrome window.


2. Why Not Try A Different DNS

Yes, why not try it? Changing DNS can resolve issues with Imgur. Using a different DNS can help load the site and its media. You can simply change the DNS in Chrome settings, don’t worry it will not create any problems.

Take the following actions:

  • Open Chrome Settings
  • Click on Security and Privacy
  • Click on the Security option.


  • Select customized DNS


3. Did You Check Your Internet Connection?

A poor and hampered internet connection causes loading hitches. So, it is always good to check your internet connection and connectivity speed. Moreover, you can also power cycle your router, then check the speed again.


4. Are You Using The Up-to-Date Version of Your Chrome?

An older version is the root cause of many blips. An outdated Google Chrome might be the reason why your Imgur is not loading on your Chrome browser. So, check if your Google Chrome is updated or not, use these steps to check and update:

  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • Click on the three-dot button located in the top right corner
  • Select Help and click on the About button
  • Hit Update Chrome
  • Relaunch the program

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5. Make Sure The Server Is Up

Check the server status of Imgur, if it is down, you can do nothing but wait. There might be several reasons for the down server, it might be any working issue or the site is under maintenance phase. You can also check it by simply visiting the DownDetector and seeing what users are discussing on the platform. If users are reporting their loading concerns, you should record your complaint too.


6. Did You Clear The Cache Data Of Your Browser?

When you browse any site, your browser collects tons of cache data. For smooth browsing, you need to delete piles of data. Sometimes, the cache data gets corrupted and cause loading glitches.

Follow the following procedure to get rid of the cache load on your device:

  • Open Chrome
  • Tap on the three-dot button
  • Tap on the Settings
  • Navigate to the Google Chrome Settings
  • Tap on the privacy and security tab
  • Hit the Clear browsing data option
  • Privacy and Security option
  • Checkmark the boxes you want to delete
  • Hit the Clear data button
  • Clear chrome cache data


7. Did You Try Any Other Browser?

Try loading Imgur images on another browser to see whether you are facing the same issue or not. You can use other browsers such as Opera or Edge. It is suggested to reinstall your Chrome browser to fix the issue.


8. Did You Ask for Any Suggestion From The Help Desk?

If nothing worked, you can contact the Help Desk. Techbytex Support team will contact you with some handy fixes to resolve the issue. It is always good to reach out to Imgur’s official support team as it is a last resort.


Final Words

Try the abovementioned fixes if you are struggling with Imgur won’t load more images error. Hopefully, you will get your fix and Imgur will stop annoying you anymore.